Croatia Airlines hiring crew


Croatia Airlines is hiring new male and female cabin crew members for the 2017 summer season. Interested applicants must be Croatian passport holders and based in Zagreb, have a high school diploma, be fluent in English (both written and spoken), good swimmers and must be computer literate, while previous work experience is considered an advantage. Applications must be lodged by December 21 at the latest and can be made here.


  1. Anonymous14:08

    'must be Croatian passport holders'

    I don't think this is legal... they can't discriminate against other EU nationals.

    1. Anonymous15:40

      Unfortunately, this is the reality of most legacy carriers in Europe. They want to be seen as very progressive, but deep down it comes to same old protectionism...

    2. Anonymous21:23

      Well they could just say fluent in Croatian, and test candidates, so you then comply with EU law and eliminate non- Croatian. Like Brussels Airlines, hiring people fluent in English, Dutch and French- of course these are mostly Belgian, even mostly Flemish.

  2. Anonymous18:54

    I love the video with Mirna Zic- so inspirational. Keep up the good and professional work!

  3. Anonymous02:32

    Why is for some airlines required swimming and for others not?
    I mean, why is it important at all??

  4. OU needs to capitalise more on one of its natural resources. It's stunning and beautiful people. Well done Mirna and OU


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