PHOTOS: Zagreb Airport terminal testing begins


First testing procedures of Zagreb Airport's new passenger terminal have begun. Some eighty tests will take place at the new facility which run up until the opening in March in order to trial different components of the structure and to ensure a smooth start up and optimal service levels for passengers and airlines. Over 400 volunteers are taking part in the advanced trial, designed to test the systems and processes across the facility, as well as staff preparedness by simulating typical airport operating scenarios. A select number of arriving flights will use the new terminal in order to test access, traffic flow, way-finding signage, police, immigration and customs, as well as food and beverage and retail areas. A Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) will be issued in the hours leading up to the terminal's opening, closing the airport for traffic as staff members and other ground crew are moved to the new building in order to handle flights in the morning. Employees are already undergoing training as part of the Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT) program, which includes operational readiness preparation, staff familiarisation with the new terminal, trial runs, staff transfer and post opening training. Valued at 243 million euros, Zagreb Airport's new terminal building will stretch over 63.000 square metres and three levels, feature three baggage carousels, eight air bridges (six for international flights and two for domestic services), nine security checkpoints, 23 passport control booths and a car park with the capacity to handle 1.100 vehicles.

Photos credit: Josip Škof


  1. Danijel14:14

    Looking really nice. Hope I will try it soon.

  2. Anonymous14:42

    По сто пута да се понови колико је лепа аеродромска зграда толико су ружни ови саркофази од фингера који унакажавају јако лепе облике саме зграде

    1. A ti ćeš sto puta ponoviti kako su fingeri ružni, a meni su lijepi. I kaj ćemo sad?

    2. Anonymous19:08

      Točno. Baš ružni.

    3. Anonymous19:19

      Postoje prioriteti, kako na aerodromu, tako i u državi. Jesu li aviomostovi stakleni ili od papira nije toliko bitno, terminal je bez premca u regiji, kao i onaj dubrovački! Samo naprijed, bravo!

    4. Anonymous02:06

      Three's a reason why the bridges are metallic and not glass, a very good reason.

      Nothing to do with the weather or climate, everything to do with fire safety, the glass bridges weren't designed to withstand 300 Celsius heat, Jetways @Zagreb are designed to withstand 700 Celsius temperature with fire sprinklers installed and fire suppression installed in each bridge. They're the latest tech in jetway technology and are designed with latest safety and fire precautions in mind.

      All new airports that wish to attain highest environmental, ecological and safety standards need to install these sorts of jetways with that technology.

      New terminal is aiming for the highest certificate in safety, sustainability and environmental protection. New Terminal hopes to achieve these by late 2017. (airport terminal has to be in operation for minimum of 6 months before certificate is issued).

      The rules are on the offial website you can read more about the standards. -

      Nothing to do with aesthetic, or pleasing to the eye, everything to do with the latest EU standards for airport safety and environmental protection and sustainability.

    5. Thanks for te info!!

    6. Anonymous09:22

      ^ Isn't he allowed to have a different opinion? He says he likes the building he just doesn't like the air bridges. Neither do I. God forbid someone doesn't think the same as you.

  3. Anonymous15:26

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  4. Anonymous15:37


  5. Anonymous17:27

    Beautiful terminal!

  6. Prelep terminal, utisak je posmatrajuci sa spoljne strane. Ako je unutrasnjost terminala takvog izgleda a tehnoloski savremeno opremnjen, onda moze biti model za gradnju buducih terminala u jugoistocne Evrope. Uvek ljudi mogu nalaziti neke zamerke... Ipak to je manje vazno. Svako dobro u eksploataciji nove vazdusne luke, ZAGREB. Marry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Rodney & Aviation fans.
    Kraljevo + Sydney.

  7. Anonymous01:47

    @admin, with each one of your articles on new terminal, new terminal loses 1000sqm. lol

    Actual size is 65550sqm, the original design was 75600sqm and the fully expanded terminal would have been 160 000sqm, with all expansion phases completed.

  8. What a show stopper. Possibly Europes most beautiful airport terminal. I'm booked to fly in on first day of opening. OU from Heathrow. Counting the days

    1. Me too! From Copenhagen. Not on the first day, but in early April. Can't wait!!

  9. Anonymous17:56

    Bas je lijepa ova francuska zdracna luka...

  10. Anonymous23:27

    Lepo izgleda. Valjda će i ovaj naš mučeni beogradski da spoje u jednu celinu koja liči na nešto :)

  11. Anonymous08:01

    Pozdrav svima ! Zelio bih reci samo par stvari....novi terminal je trebao Zagrebu jer stari je bio jednom rjecju koma ma kako on izgledao jer novo je novo a ako jos izgleda ovako onda potpisujem ! Svi mi bi trebali biti sretni da se nesto krece na ovom izmucenom Balkanu pa makar i sa stranim kapitalom ne ulazeci u debate gdje je nas domaci ! Nadam se da ce u roku par godina svi dobiti nove terminale ....moderne i oku ugodne i to ce me uciniti sretnim ! I ne samo terminale....
    Usput svima onima koji sutra slave Bozic zelim Cestit i blagoslovljen Bozic a ostalima jedan veliki pozdrav ! Zdravi mi i sretni bili !
    Pozdrav iz Zagreba !


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