Flybe to launch new Croatia flights


British regional carrier Flybe will introduce services from London Southend Airport to Dubrovnik and Zadar next summer season. All flights will be run by Flybe's franchise Stobart Air, which is managed by Adria Airways' former CEO Mark Anžur. Operations from London to Dubrovnik will start on May 16 and last until September 30, while flights to Zadar will commence on May 27 and run until September 9. Both will operate twice per week. Furthermore, the British carrier has concluded a codeshare agreement with Air France on flights between Paris and Zagreb, allowing it to offer connections to and from Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester and Newcastle via the French capital. Further details for the London Southend - Dubrovnik service can be found here, while additional information for the Zadar flights can be viewed here.


  1. Anonymous11:20

    DBV should consider upgrading runway to A380 to cope with the projected pax increases. :)
    I reckon QR will announce all year round flights in due course

  2. Anonymous12:22

    Through the last 20 years Croatia had an increase in foreign visitors of about 600k per year. Considering that pace is picking up all these investments in airport infrastructure were quite needed

  3. Anonymous12:29

    Flybe is more like a hybrid airline then full service

  4. Anonymous19:07

    with Anžur as CEO, Stobart is in its way to demise. This guy has NO clue how to run airline business.

  5. Anonymous21:01

    It's refreshing to see how these Croatian airports are investing a lot in infrastructure and as a result getting solid interest from a myriad of different airlines. Will be interesting to see which airlines announce flights to ZAG. My predictions include AY and UA. UA would be a good fit and then OU can feed the UA flights from across the Balkans. Now there is a business plan OU - FOC!!!

  6. 2017. ZAG goes to 3,2 million. 2018. it surpasses 3,5 million. Probably ends on 3,6 million. By 2020. 4,5 million and then the next, second phase shall commense. Even tho they are saying 2022. when the traffic reaches over 5 million, but that would be too late imo.

    1. Anonymous10:36

      I hope you're right


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