Flydubai touches down in Tivat


Flydubai has operated a special promotional flight from its hub to Tivat yesterday, carrying 148 passengers on board. The special one-off flight comes ahead of the airline’s planned service launch to Montenegro some time in 2017. Among the passengers on board were members of the press from the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrein, as well as Flydubai’s management and representatives from various Gulf tour operators. The Montenegrin government hopes to persuade the hybrid carrier to launch operations between Dubai and Podgorica next year, however, Porto Montenegro, a luxury yacht marina and adjacent waterfront development owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai is pushing for the airline to start services to Tivat instead. The resort is located in the vicinity of the airport. All of the passengers are scheduled to return to Dubai tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous11:44

    This is so ridiculous! Montenegro cannot sustain a few weekly flights to European destinations, but the Middle East can be flown profitably? Flydubai ist a phenomenon. They fly empty flights around Europe.

    1. Anonymous16:35

      Yes they can. Relax.


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