Croatia Airlines to run Pristina charters


Croatia Airlines will operate a number of charter flights from Pristina during the winter holiday period. In cooperation with tour operator Air Munich, the Croatian carrier will fly from the Kosovan capital to Basel, Dusseldorf, Hannover and Stuttgart between December 21, 2016 and January 15, 2017. Tickets are already on sale through the tour operator's website. Croatia Airlines will suspend its three weekly flights between Zagreb and Pristina this winter season but intends to resume the route during the 2017 summer season. The company has previously also noted plans to set up a base in the city.


  1. Anonymous12:25

    TO continue the bankruptcy way of Adria is not the right way for Croatia Airlines, please check is there an valid owner on website or business registration of the Air Munich TOUR OPERATOR so to see how this serious is hahahahaha

  2. Anonymous13:47, STONE AGE booking system, no information about company, most probably some wash machine business, money laundry large scale

    1. Anonymous14:53

      HaHaHa ,you are working probably for the others(concurrence).Because the comments like this always come from people they failed to do the same work:D.

    2. Concurrence?

  3. Anonymous16:40

    Learn first to writte English, than after do reply to me. A am neither your competetitor and also in this bussines. I am rather an police officer engaged in Munich area. Tschuess

  4. Anonymous17:38

    Ahaha, have you checked your English post?? OMG!

  5. Anonymous22:15

    My question is: how it is possible that the Kosovar diaspora spends 250-300€ or even more for tickets to fly back to PRN, while Wizz prices to SKP are often a bargain, and they are not using those flights?

  6. Anonymous10:46

    Kosova Dispora is rich but stupid buying VERY EXPENSIVE tickets at Eurokoha and Aurpristina wish to be big touroperators..... also ithrr touroperators are not the best too. This Air Munich Is maybe the best one


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