Air Serbia boosts on board amenities


Air Serbia has boosted its on board offering by enhancing several services including its amenity packs and in-flight entertainment. The airline's business class amenity kit now contains a collection of essential travel items in a blue neoprene bag which can be reused as an iPad Mini case and includes natural skincare products, a sleep pack, as well as a shaving kit on request. The long haul business class service now also includes a set of Air Serbia pyjamas and slippers. Meanwhile, economy class passengers also receive a small amenity pack in a drawstring bag featuring travel basics. The Serbian carrier has noted that its in-flight entertainment app, Elevate Play, which allows passengers to watch movies, TV shows and listen to music on board the airline's short haul Airbus fleet free of charge, has attracted strong demand and registered several thousand downloads since its launch in June. "We’re delighted by the excellent feedback we have received for our Elevate Play service, which provides guests with a long haul entertainment offering on short haul flights. Air Serbia is part of a small group of pioneering airlines who offer free wireless entertainment and this shows the importance we place on innovation”, the carrier's CEO, Dane Kondić, said.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX11:36

    Looks very stylish. Bravo JU

  2. Anonymous11:56

    I have to say that the amenity kit looks quite cheap compared to other C-class amenity kits. Their previous bag looked more stylish. What brands are they using for the cosmetics?

    They should have looked upon their partner airlines (Etihad, Alitalia), which use high end products. AZ for example, uses Bvlgari cosmetics.

    1. Anonymous12:22

      They use Scaramouche + Fandango. Same ones as Etihad.

    2. Anonymous12:25

      the middle eastern carriers cant be compared to anybody, since they have really lavish kits.
      This amenity kit is totally comparable to e.g. the star alliance/ its even somewhat better: in LX you get pyjamas and sippers only if you fly first class- in business you only get red socks.

    3. Anonymous13:09

      Well, if you want to be called a boutique airline, than you have to put the money where your mouth is.

      If Alitalia can do it, then why take some obscure, not so well known brand.

      LX's first class is their top product. Some airlines don't have first class, so biz is there flagship product, meaning that they need to put a bit of extra work to remain competitive. That' why airlines like OS and TK have a cook on board in their biz class.

    4. Anonymous13:11

      You want people to be talking about your product. They talk either if you bring them over the board service, or if it's a good value for money (read cheap).

    5. Anonymous13:14

      First of all they use the same products as Etihad, second you have never flown on Air Serbia's business class to have any idea of their service. Blinded by hate and jelousy as usual.

    6. Anonymous13:17

      What are you people on about. S+F is one of the more upscale products out there on the market and UK made.

    7. Anonymous13:24

      They also use their products in the washroom and they also provide JU with plankets and seat covers

    8. Anonymous13:25

      Don't worry. He would say it's cheap even if they offered you a meal on a gold plate and gave you a voucher for a million dollars. Has nothing to do with reality.

    9. Anonymous13:26

      I haven't flown on JU's biz class, but I have flown on LX/LH/OS/AZ/SQ and many more to know what to expect and what a top product should be if you want to be a boutique airline.

      EY's flagship product is not it's C-class. It's the first class/suites, and that's where they shine.

      AZ's top product is biz class, so that's where they put most of their efforts (e.g. Bvlgari cosmetics and amenity kit).

      I wish them (JU) well. After all, the better (and more profitable) they are, the less money is taken from taxpayers, and more money goes into state coffers.

      For some reason, people who probably don't even know what C-class is (and should look like) tend to take the 'jealousy' argument as their last resort in insulting people in the know.

    10. Anonymous13:31

      There are plenty of upscale companies out there. Are you targeting English pax on your flights to JFK? It's a new brand (established a couple of years ago), which still has to do a breakthru. It's not a household brand (ie. if you say Armani, everybody knows it + they know it's expensive).

      For your flagship product you should use a well known brand that goes with your brand and your customers preferences. Simple as that. But it does take studies and work to understand that. Most people here have neither - but like to be Couch CEOs.

    11. Anonymous13:39

      Yes and I'm sure you are an airline CEO yourself. Bottom line is you have not flown JU business class and have no clue what they offer.

    12. Anonymous14:57

      Fighting over amenity kit? Geez, how far down the list of priorities do you have to go to get to amenity kit? Is it more inportant than price and schedule, than entertainment, legroom or even food? I don't even look at it unless I forgot to pack something! It's the least important thing and you are fighting over it, people!

      This is why "new comments are not allowed" exists!

    13. Anonymous15:46

      fighting over it probably not, but i do think its an interesting topic to discuss. I like flying business on long distance flights and i like to compare with what exactly each carrier justifies the horrendous price they charge for this product... and it happens that amenity kits are a basic part of it.
      Basically its worth nothing and who please uses a shaving cream on board? or lip balm? but i can only imagine what an outcry there would be should a company decide to stop distributing them on their flights..

    14. Anonymous17:39

      Well, if it's so unimportant (and I agree that most pax don't use most of the articles), why would JU dedicate a press release to it? ;)

      It's called PR. And you need people to be talking about it. An amenity kit doesn't cost much. Invest in it for some good word of mouth.

    15. Anonymous17:54

      Interesting to read all of these armchair or "expert" opinions .... For an OBJECTIVE and FACTUAL review, pls read the following article which recently appeared on the "one mile at atime" blogsite... that should put an end to the uninformed comments ....

      This one - undertaken by the same people, covers JU's BEG lounge...

    16. Anonymous00:37

      Does this mean noise cancelling headphones in business are now replaced by in-ear headphones?

    17. Anonymous00:48

      No, noise cancelling headphones are on the seat. You get these extra

  3. JU520 BEGLAX13:00

    For 2500 USD flying C class and getting such a kit, u cant complain. Middle Eastern world is government sponsored and nothing to compare with others. I could also drive Ferrari if government pays me

  4. Anonymous22:14

    U pakovanju ima više različitih stvari - pasta za zube, četkica, čarape, labelo, krema za lice, čepići za uši, maska za oči za spavanje,...


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