Serbia anticipates €600m for airport concession


The Serbian Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vučić, has said he expects for Belgrade Airport's concession fee to amount to some 600 million euros over a period of 25 - 30 years. The PM noted the process should be finalised next year. The announcement was made last week and is somewhat different to past statements made on the matter. Previously, it was suggested that the Serbian government would offer a 25-year concession contract through a tender procedure, with the future operator required to provide an up-front payment of 310 million euros and invest at least 700 million euros in the airport. The concessionaire will be responsible for the airport’s long-term development strategy including management, maintenance, financing and capacity expansion. The airport is seen as a valuable asset with it being home to a national carrier with a fleet of over twenty aircraft and a further ten jets on order, as well as plans to expand its business including long haul operations. On the other hand, it is also a base for budget carrier Wizz Air, which will station a second aircraft and expand its operations from the city next year. Several companies have already expressed interest in the airport, with French and Chinese investors being the front runners at this point.


  1. the concession is absolutely unnecessary. belgrade airport is capable of expanding though self-financing or bank loans. there is no need for a second runway, if they want to build a hotel, even now that would be possible, the only investment belgrade airport needs is the baggage sorting system upgrade. i strongly oppose any concession here.

    1. Anonymous00:04

      Haha haha and Vucic is so concerned and worried about you strongly opposing concession that tomorrow first thing in the morning he will announce concession ban and self-financing


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