Tuzla Airport to begin terminal expansion


Tuzla Airport is to begin work on expanding its terminal building in the coming days as it prepares for further passenger growth next year. Previously, the Tuzla Canton government said it would build a new facility, however, these plans have been dropped for the time being. Enver Jukanović, the Executive Director for Development and Marketing at Tuzla Airport, says the expanded capacity will help deal with an increase in passenger numbers when Wizz Air bases a second aircraft in the city next year. The expansion, valued at just over two million euros, should be completed by the end of March 2017. The work will be funded from the airport's own finances as well as the local government. Recently, the Federation government of Bosnia and Herzegovina allocated 25 million euros for the development of Tuzla Airport between 2017 and 2019.


  1. Bosnian09:21

    Weee, awesome news, go Tuzla! :)

  2. Anonymous09:30

    Let's see what they gonna do.. so far Tuzla has the most impressed growth together with Nis and the worst looking airport terminal so far.. good luck to them!


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