Zadar Airport breaks passenger record


Zadar Airport handled its 500.000th passenger today, the first time it has managed to do so in a single year. So far in 2016, the airport's growth has averaged 9.6%. Ryanair has the biggest passenger share at the airport. It was responsible for 325.000 travellers passing through Zadar, followed by Eurowings with 55.000 and Croatia Airlines with 53.000 passengers. Germany continued to be the lead country market out of Zadar accounting for 176.000 passengers. It was followed by the United Kingdom with 54.000 travellers, France with 49.000, and Belgium and Sweden with 42.000 and 41.000 passengers respectively. Brussels was the most popular destination to and from Zadar, accounting for 42.000 travellers passing through the airport. It was followed by Dublin with 31.000 travellers, London with 30.000, then Dusseldorf which accounted for 29.000 travellers and Stockholm with 22.000 passengers. Ryanair boasted the greatest average cabin load factor of 86%, with Eurowings at 80%. Zadar Airport's busiest year was 2015 when it handled 496.697 travellers, which has now been overtaken. Meanwhile, Ryanair has already announced the launch of new routes from Zadar next year, while easyJet is also in talks with the airport concerning potential services.


  1. Anonymous10:48

    Congrutulations Zadar!

  2. Good news for Zadar, is it possible they will hit 550k next year?


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