Winter 2016/17 - Adria Airways

Adria Airways will increase frequencies on a number of destinations out of its main hub in Ljubljana during the upcoming winter season, which begins on Sunday, October 30. The Slovenian carrier will introduce an additional weekly flight from Ljubljana to Paris, as well as an extra two weekly services to Amsterdam, Sarajevo and Warsaw. The airline will strengthen operations to the Polish capital despite added competition from LOT Polish Airlines, which launched services from Warsaw to Ljubljana in March this year. Adria will also add three weekly services to Zurich. Unlike last winter, it no longer contends against Swiss International Air Lines on the route, since the latter suspended flights. Elsewhere, the Slovenian carrier will introduce an additional two weekly departures from Pristina to Frankfurt and will maintain operations between Tirana and Munich, as well as between Lodz and Paris, which were introduced during the summer.

On the other hand, the airline will discontinue several flights, most of which were either terminated mid-way through the 2015/16 winter season or during the preceding summer. They include services between Ljubljana and Istanbul, which were suspended in January this year, as well as flights from Tirana to Brussels and Paris. In line with previous announcements, the carrier will discontinue operations on the Ljubljana – Berlin route, however it plans to maintain flights to the German capital on a seasonal summer basis, indicating that services will resume during the 2017 summer season. Adria will also decrease the number of operated flights between Ljubljana and Tirana from nine weekly last winter to daily. Meanwhile, the newly introduced service between Pristina and London Luton, launched during the summer, will also be discontinued.

The 2016/17 winter season runs until March 25, 2017. Please note that the changes listed below are preliminary and based on current availability in the Global Distribution System (GDS). Furthermore, the table below displays the peak weekly frequency on each route during the course of the winter season. EX-YU Aviation News will bring you winter season changes for each national carrier in the former Yugoslavia over the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can also review changes made by Air Serbia.

Departing Ljubljana

DestinationFrequency W15/16Frequency W16/17ChangeNotes
Amsterdam35 2-
Berlin30 3-
Istanbul70 7-
Paris45 1-
Sarajevo46 2-
Tirana97 2-
Warsaw35 2-
Zurich1215 3-

Departing Pristina

DestinationFrequency W15/16Frequency W16/17ChangeNotes
Frankfurt57 2-

Departing Tirana

DestinationFrequency W15/16Frequency W16/17ChangeNotes
Brussels20 2-
Paris20 2via Brussels
Ljubljana97 2-
Munich04 4-

Departing Lodz

DestinationFrequency W15/16Frequency W16/17ChangeNotes
Paris03 3-

Adria will also continue to maintain two weekly flights between Rzeszow in Poland to Paris. Services from Olsztyn to Munich, launched during the summer will be suspended.


  1. Anonymous09:03

    It's nice to see that after so many years they are actually increasing flights to a lot of places this winter!

  2. Anonymous09:07

    Hard to believe that Adria can sustain flights to Moscow but CA can not.

    1. Nemjee09:12

      I was just going to write that. Maybe both LJU and ZAG can't sustain more than one carrier to MOW.
      I am surprised that SU doesn't even fly daily to ZAG in winter. I guess the market is really not that big.

      Maybe OU should rather concentrate on summer seasonal flights from the coast to Russia, like Aegean does with their islands.

    2. Anonymous09:15

      Agree. You'd think there would be more interest for Zagreb/ Croatia than Ljubljana/Slovenia.

    3. Nemjee09:18

      Then again, maybe SU needs to improve their marketing activities in Croatia and to promote themselves as a convenient option for those flying to Japan, South Korea, China and Central Asia.

      The issue is that flying to these places via MUC doesn't require that much backtracking so LH wants to keep a tight grip on this market.

      Yesterday I noticed Aeroflot billboards in Belgrade. They are doing exactly that.

    4. Anonymous09:22

      My friend from Sapporo always uses areoflot when flying to Beograd or eastern Europe.

    5. Nemjee09:24

      SU via SVO is a great option when flying to places in north-east Asia. Also, SU's product is very decent so the flight is more than enjoyable.

      JU and SU offer four daily flights to SVO so the flexibility is there.

      Btw what a/c does SU send to ZAG in winter? Wasn't it an SSJ last year?

    6. Anonymous09:46


    7. Anonymous10:19

      That is easily explicable. Ties between Cro and Rus are much much weeker than between Srb and Rus. There are no commonalities such as the writing, holidays or religion. In Croatia hardly anyone would think of Russia as a transfer point but also there is only very little O&D demand particularly in off season.

    8. JU520 BEGLAX10:50

      JP figures on SVO lane are heading downwards too. And yep not sure how well Russias eco ties with Croatia are
      Croatia is ot very euphoric in terms of Russia. Croatia in Summer even refused help from Russia to fight forestfires

    9. Anonymous12:54

      "There are no commonalities such as the writing, holidays or religion."

      I don't think it is that important.

      Turkey and Russia do no share any of these commonalities, but they still have lively traffic and, more importantly, economic cooperation.

      The economic cooperation is the key here. Not only that Russia is more present economically in Serbia, but many Serbian companies, especially construction companies, operate there.

      Croatia has one big potential that Serbia lacks when it comes to Russia - the coast. Why Russian tourist are not more encouraged to come to Croatia in greater numbers is beyond me.

      In French Cote d'Azur each and every year more people learn Russian. They obviously see something we Croatians don't.

    10. Anonymous13:05

      You are all forgetting one important thing

      Russians need a visa to enter Croatia. Croats need a visa to enter Russia.

      Russians don't need a visa to enter Serbia. Serbs don't need a visa to enter Russia.

    11. JU520 BEGLAX13:16

      Yep and visas to Russia are damn expensive. As long as they charge me 260 CHF just for a visa, they wont see me. And its probably vice versa at similar costs

    12. Nemjee13:24

      At this point we should clarify that there are two markets when speaking of Russia and Croatia.

      1. A market between Zagreb and Russia.
      2. A market between the coast and Russia.

      The first is probably small and can be served by Aeroflot.

      The second is much bigger and it's seasonal. There are still quite a few Russians visiting the coast during the summer months.
      Wasn't it on here that someone shared a few days ago a picture of two Transaero B744s parked in Pula?

      I am generally curious to know what kind of passengers do fly on SU between ZAG and SVO. Aeroflot has developed its business model around offering connections between Europe and Asia. I can't believe they are not able to do the same in Zagreb. It would also be interesting to know what percentage of Asian tourists in Croatia actually fly on scheduled flights. I am sure a large percentage of them fly on charters or they combine Zagreb with another city like Vienna or Budapest, which would be their point of entry.

      Also, I am not sure visas play a big role. This summer, Cyprus, Greece, Spain and Italy were invaded by Russian tourists. These are all places for which they require a visa to enter.

    13. JU520 BEGLAX14:09

      Nemjee, i also saw there is quite a difference on visa pricing in CH
      Invititation, Tourist, own pick up in BRN, yearlong visa. Def for much less 260 avbl. I personally i m interested in LED with individual travel, book own. So this gets more expensive. However i m sure one day these visas will be gone
      I guess Russians hve access to the Adria thru MNE which is probl cheaper for them. Why they are invading MNE with up to 10 daily TIV flights and HR not, i dont know. Interestingly also to see that there is not much Charter flights fm elsewhere to TIV. At least not if u compare fm where they fly to DBV and SPU. Anyhow you can visit DBV or Kotor fm either of the countries and I m sure this also happens intensively

    14. Anonymous14:32

      I cited the example of the French Cote d'Azur specifically because Russians need visa to get there too. Visa regime does not stop them visiting Italy, Spain, Greece, UK. I simply cannot understand why this, often well-off market is almost disregarded in Croatia.

    15. Anonymous16:02

      also note that SU connectivity is highly limited since they do not more frequencies to ZAG. So, you dont have connections both ways for nearly anything apart from PVG, PEK and DEL. So, no TYO, ICN, SIN, BKK....

    16. Anonymous16:18

      There is also the CIS to which you can connect.

    17. Anonymous16:26

      probably, although maybe not enough in size and much better covered by TK.

    18. Anonymous18:41

      Even TK is reducing flights to 10 despite keeping LJU as 14 weekly.

    19. Anonymous22:05

      There is no competition from LJU to the Middle East. I guess TK is still doing well there.

  3. Anonymous09:08

    Turkish seems to have destroyed every ex-Yu airline on flights to IST. First Croatia, then Adria, Air Serbia holding but not doing very well on that route either although they have to contend with Pegasus as well.

    1. Anonymous09:26

      JU even started sending it's atr to ist!

    2. Anonymous09:28

      Because of less demand or shortage of aircraft?

    3. Anonymous09:35

      Lack of pax. Their times are bad as well.

      btw ist experienced one of its busiest days recently so the market is there.

    4. Anonymous09:36

      Less demand

    5. Anonymous09:43

      Wow so that means they have less than 50 passenger per flight! Wow... that's bad. I hope this improves/

    6. Anonymous09:55

      JU schedule to IST is inappropriate!!! par t of it is poor slot but you need to go to fight for a better one. Alternatively open Izmir or Ankara with an early morning departure!..... JU is losing way too much ground on many fronts already ...

    7. Anonymous10:08

      You had an entire news item devoted to JU yesterday. Go and discuss there!

    8. Anonymous10:10

      The topic here is not JU but IST and there was no such topic yesterday :)

    9. Anonymous10:24

      Let's see if TK at the end of the day destroys itself with their dumping and overcapacity. If Erdogan continues with his politics TK will at least shrink the next years and become very unprofitable. Both have already started. Many tour operators have already started to avoid TK and IST for eastbound travels, too.

    10. JU520 BEGLAX10:44

      TK killed also LX on ZRHIST route but I agree with anonym 1024am, lets wait and see

    11. Anonymous11:54

      Would it be possible for JU to codeshare with TK only on BEG-IST, then withdraw their metal from the route and let TK have 5 daily flights if they wish?

    12. Anonymous14:15

      Sto se salje ATR za IST jako malo je kriva sama ASL nego trenutna politicka situacija .
      Takodje je TK otero OS zimi da ne leti za IST pa redovno salju A330 i B777 za VIE.

    13. Anonymous14:27

      TK i pegaz su puni za beograd dakle trziste postoji... ju ga ne moze oteti jer ima idiotski red letenja

    14. Anonymous14:36

      Da ali kad znate taj red letenja nazivati idiotskim onda vi idite u IST da vodite pregovore za bolje Slotove pa ce te videti kako je lako.

    15. Anonymous14:46

      lol turci su im dali nocne slotove koji bi im omogucili da nude presedanja na celu mrezu, to jest slicne slotove kao nocni BEY, ATH, LCA... JU je ta koja ih je odbila i trazila ove idiotske koji ne nude presedanja na cdg, ams, jfk, arn...

    16. Anonymous17:14

      Anon. 14.46: Valjda Air Serbia zna bolje koji njoj slotovi više odgovaraju.
      Šta imaju njoj Turci da se bave planiranjem Air Serbijine mreže i da ucenjuju. Neka samo daju ono što traži. Jedini veliki hub koji istinski kuburi sa slotovima je LHR, sve ostalo je foliranje.

      I drugi aerodromi favorizuju domaće flag carriere, ali ni približno toliko bezobrazno.

      Ispada da Air Serbia može da dobije slotove koje traži u AMS, CDG i FRA, a baš u IST nema ništa pa nema. Pa neće biti!

      IST ne samo ne daju konkurenciji fer šansu na svom terenu, već su pokušali da preko turske vlade ostvare monopol na čartere za Tursku. Naravno da to nije prihvaćeno.

      Što je posebno ružno je da tako nešto ne bi smeli ni da pokušaju sa većim i jačim državama zapadne Evrope i Rusije. Tamo im ne smeta da domaće kompanije voze putnike u turska letovališta.

      I nije samo Air Serbia pogođena takvom politikom. Turkish i IST takvom politikom potkopavaju izglede da Makedonija, Albanija i Bosna ikada ponovo uspostave domaće kompanije. Takođe sabotiraju i Croatia Airlines i Adriu, kompanije koje su im načelno saveznici u SA. Još bi bili agresivniji prema Hrvatskoj i Sloveniji da nema podrške Lufthanse.

    17. Anonymous18:40

      Zapravo, JU hronicno ne dobija slotove koje hoce u FRA sto je jedan od razloga zasto se samo zimi leti u 07.30 a ne i leti. IST ima problem sa prostorom sto je jedan od razloga zasto su odredjene kompanije uvele letove za SAW, ukljucujuci i MEB3.

      Isto tako, sama cinjenica da se sa sadasnjim redom letenja ne hvataju konekcije iz IST za ARN, JFK, AMS, CDG... ukazuje na to da nocni let sa prvobitnim slotovima bi imao vise smisla. Ti letovi bi bili slicni onim za Beirut, Tel Aviv, Larnaku, Atinu, Solun... Dakle, izgleda da su na kraju Turci ipak znali bolje od JU. Cinjenica da danas salju Atr za IST sa onim slotovima koje su trazili ukazuje na to da ipak nisu dobro proracunali.
      P2P putnike jednostavno ne mogu pridobiti sa ovim redom letenja te oni opredeljuju za neku od dve turske kompanije. Za JU preostaju transferi za destinacije kao sto su MXP, FCO, ZRH, SVO, VIE, PRG... to jest odredista koja su previse konkurentna a gde trziste nije tako veliko.

      Albaniju, Makedoniju i ostale sigurno ne ometaju Turci vec nesposobnost lokalnih politicara i takozvanih vazduhoplovnih strucnjaka. To je kao da kazes da za danasnje probleme u OU ili za ranije probleme u Jatu su krivi Turci. OU i JP ne lete ka nekim mnogo vecim gradovima na zapadu tako da njihov poraz u IST sigurno se ne moze prepisati TK. Da li to znaci da povlacenje JP iz Berlina se moze preisati Turcima?

      Er Srbija ocita ima problem da se izbori sa konkurencijom kao sto smo videli sto puta do sada. IST je samo jedan od gradova u nizu gde se nisu snasli.

      Turska prolazi kroz krizu ali trziste je dosta veliko te ima mesta za sve. Jeste, neke kompanije su se povukle ali isto tako neke su povecale svoje prisustvo tamo ili su opstale sa istim brojem frekvencija.

      JU se povlaci iz WAW, povukao se iz BUD i klati se na jos par destinacija. Na IST-u njima najveci problem nisu Turci vec menadzment u Beograd i Abu Dabiju. Oni su ti koji ne znaju kako da se izbore da JU opstane. Sama cinjenica da salju arhaicni Atr i da se tako nadaju da ce preoteti trziste Turcima (a pritom sa priblizno istim cenama) ukazuje na to koliko su udaljeni od realnosti.

    18. Anonymous19:55

      Svasta! Niko se ne nada da ce preoteti trziste Turcima u Istanbulu. Kao sto se niko ne nada da ce Air Srbija oteti Lufthansi trziste u Frankfurtu. To su sulude zamisli.
      Citavo Vase objasnjenje u kojima pricate o upitnom opstanku ASL, su iskljucivo Vase projekcije koje nema svrhe da komentarisem.

      Dovoljno je da kazem da citava teorija pada u vodu kada se pogleda ASL u FRA i u Nemackoj generalno. Ili u AMS. Ili u CDG.

      Kao sto rekoh, jedino LHR ima ozbiljne probleme sa slotovima i tu nema biranja.

      Sve ostalo je najobicnije prenemaganje i foliranje, ukljucujuci i IST.

      Nema boljeg dokaza od toga da su slotovi kojih navodno nema brze-bolje pronadjeni u IST kada je Srbija zapretila da ce da ukine slotove turksim kompanijama.

    19. Anonymous19:56

      Nemjee, da li znate koji su bili originalni slotovi za IST?

    20. Anonymous21:42

      Trziste u Turskoj je prakticno u poniranju to govore cene iz BEG sa TK prema Bangkoku, Mumbaju, Zanzibaru koje su ne retko po 400e, do pre samo 6 meseci iste te destinacije su im bile nikad ispod 650e. Dakle beleze rekordne gubitke seku flotu, seku frekvencije, a vi se ovde pitate zasto JU salje atr. Jednostavno putnici zapadno od Istanbula ne zele da lete preko IST

    21. Nemjee21:46

      Anon 19.56

      I don't remember exactly but I think it was a 03.00 arrival (or departure), not quite sure though.

      My personal opinion is that Ankara would perform much better than Istanbul. On some days LH has 16 rows of business class.

  4. Anonymous09:10

    It’s interesting that they are increasing Warsaw keeping in mind that LOT started flying the same route this year. I thought they would be impacted by their arrival but it doesn’t seem so.

    1. Nemjee09:15

      I wouldn't be surprised if JP makes more money on connections via WAW than they do via MUC and FRA. I am sure LH gave them similar terms and conditions as they did to OU.

    2. Anonymous10:29

      We all don't know how much JP and LO are actually cooperating on that route and may share income etc. They are both SA members.

  5. Anonymous09:10

    Surprised that there are no Adria flights to London.

    1. Anonymous09:17

      With Wizz Air flying the route plus easy Jet from two different London airports starting this December there is just no place for them.

    2. Anonymous09:18

      Biggest hole in their schedule.

    3. Anonymous22:10

      The market is probably there, wonder whether they could get slots at LHR.
      Flights to other airports in the UK would be nice too (more than MAN 2 p/w in the summer).

    4. Anonymous17:43

      They had slots, but sold when thay had large losses. LHR slots are worth millions, no chance Adria will pay so much money to fly there with CRJ9.

  6. So one additional weekly flight compared to last winter?

  7. Anonymous09:29

    If they want to establish themselves as a transfer airline between Balkans and Eastern Europe to Western Europe then they have to fly more than 3pw to Podgorica and 6 weekly to Pristina. They seem to be on the right track with Sarajevo.

    1. Anonymous09:34

      In order to do that they need to prop up their west European operations which they are doing this winter. Ideally they would have done both at the same time. But let’s wait and see what’s in store for summer.

    2. Anonymous09:45

      Last year they published their summer schedule in January so we might not have to wait long :D

    3. Anonymous20:44

      New from JP for S17 is Teheran and Tel Aviv which will be regual flights not charter any more.

    4. Anonymous20:44

      news for this will be published soon :)

    5. Anonymous22:16

      Good news if it's true! Let's hope it materialises.

  8. Anonymous09:33

    2 weekly flights less than last year from LJU

  9. Anonymous09:44

    What’s striking is that Adria only has more than daily flight to Star Alliance hubs only.

    1. Anonymous09:55

      Hardly surprising, having in mind their positioning within *A.

    2. Anonymous10:02

      lol they did that because there were strong rumours and talk that they were about to go bust. They wanted to reassure customers. But anyway new owners revised half of the schedule later and cut many frequencies/routes.

  10. Anonymous09:56

    So we will finally see Ljubljana Airport’s passenger numbers improve from November?

    1. Anonymous10:28

      Most likely especially with foreign carriers doing well too.

  11. Anonymous10:09

    An improvement on before. All the best to Adria.

  12. Anonymous10:11

    MY GOD!!!!! is that blonde girl in the picture a real flight attendant or a model?

    1. Anonymous10:15

      I know the one on the right is a real crew member. I think the left is too but can't say for sure. I think it's their Pristina crew.

    2. Anonymous11:10

      Well then all roads lead to Pristina!

    3. Anonymous11:12

      PRN-based JP crew.

    4. Anonymous14:53

      Is JP PRN based crew Albanian or Slovenian?

    5. Anonymous14:56


  13. Anonymous10:21

    I'm a bit surprised Berlin underperformed for them.

    1. Anonymous22:11

      Germany is probably served well enough via MUC and FRA. And VIE.

  14. Anonymous10:54

    I’m still not sold to this multi-hub system. Can’t see how it improves their balance sheets.

  15. JU520 BEGLAX10:55

    What happened to Rzeszow flts?

    1. Anonymous12:17

      I only found this dear:

    2. Anonymous12:22

      It's at the bottom in the article
      "Adria will also continue to maintain two weekly flights between Rzeszow in Poland to Paris"

    3. JU520 BEGLAX12:38

      Ecactly just saw it now ;-)

  16. Anonymous11:31

    wow this is not that bad. The way they butchered the summer schedule this actually looks decent.

  17. Anonymous11:41

    I wonder how they could have missed Banja Luka! :D

  18. Anonymous12:05

    PRN will be grand next year and SKP won´t be able to beat it. Next year JP might base another a/c and I saw SAS will be sending big machines next year in the summer.

  19. Anonymous12:11

    A lot of delays from Ljubljana today...anyone knows what is happening?

  20. Anonymous12:48

    Such a weird network but good luck for winter.

  21. Anonymous14:05

    What is happening with BA flights to Zagreb
    Half of the flights pooled out of system starting 2017

    1. Anonymous14:28

      Hmm maybe a system glitch?

    2. Anonymous14:31

      Yeah like the Flydubai 'system glitch'

    3. Anonymous14:33

      I highly doubt LHR is not performing well for BA. Ok, DXB I could understand but naah not London.

    4. Anonymous14:35

      I see them on Amadeus. Not sure which period you are looking for?

    5. JU520 BEGLAX14:58

      BA 848 also on OAG throughout SUTT 2017
      As of SUTT eeven with 320 and 32A

    6. Anonymous18:27

      It will be three weekly at the end of January, early February. Nothing too shocking here.

    7. Anonymous21:23

      Winter service reductions: nothing new.
      Take LH BEG-FRA: they reduce it to 1 flight per day and then resume in March. Nothing special.

  22. OT: Can someone explain to me why does is this Qatar Airways flight from DOH to ZAG avoiding Serbian airspace? Is it more cost effective somehow to go all the way to Hungary? Thanks

    1. Anonymous17:37

      Most probably weather or wind related, otherwise ATC delays or congestion. QR's ZAG flight cross Serbian Airspace most if the time...

    2. Anonymous18:26

      Serbian airspace, especially in the north, tends to get rather congested especially with flights to Turkey and the Middle East. Flight paths are assigned some three hours before take off so the route over Serbia was most likely already assigned to too many airlines.

  23. JU520 BEGLAX19:53

    Btw JP is advancing dep times as of WITT ex LJU

    AMS 0550 and 0620
    CDG 0630
    BRU 0635
    MUC FRA 0705
    CPH 0700
    WAW 0710
    VIE 0715
    PRG ZRH 0720
    SVO 0920 and 1145
    TGD SJJ SKP PRN TIA 1145-1205
    ZRH 1240
    FRA 1255
    1645-1700 various except FRA
    FRA 1755

  24. Anonymous21:20

    JP is losing potential by ditching OTP. This is where the real business is. You may laugh at me, but they can easily fill 2 daily flights on weekdays. JU started with a few and now there are also 2 daily. SKG and SOF are also quite potential but the market is much smaller. OTP this year is expected to reach over 10 million i.e. 2x BEG imagine what we are talking about. I think JU were very clever.

    1. Anonymous21:43

      Didn't JU start with daily flights? RO started with three and built it up to 8.

    2. Anonymous22:15

      They def. should launch OTP! Or possibly even some other airports in Romania.

  25. JU520 BEGLAX21:54

    JP will hve nice transittimes to ex YU

    ETD FRA 1005
    ETD ZRH 1010
    ETD VIE MUC 1025

    ETA SJJ 1240
    ETA TGD 1250
    ETA PRN 1315
    ETA SKP TIA 1320

    1. Anonymous22:13


    2. Anonymous02:52

      JU and JP have almost the same frequency on regional destinations SKP, SJJ and TIA. Kind of shocking given given higher number of JU destinations and declared goal to fly 14pw to regional destinations.

      Now imagine JU with 5 more longhaul destinations and 10 more Euro/regional destinations. It would make it much easier to fill 14pw to SJJ, SKP, TIA and other regional destinations.

  26. Anonymous22:20

    Nice to see some increases, especially to AMS, CDG, WAW. It would be nice to have better frequencies to CPH as well, for better connections to Scandinavia.
    I agree they should have higher frequencies to exYu if they want to be a serious transfer hub! Maybe next season though ...


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