ECA anticipates 2017 comeback


Europe's first modern scheduled seaplane service, Croatia’s European Coastal Airlines (ECA), hopes to resume flights in 2017 after it was forced to suspend all operations a few weeks ago citing administrative issues. CEO Klaus Dieter Martin told "Total Croatia News", "We believe in Croatia, and I have convinced my investors to stay on board. It depends now on the Croatian government, very clearly. If they want the project, they have to support the project. I am confident that the new government, new Prime Minister and Transport Minister will recognise the value of the project. We are still very committed to the project and to Croatia, and many people, especially from the islands, have said this is the best thing to happen to Croatia". Mr Dieter Martin also questioned the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency's motives behind grounding the carrier in August, which ultimately led it to suspend all services. The full interview can be found here.


  1. Anonymous10:18

    I really hope they do! Croatia and it's tourists need this kind of airline ops :)

  2. Anonymous10:30

    I do not know how Goverment could help ECA to maintain their fleet properly and according to maintenance program?


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