Trends of 2016

As we enter the final days of 2016, this is what you read, liked and discussed the most on EX-YU Aviation News throughout the year according to accumulated statistics. 2016 marked the most successful year for EX-YU Aviation News since going online on June 1, 2008 with the number of unique visits increasing 20% this year compared to last, while the number of page views grew to over 3.5 million. During 2016, the greatest share of visitors came from Serbia, followed by Croatia, Slovenia, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland and Canada. The number of visitors from all of the top ten countries grew in the double digits, with visitors from Croatia increasing the most (48.5%), followed by Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Seven out of the ten most read articles of all time were published during 2016, including the top two.

Looking forward to another exciting year in EX-YU aviation in 2017!


Air Serbia touches down in New York, June 23 *
Transavia to launch Belgrade and Ljubljana flights, September 27
Ryanair enters Serbian market, September 4
Skopje Airport overtakes Pristina in May, June 14
PHOTOS + VIDEOS: Air Serbia's A330 enters into service, June 10
Norwegian eyes Macedonia and Slovenia flights, November 14
easyJet to add new Ljubljana flights, September 16

* Most read article of all time


B&H Airlines liquidated, September 29
Qatar Airways hiring in Bosnia and Herzegovina, December 7
Flydubai temporarily cancels Zagreb service, September 14
Germania Flug to launch Niš service, December 13
Air Serbia gets first female captain, December 26
Air Serbia A330 steps in for Air Seychelles, December 8
Wizz Air hiring Serbian crew, November 29


JAT Boeing 727s at busy Heathrow Airport


Trade Air

Croatian charter airline Trade Air unveiled its new livery in 2014, marking the first overhaul of its brand in 20 years. Designed by the Croatian-based design company Endem, the livery represents a merger of two former brands - Trade Air and its subsidiary Sun Adria. The tail features a stylised sun in yellow and orange tones, while the blue symbolises the Adriatic Sea and sky, which runs along the fuselage.


  1. Anonymous16:06

    Admin - congratulations and well done on a great job in 2016. Wishing you and your avid followers a wonderful 2017

  2. Anonymous16:40

    I'm curious, what is that airline between JAT and Olympic?

    1. Anonymous16:46

      That would be CSA, then known as Czechoslovakia Airlines :)

    2. Anonymous16:52

      Thanks, now that I enlarged the photo I can see it. But this was their old logo, when did they shift to the new/current one?

    3. Anonymous16:59

      The current one has been in use since 2007. Before that they used this one

    4. Anonymous17:37

      Thanks man. I prefer the previous logo, the current one looks like it belongs to some pharmaceutical company.

  3. Congrats exYU - and the site keeps getting better. I really enjoy the diversity and mix of info. Keep it up and all the best in 2017


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