Warsaw – Ohrid charters to launch in July 2017


Charter flights between Warsaw, Katowice and Ohrid will launch next summer and operate once per week, each Wednesday, throughout July and August. The service will be run by Polish tour operator Rego Bis, which specialises in holiday packages to the Balkans. The head of the company, Gabriela Manka-Sokullu, noted that an agreement has been reached with Ohrid Airport’s operator TAV Macedonia for the service to commence next summer. “Our initial estimate is that these flights will handle some 3.700 Polish tourists”, Ms Manka-Sokullu said. Services will be operated by an aircraft with a capacity to seat between 180 to 200 passengers. Last month, TAV Macedonia said it anticipates for charter flights from France to begin next year as well.


  1. Anonymous19:49

    OHD is quietly and slowly might end up "stealing" traffic from SKP. Watch out and see.

  2. Anonymous00:47

    Well most of the flights are on a seasonally basis where as SKP drives more for the legacy carriers. It would have been interesting to see Ryan Air or EasyJet establishing flights to Ohrid instead of SKP. I know the catchment area is not the same but with the right marketing OHD could become a nice tourist destination filling the planes. If Wizz Air can go year long to Ohrid other LCC can do the same!

  3. Ohrid is full surrounded by people willing to fly cheap from Italy or Germe

  4. Anonymous18:02

    This OHD/SKP talk remins a lot of our neigbouring INI/BEG story.It's like a copy/paste in a smaller scale (i think INI will get before OHD maybe in 2017 in term of passenger, or equal at least).

    They were saying before the LCC arrived, s'it like no enough population, poor catchment area - rural - underdeveloped - no business - only gastarbeiter possible traffic etc.But look at them INI now!


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