TUI to launch Sarajevo and Tivat flights


TUIfly Belgium will launch seasonal summer flights between Charleroi and Sarajevo, as well as Brussels and Tivat from March and April 2017. The leisure carrier will commence two weekly services from Charleroi to Sarajevo starting March 31, 2017, while operations from Brussels to Tivat will begin on April 28. Flights to the Bosnian capital will run until October 23. On the other hand, operations to Tivat will end on October 2. Both routes will be served with a mix of Boeing 737-700 and B737-800 aircraft. Tickets are already on sale through the airline's website. Located some seventy kilometres south of Brussels, Charleroi Airport serves as the low cost alternative for the Belgian capital. Further flight details for the Charleroi - Sarajevo service can be found here, while additional information for the Tivat operations can be viewed here.


  1. Anonymous11:44

    Great news, I'm really happy for Sarajevo!

  2. Anonymous11:50

    btw. Charleroi is a completely separate town, in a completely different province, closer to France than to Brussels. It would be like naming Tuzla airport Sarajevo North.
    I don't think LCC should be allowed to deceive passengers in such a way.

  3. Lesser chance for Ponikve now

    1. Anonymous12:54

      Ponikve is far from finished. but when they finish it, they have a good chance, even for TB to fly to both SJJ and UZC

  4. A small mistake. It's Charleroi- Sarajevo and Brusssels national airport to Tivar

  5. Anonymous23:53

    Flights to Tivat are from Brussels National Airport, not from Charleroi

  6. Anonymous13:12

    Great news for Sarajevo! :)


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