Air Serbia takes in Etihad graduates


Air Serbia has celebrated the graduation of nine young Serbians from a career development programme with Etihad Airways. They have now taken managerial posts at Air Serbia. The nine graduates are the first group of Serbians to finish the Etihad Graduate Management Programme (EGMP), a 24 to 30 month-long development course introduced in 2013 with the aim of developing human resources at Air Serbia. The comprehensive course involves four months of foundation level training where participants learn about the airline industry, followed by on-the-job training across key Etihad Airways business areas, before specialising in a particular airline role. Some of the posts taken by the nine graduates include those in the Sales department specialising in Eastbound Sales, Services at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, Aircraft Engineer in Flight Operations and others.


  1. Anonymous16:18

    Bas je lepo kad imas vezu i prijavis se na nepostojeci konkurs

    1. Anonymous16:44

      You obviously must have missed out because you weren't good enough and are now very bitter.

      You should be honest about it and tell the truth. When Etihad first entered into Air Serbia back in 2013, full page adverts were run in Blic, Vecernje Novosti and Politika for these graduate positions. Over 500 people responded and it was the first time in modern times that the airline had ever run such a recruitment drive.

      What's more, Etihad did the recruitment for these positions, so it couldn't have been more transparent than it was.

    2. Anonymous17:24

      @anon 4:18 Evo tog "nepostojeceg" oglasa iz 2013:
      "Graduate Management Development Programme (Serbian Nationals)

      Country Serbia
      City Belgrade
      Closing date 30 September 2013

      Job Purpose

      Etihad Airways is now accepting applicants to its prestigious Graduate Management Development Program, conducted in Abu Dhabi in cooperation with its partner AirSERBIA. The Serbian people are the future of AirSERBIA and investment in your development is top priority.

      The Graduate Management Development Program is a 24-month course, including business and leadership training, workplace orientation of key Etihad Airways departments, followed work placements with specific areas of interest and a business-based project.

      As a member of the program, you will gain professional experience and develop strong leadership capabilities to meet the evolving leadership needs in AirSERBIA.

      You will be sponsored by AirSEBIA for the duration of the program based in Abu Dhabi and upon successful completion of the programme, graduates will be considered for direct entry roles within Jat Airways.

      If you would like to jump-start a career with the AirSERBIA family, you must meet the following criteria prior to applying for this opportunity:
      Serbian National Graduates holding a Bachelor Degree
      Graduated within the last two academic years
      Ambitious and goal-oriented
      Fluent in English
      Computer Literate"

    3. Anonymous18:10

      I agree with last anon, the other guy is just bitter he couldn't be selected by EY and trained on how to buy failing businesses and then to destroy them even faster. LOL

    4. Anonymous20:04

      How exactly is Air Serbia a "destroyed business"? Bitter people everywhere :D

    5. Anonymous21:14

      No one mentioned JU my good friend. JU is flawless

    6. Anonymous11:18

      Embittered locals and cynical neighbours. The usual blah, blah, blah.

      Congratulations to the new graduates!

  2. Anonymous11:59

    Leave the kids alone, they went through the EY selection program and passed their courses. I can only wish them the best and hope they can improve company's employee-management relationship, which is not the best at the moment.


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