Record November for Zagreb, Pristina and Skopje

The main airports in Croatia, Kosovo and Macedonia have seen their passenger numbers continue to grow in November, with Skopje outperforming its traditionally busiesr counterpart in Pristina during the month.

Zagreb Airport handled 197.880 travellers, an improvement of 7.4% compared to November last year. Growth was achieved despite a slight decline in aircraft movements, which stood at 2.986, down 1.1%. This came as foreign carriers reduced their operations from the Croatian capital, with Swiss International Air Lines and Flydubai notably suspending services. Overall, the airport welcomed 2.579.036 travellers through its doors so far this year, an increase of 6.7% compared to the same period in 2015. As the new year approaches, Zagreb Airport is preparing to begin testing its new multi million euro terminal from next month. The trial will run up until the opening in March in order to examine different components of the structure and to ensure a smooth start up and optimal service levels for passengers and airlines.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN156.947 4.2
FEB153.077 7.9
MAR199.201 7.3
APR202.282 2.3
MAY246.961 5.0
JUN267.259 7.6
JUL307.218 10.3
AUG306.887 7.9
SEP287.664 5.9
OCT255.498 6.0
NOV197.880 7.4

Pristina Airport extended its growth streak into November by handling 111.635 passengers, preliminary figures show, a 7.4% improvement on 2015. As a result, the airport has now handled 1.609.410 travellers in 2016, up 11.5%. The figure represents Pristina's busiest year to date and the airport has already surpassed 2015's end-of-year result when it registered 1.549.198 passengers. The airport estimates it will handle 1.8 million travellers next year. “There is huge potential on some routes and we are cooperating with different airlines to attract them for opening new services. We are willing to increase flight numbers and extend our network with additional routes, and we are using our incentive plan to attract airlines in order to catch this growth at a sustainable level”, General Manager, Haldun Firat Kokturk, said.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN122.217 12.5
FEB107.961 22.3
MAR127.250 22.9
APR146.134 14.1
MAY144.504 10.7
JUN141.179 7.0
JUL209.053 7.4
AUG216.972 0.7
SEP147.357 6.6
OCT147.892 15.8
NOV111.635 7.4

Meanwhile, Skopje Airport continued to record growth by handling 120.928 passengers in November, an increase of 10%. Skopje welcomed 1.522.796 travellers over the past eleven months, an increase of 14.1% compared to 2015. Much like Pristina, it too has already surpassed its 2015 end-of-year-result. "The increase in the number of passengers is primarily a result of low cost airlines. Over the years, we have also attracted Turkish Airlines, Pegasus, Alitalia and Czech Airlines to Skopje", TAV Airports Marketing Director, Aslihan Cortuk, said. Skopje Airport's General Manager, Zoran Krstevski, noted that Macedonia's airports no longer provide only transport services, but are becoming serious forces in economic and local development. Mr Krstevski noted that the airport is developing into a regional hub. "This is quite realistic and we are working on this, since we are considered the fastest-growing airport in the region", the General Manager said, noting that passengers from Greece, Albania, Kosovo and Serbia are increasingly using Macedonia's two international airports as their point of departure.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN109.097 23.6
FEB102.178 27.6
MAR120.668 26.4
APR135.013 23.3
MAY148.562 26.9
JUN142.332 20.5
JUL173.715 5.7
AUG174.883 1.0
SEP152.519 4.5
OCT142.901 7.7
NOV120.928 10.0


  1. Anonymous09:03

    Well done to Zagreb which managed to get significant growth even though operations were down and a few airlines decreased flights. Proved those commenting here wrong. They were predicting a doom scenario for Zagreb this winter.

    1. Anonymous09:08

      It means that those airlines flying to ZAG had a much bigger LF. I wonder if the Davis Cup final which was played in Zagreb in November had an impact on passenger numbers.

    2. Anonymous09:15

      I will be the first to admit that I'm surprised by the strong November they had. Good work.

    3. Anonymous09:16

      I doubt the Davis Cup had such a massive influence. It helped for sure but how many additional pax could it have generated? My guess is around 4,000 tops.

    4. Anonymous09:18

      @anon 9:03 people here often predict doomsday scenarios. They predicted it for Belgrade, they predicted it for Skopje after Wizz Air stopped introducing more new routes and now they predict it for Zagreb.

    5. Alen Šćuric Purger09:29

      Davis cup accumulate some 10.000 passengers.

      Minus for this winter:
      - cancellation of flydubai (but just at the very end of month) 3pw

      - cancellation of Swiss, 4pw

      -OU 2 pw less than last winter

      - Turkish cuts 4 pw

      - British cuts 3 pw

      - TAP was flying last winter, so that is 3pw less (via Bologna)

      - Brussels cut 2pw

      = -21 pw

      Plus compare to last winter
      - KLM extra 1 pw

      - LOT stooped flights last year in begging of January, this year there will be LOT flights so 6pw

      - Qatar 3 extra pw

      - Trade air 3pw more to OSI

      - Norwegian 1pw (last year seasonal route will fly during winter)

      - ČSA 3 pw new route

      = +17 pw

      total -4pw

    6. Anonymous09:34

      So who is the biggest winner here? Who drove the growth at ZAG?

      Will SN fly 5x/week now?

    7. Anonymous11:21

      Impressive numbers. Zagreb is becoming top European tourist destination. With winter Zagreb Advent fair (the best advent fair in Europe), December growth will be even higher. Slowly but fairly Zagreb is getting closer and closer to Prague and Budapest.

    8. Anonymous11:57

      Please tell me you are joking when you made the last statement.

    9. Anonymous12:34

      Anonymous December 6, 2016 at 11:21 AM

      Ha! Ha! Ha! Delusional.

    10. Anonymous12:40

      This is the one that sugarcoats all his words about Zagreb and equates it to Valhalla. You can see by his style of writing. Serious reality check needed.

    11. You need to get your head out of the clouds. I'm from Zagreb and wish the best for its positioning on the European tourist scene, but comparing it to Budapest or Prague is just silly. Zagreb will never be in pair with those destinations, but can work with what it has and what it can become in the coming years.

    12. Anonymous15:15

      Zagrab is cute but Budapest and Prague are grand cities. That doesn't mean ZAG can't be an important regional city for tourism.

    13. Anonymous00:03

      Budapest is the 9th largest city of the EU by population while BUD airport grew +12,5% in 2015 and another 10% is expected this year (to 11,2 million pax). All this with the national airline with a fleet of 22 aircraft went bust only 4 years ago. It's not the same league with ZAG. Without OU ZAG would be as good as dead.

    14. I don't think anyone serious was predicting doom scenario for Zagreb. That's ridiculous. People have been writing critically about Croatia Airlines however. And rightly so.

  2. Anonymous09:04

    Cudos to Skopje for the amazing growth it has seen in the last 5 years but I think it is premature to label it as a regional hub. A low fares hub it probably is.

    1. Anonymous09:10

      Actually if you read carefully the GM said they are working on becoming a regional hub, not that it has become one yet :)

    2. Anonymous09:27

      Skopje's drawback is that it hasn't attracted a bigger variety of LCC. Ryanair coming to Macedonia would have shaken things up and it would be good for Wizz Air to have competition.

    3. Anonymous09:32

      Ryanair will not be launching SKP anytime soon so they have to rely on W6, TK, OS and JP as the biggest players there.

    4. Anonymous09:37

      SKP doesn´t really need FR as W6 has already covered the most important destinations. SKP will maintain these figures in 2017 as there are no new destinations announced.

    5. Anonymous09:42

      Wizz Air will launch Budapest-Skopje in 2017 and is apparently planning to base a fourth plane in Skopje but I don't know what they could launch. They have pretty much covered all destinations. Maybe Malta or Cyprus like they fly from Belgrade.

    6. Anonymous09:53

      I really doubt the 4th aircraft and also doubt you have an official source. But if this ever happens they can launch: LCA, TLV, DWC, LIS, MAD.
      However, if INI reacts faster then the result will be catastrophic for SKP.

    7. Nemjee09:58

      It makes far more sense to launch INI-LCA than SKP-LCA.

    8. Anonymous10:17

      My only source is what one of the TAV executives said and it was reported here too but it was some time ago so it is possible that it won't happen.

    9. Anonymous10:19

      It not true that there are no new destinations announced for next year in Skopje.

      For now there is Wizz Air from Budapest and Qatar Airways from Doha.

    10. Anonymous10:36

      It's a shame Pobeda hasn't started flights to SKP. I think they could find a big enough market for the flights.

    11. Anonymous10:54

      SKP still needs flights to places like Warsaw, LHR, CDG, Amsterdam and even Madrid so it could be well connected to the rest of Europe.

    12. Anonymous11:54

      @ AnonymousDecember 6, 2016 at 10:36 AM

      If Pobeda starts flights, there is a better chance of them heading to Ohrid seasonally. Although it is true that there is a growing Russian community in Skopje.

    13. SKP needs few major destinations like Frankfurt, Munich, Paris and definitely another budget carrier to compete there, since we have a monopoly at the moment. I agree that INI is more suitable for Larnaka. SKP might get Malta.

  3. Anonymous09:11

    Predictions for next year anyone?

    1. Anonymous09:21

      ZAG is definitely going over 3 million next year.

    2. Anonymous11:40

      Yes, probably 3.2 million in 2017. Impressive numbers.

  4. Anonymous09:14

    Despite SKP being stronger than PRN in November there is no chance now that it will overtake Pristina. Next year maybe.

    1. Anonymous09:21

      That is if Pristina stays idle and Skopje continues to grow. Don't think that will be the case.

  5. Anonymous09:22

    Didn't most ex-YU see strong growth in November?

    1. Anonymous09:26

      Not really, Sarajevo detracted almost 9%

    2. Anonymous09:28

      Ouch... poor SJJ I hope they bounce back and record beautiful growth in December. I think they deserve it more than any other airport in ex-YU!

  6. Anonymous09:41

    My predictions for 2017:
    BEG - 5,2 million
    ZAG - 2,9 million
    SKP - 1,7 million
    PRN - 1,8 million
    LJU - 1,5 million

    1. Anonymous09:57

      My guess is that BEG will be at around 5.4 next year.

    2. Alen Šćuric Purger11:05

      No way that ZAG will have just 2,9 million next year. This year ZAG will have 2,8 million. That will be just 4% increase.

      With announcements for next year:
      - London LGW by Monarch

      - Manchester by Monarch

      - Beijing by Beijing Capital

      - new routes by Croatia

      - one more flight per week (2 pw) with A330-300 to Toronto by Air Transat + start earlier

      - JFK flights

      - TAP returning

      - flights that were not here part of year (LOT, Trade Air, ČSA) + extra frequencies that were not here part of the year by Qatar, KLM, Norwegian.

      I am sure there would be more than 3 million

    3. Alen Šćuric Purger11:10

      ...extra 2pw by Iberia
      ...ČSA extra 3pw in summer (to 7pw)

    4. Anonymous11:10

      Let's wait and see if PEK and JFK materialize and if OU actually makes it to the summer season.

    5. Anonymous11:26

      I agree with Purger. Next year Zagreb will have at least 3.1 mill. At least 10% growth. Maybe even 3.2 mill. Mark my words.

    6. Anonymous11:55

      If OU dies and an lcc comes then growth will be even more!

    7. Anonymous12:44

      Haha @ Anon 11:55. Not gonna happen darling.

    8. Anonymous12:46

      What? OU going bust or an LCC coming to ZAG with a base?

    9. Anonymous17:24

      First - OU will remain alive and grow; government of Croatia which is almost 100% owner will never let this brand dissapear, and the only question is the model in which it will remain alive and progress - through re-capitalization, full or partial privatization, or the combination of the two. Second - LCC will be much more present in ZAG when new terminal is opened in few months time - current cappacity simply didn't allow for more LCC's, because legacies were the ones that normally pay higher fees. And third - based on previous two - my prediction for ZAG 2017 is 3,2 - 3,3 mil.

    10. Anonymous17:59

      ZAG will finish 2017 with 2.765.000 handled passengers. So, 3,3 million passengers in 2017 will mean 20% growth. Congratulations in advance !

    11. Anonymous18:10

      @ 5:59
      ZAG will end 2016 with more pax than you wrote for 2017 ! And at the moment, and it's still far far away until the next summer, we have 4 more new route announcements + few increases on existing routes + new terminal opening which will enable traffic boom. So knowing all of these, and it has been said here and elsewhere several times, and saying that in 2017, ZAG will have the same, or less passengers than this year, it can only be said by someone blinded by envy and hate

    12. Anonymous20:04

      You will be lucky if OU makes it to S18. The only question is who goes first, they or YM.

    13. Anonymous21:20

      OU will be gone by S18 exactly the same way JU was gone by S14 :)

      Saying that, in absolutely no way can you compare Croatia (state), its economy, size and strenght, and its ability to keep its national airline operating, (not to mention so far unused potentials), with Montenegro (state) and its comparative advantages. It's like 10:1 in favour of HR. Again, not to mention OU being re-structured and profitable, completely opposite to YM under heavy burden of huge debts.

      And your wetdreams of OU going bust are something else, and should be screaned and discussed at some other institution, not here

    14. I agree witj everithing you said but don't forget that Montenegro is not part of EU. Their government can pay for thier debt as long as that remajns the case. Croatian gov. on the other hand can't do that.

    15. Anonymous21:28

      Anonymous &5:59 has obviously mistook 2017 as 2016 in the first sentence of his comment, don't you see that ? Can't believe you haven't noticed that, or maybe you have but....

    16. Anonymous21:29

      If MA went bankrupt then I don't see why OU can't. Where will they find the cash to keep their liquidity?

    17. Anonymous21:30

      Also OU won't be privatized.

    18. Anonymous21:33

      Sorry SM, but I don't agree. Montenegro is far away with adhesion process and have to stick to all EU legislative in order to complete negotiations. On the other hand, what you see as disadvantage, I see as an advantage, and that is any EU member having ability to own over 50% of shares, and (succesfully) control business, which widens the choice of potential investors/owners and higher chance for development and growth in (ne future

    19. Anonymous21:35

      You obviously belong to group which thinks that cash for the company need to be found. But there are other ways my friend. Earning it, for example

    20. Anonymous21:38

      Yes and OU is running out of way to 'earn' it. There are only so many engines, slots... they can sell to stay alive. ZAG is getting more competition which will bring down their yield.

    21. Anonymous21:50

      But of course you know the best. Not only airlines, whole Croatia is going to dissapear within a days, situation is so doomy and gloomy and all those poverty, and misery there, and there is not even a prime Minister there who can take care of everything in order to save it, and yes of course only One Chosen and Selected Airline and Nation will be left on this planet Earth to be there for ever and enjoy its Greatness and Glory Amen, Alleluja !!! :) :) :)

    22. Anonymous21:57

      I wish but unfortunately no. That still doesn't change the fact that OU will go bust. You still didn't reply to my question where they will find the money when they are out of stuff to sell.

    23. Anonymous00:54

      I think Zagreb is looking at 3.1 million next year. between 3050 000 and 3100 000.

      22500 Landings and about 3070 000 is my best guess.

      Split will handle around 2.5 million


      Zagreb: 3 070 000
      Split: 2 550 000
      Dubrovnik: 2 175 000
      Pula: 425 000
      Zadar: 550 000
      Rijeka: 175 000
      Osijek: 40 000~

      Ljubljana: 1.45 million
      Maribor: 20 000

      Sarajevo: 1 010 000
      Tuzla: 285 000
      Mostar: 66 000
      Banja Luka: 18 000

      Belgrade: 5 100 000
      Nis: 186 000

      Skopje: 1 820 000
      Ohrid: 120 000

      Pristina: 1 920 000

      Podgorica: 900 000
      Tivat: 1 100 000

      My predictions for nn-Croatian airports are purely a guess. Croatian airports i used some methodology based on current stats.

    24. Nemjee08:29

      Nis 186.000? You do realized that in the first 11 months the airport welcomed 103.438 passengers so by the end of the year we can expect as many as 130.000. Airport estimates are that in 2017 they will handle around 300.000 passengers.

      Also, I think your prediction for BEG is rather modest given that the airport will finish 2016 with 4.9 million passengers. With Wizz Air basing a second aircraft and some other airlines adding flights, I think the airport will welcome a bit more than just 200.000 additional passengers. ;)

    25. Zagreb is going over 3 million for sure, even without the new terminal it would reach and probably surpass 2,9 mill. With the new terminal it'll be around 3,1 mill. in my estimate.
      Belgrade with 5,2 sounds about right. There are also Split and Dubrovnik, but you went only with capitals, so..ok.

  7. Anonymous09:47

    Predictions for 2017 non ex-YU:

    BUD - 12,0 million (rival BEG & ZAG)
    RIX - 6,0 million (rival: BEG)
    SOF - 6,2 million (rival: BEG)
    TIA - 2,4 million (rival: SKP + ZAG + PRN)

    1. Anonymous12:00

      What is your point? That there are much bigger airports than in ex-yu? If you just cite random airports around Europe, why stop with Riga? Istanbul is much closer and processes more passengers than ex-yu airports combined in three years.
      But still I see no point in this "rival" comparison.

    2. Anonymous12:21

      BUD se trese od straha, jedan BEG koji nikako ili jedva 5 miliona putnika a ZAG koji nema ni 3 miliona.
      A pogledaj jos koliki je terminal u BUD (letio sam preko Budapest) i koliki su u BEG i ZAG. 7/9 miliona je velika razlika i to nece balkanci nikada "popraviti". :-)

    3. Anonymous12:29

      A kako to da je BEG rival aerodroma od 6,0 i 6,2 miliona putnika a ZAG koji nema ni 3 nije a ZAG da je rival aerodroma od 12 miliona putnika?
      Zar stvarno mislis da ce ZAG ikada stici BUD ili uopste biti rival? Ako ikada ZAG dode do 10 miliona u historiji, mada nece nikada, to bi bila senzacija.
      Cesto se spominje, "sa turizmom moze sve", ali Budapest ima jos puno vise turizma od Zagreba Budapest se zove "Mekka" turizma.

    4. Anonymous13:32

      I still don't get how Riga "rivals" Belgrade or how Tirana "rivals" Zagreb.
      Please, please explain!

      Otherwise it reads as nonsensical trashing of ex-yu.

      I have a theory. On all airports you mentioned LCCs run wild. Just see what EU Commission said about illegal subsidies in Macedonia.

      Just another mean spin from St. Wizz PR department with a message: please abolish your national airlines so that we can blackmail and parasitize your taxpayers dry.
      Cheers! ;)

    5. Anonymous14:45

      You really seem to hate Wizz. You write against them every day.

    6. Anonymous16:31

      Who, Anonymous?

    7. Anonymous17:24

      Simply comparing traffic figures. TIA is growing super fast and can easily reach ZAG, almost 2 million in 2015!
      RIX is a transfer airport just like BEG, thats why.

  8. Anonymous09:47

    Here are some pics of the new Zagreb Terminal:

    1. Anonymous10:18

      Looks fantastic. Can't wait for it to finally open.

    2. Anonymous10:26

      Has a date been set for the opening?

    3. Anonymous10:34

      No official date yet but it should be in March.

    4. Anonymous10:47

      Wow, that looks astonishing! Most modern and architectually appealing terminal in the wider region.

    5. Anonymous11:28

      Wow,... it looks great. The best looking airport terminal in Balkan and CE region. Kudos Zagreb.

    6. ZAG Official opening date: March the 4th, 2017. Mark my words. Officially confirmed.

    7. Anonymous11:38

      Great. Thanks :)

    8. Anonymous11:59

      Some great photo's thanks for sharing!

    9. Anonymous16:37

      Best looking airport in the region. Especially like the trg in front of the terminal.
      (Don't like the name though.)

  9. Anonymous10:18

    If they keep this up Skopje could easily reach 2 million passengers next year.

    1. Anonymous10:27


    2. Anonymous10:33

      They need new destinations to reach SKP, with W6 launching BUD and QA flight to DOH, which are still not announced with official dates,I don't think SKP can reach 2 mil. They might come closer, 1.85 but I doubt there will be more then that if new destinations are not announced.

    3. My prediction few years ago for SKP was:
      2014: 1.2
      2015: 1,45
      2016: 1,7
      2017: 1,85
      2018: 2.0
      I think they're running a bit short this year. :(

  10. Alen Šćuric Purger10:54

    Moj novi članak na Tango 6:


    - što je izgrađeno, što se trenutno gradi, što još fali
    - koliko je rat, pljačka imovine i uništavanje terminala unazadilo razvoj jadranskih zračnih luka
    - Croatia i Air Berlin na najviše aerodroma Jadrana
    - od 495 jadranskih linija, Croatia ima 59, easyJet 36, Eurowings 30, SAS 26, Norwegian 24...
    - 27% legacy, 35% LCC, 38% leisure i chater
    - dio putnika odvlači Trst, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Mostar, Sarajevo i Podgorica
    - Sezonalnost ogromna (Split od 164 ljetne linije, zimi samo 10, Dubrovnik od 131 zimi samo 5...)
    - koje mjere bi trebali uvesti da se prevlada sezonalnost
    - "rat" Dubrovnika i Tivata nakon što se granica omakša ulaskom Crne Gore u EU
    - budućnost jadranskih zračnih luka

    1. Anonymous11:46

      Nice article. Adriatic airports are the backbone of Croatian rapid development in the airline sector. But let's not forget Zagreb. As I've read recently in the newspaper It is also becoming tourist mega-hub.

    2. Anonymous13:35

      Sve zracne luke jedva da imaju kapacite pola Venecije.

    3. Anonymous13:39

      Tourism is a part of the economy of the future. Croatia can accomplish a lot with tourism, principally at the coast and to a lesser degree in Zagreb.

      But please don't be so naive to put your whole future on a single card. Tourism is not panacea. The whole country has to be successful.

      My impression is that industry deserves much much more attention. In YU Croatia was an important industrial base.

    4. Alen Šćuric Purger15:40

      Still is:

      - East (Slavonia) agriculture
      - Middle (Zagreb, Varaždin, Karlovac, Sisak, Bjelovar) industry and trade
      - West (Istra, Kvarner, Dalmacija) tourism

      The industrial sector with exports of over €1 billion annually is dominated by shipbuilding which accounts for over 10% of exported goods. Food processing and chemical industry also account for significant portions of industrial output and exports. Industrial sector represents 27% of Croatia’s total economic output while agriculture represents 6%. Industrial sector is responsible for 25% of Croatia's GDP, with agriculture, forestry and fishing accounting for the remaining 5% of Croatian GDP.

      Tourism is traditionally a notable source of income. With over 14 million tourists annually, tourism generates revenue in excess of €8 billion. Croatia is ranked among the top 20 most popular tourist destinations in the world.

      Exports: $11.91 billion (2015 est.)

      Exports - commodities: transport equipment, textiles, chemicals, foodstuffs, fuels

      Exports - partners: Italy 13.4%, Slovenia 12.5%, Germany 11.4%, Bosnia and Herzegovina 9.9%, Austria 6.6%, (2015)

      Agriculture - products: wheat, corn, sugar beets, sunflower seed, barley, alfalfa, clover, olives, citrus, grapes, soybeans, potatoes; livestock, dairy products

      Industries: chemicals and plastics, machine tools, fabricated metal, electronics, pig iron and rolled steel products, aluminium, paper, wood products, construction materials, textiles, shipbuilding, petroleum and petroleum refining, food and beverages; tourism

      Industrial production growth rate: 1.9% (2015)

      GDP - per capita: purchasing power parity - $21,600 (2015)

      GDP - composition by sector: agriculture: 4.3% industry: 26.2% services: 69.5% (2015)

    5. Anonymous16:00

      Purger, can you please tell me where did you find Croatia among the 20 most popular tourist destinations in the world? I tried to find it, but wasn't succesful.

    6. Anonymous@4pm - perhaps not #20, but #23 yes...and likelyto climb up given 2x years in a row where croatian toirism grew at 10% rate... :)

    7. Alen Šćuric Purger19:53

      I did not. It is ranked in 20 most popular tourist destination in the world by UNWTO United Nation World Tourism Organization

    8. Anonymous20:02

      Do you have a link?

    9. Anonymous20:23

      Croatia ranked as number 25 last year with 11.6 million foreign tourists. Number 20 was the Netherlands with 13.9 million.

    10. @anonymous 8:23, this is 2014 data. Croatia has since grown greatly in terms of international tourists. 12,6 mil in 2015, and this year (2016) it will be around 2014. I presume other countries will improve too, however not at the rate Croatia has progressed... so, perhaps officially for 2014 yes 11,6 but not for too long. Just wait... :)

    11. Anonymous21:54

      And what happens when Turkey, Tunis and Egypt go back to business?

    12. Anonymous02:07

      Croatia is expected to reach around 14.1 million foreign and 1.6 million domestic visitors this year, with 92 million nights. Zagreb had 12% growth, and is expected to hit 1.25 million visitors and 2.1 million nights generating around $120 million in direct revenue for the state and approximately $500 million total revenue from tourists.

      Croatia will see approximately $10.5 billion revenue from tourism, state is expected to collect around $3.2 billion in tax.

      2017 indications are for 7-8% growth, with likely 17.5 million visitors, 100 million nights and revenue in the region of $12 billion.

      Zagreb will see 1.5 million tourists in 2017, and at least 2.5 million nights.

      By 2020, Croatia is expected to attract around 20 million foreign visitors and 127 million nights with revenue in the region of $15-17 billion. Zagreb is looking at 2 million foreign visitors and 3.7 million nights.

      For comparison Vienna and Prague receive approximately 7.5 million visitors now, although both cities are stagnating or growing slow.

      Budapest is getting fewer visitors. Zagreb is more of a mid sized city destination, right now can't compete with likes of Vienna or Prague, however Zagreb has its charms and advent in Zagreb is a major attraction Zagreb could be playing on in future years.

      Xmas in Vienna attracts over 1.2 million visitors, Advent in Zagreb could attract at least 300 000 visitors in short space of time, last year it attracted 120 000 visitors, this year 150 000 are expected.

  11. Anonymous10:55

    Impressive results from all three.

  12. Anonymous13:27

    ČSA S17 povećava broj letova za Zagreb na 7pw.
    Iberia S17 povećava broj letova za Zagreb na 5pw.

    1. Anonymous13:35

      Again? Every single day?

    2. Anonymous13:38

      Anonymous 1.35 čemu frustracija? :) Vani je prekrasan i sunčan dan :)

    3. Anonymous21:37

      No point in OU returning now to PRG.

    4. Anonymous09:54

      Depends how OU numbers to PRG were and what fares OK will offer.

  13. Anonymous18:21

    Ovo su odlicni rezultati za sve Aerodrome imali bi sigurno jos bolji rast da imaju bolje domace kompanije ato bi im vise donelo.

  14. Anonymous19:32

    OT : Contract signed today in Split - FINALLY -construction of Split's new terminal starts next months, and should be completed by Summer season 2019

    1. Anonymous20:01

      Great! Croatia's future number one deserves this.

    2. Anonymous21:07

      The first part - great - I agree
      The second part - SPU will never be HR's no1, ZAG will always be no1, no matter how much I liked more Split than Zagreb

  15. Anonymous20:44

    OT: YU-ARA is heading to Seychelles. It is nice to see cooperation between partners.

    Air Seychelles aircraft Airbus A330-200, registered S7-ADB, today (5 December, 2016) sustained damage during the...

    1. Anonymous20:46

      Who will operate JFK flights?

    2. Anonymous20:49

      Air Serbia. The plane will be back in Belgrade by the time the next JFK flight is scheduled.

    3. Anonymous20:55

      So there is no flight between now and next week?

    4. Anonymous21:04

      There is. YU-ARA just stepped in to take passengers from Paris to Seychelles and will come back to Belgrade then.

    5. Anonymous21:19

      Tomorrow YU-ARA will fly HM16 SEZ-BEG and than some ASL Airbus will continue BEG-CDG as HM16, while YU-ARA will regularly go to JFK. Air Seychelles is prominent airline and a member of Etihad Partners Airlines possessing a single A330 plus two A320. At the moment their S7-ADB is being repaired at Fiumicino.

    6. Anonymous21:31

      Read prominent as "prominent" and you'll catch the meaning....

    7. Anonymous21:45

      9:19 Since when can an airline owning 3 aircraft, out of which one is currently inoperative and grounded, be called "prominent"?

    8. Anonymous21:53

      I think he was sarcastic.


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