Rijeka Airport eyes 2017 record


Rijeka Airport, in north western Croatia, anticipates handling a record number of passengers next year after several carriers announced a significant boost in frequencies and capacity to the city for the upcoming 2017 summer season. The airport estimates welcoming just over 142.000 travellers by year's end, which will fall short of its 2006 record when it saw 166.675 passengers pass through its doors. However, this figure is expected to be overtaken next year. Eurowings has already announced plans to significantly boost operations on its seasonal services to Rijeka from Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Stuttgart. An additional sixty rotations are planned which should carry some 20.000 extra passengers compared to 2016. "These flights, combined with the confirmed increase in operations from Poland, will secure at least an additional 24.000 travellers next year", Rijeka Airport's General Manager, Tomislav Palalić, said. Rijeka Airport handled 142.348 passengers over the past ten months, up 4% on last year.


  1. Anonymous00:06

    Every year the same - next year record number of passengers! And they have just 4% increase comparing with 2015. Really bad!

    Only Germanwings announced something new for next summer, Ryanair nothing, Croatia airlines also nothing, Norwegian nothing, etc...

    Skywork stopped flights from Bern, Air Berlin from DUS, Limitless is not working anymore, so obviously next year will not be record year for Rijeka airport (again)!


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