Air Serbia: No plans to order more wide-bodies

Air Serbia has said it has no plans to order additional wide-body aircraft to join its sole Airbus A330-200 jet but has reaffirmed its commitment to maintain long haul flights. Speaking to "Airlineratings", Air Serbia's CEO, Dane Kondić, said, "We are currently developing a strategic five-year plan. There are no plans to order more wide-bodies, but looking at it, when you get a second aircraft, you get a lot more synergies as well. If we weren't an Etihad Airways partner there is no way on earth we would have been able to realise the ambition to fly to the United States". He added, "We decided that with EAP [Etihad Airways Partner] synergies and low fuel prices it was now or never for our JFK route. The aircraft [A330-200] comes from Jet Airways in India, the pilots were trained at Alitalia, cabin crew at Etihad, the aircraft are serviced between Rome and Abu Dhabi and our GSA [General Sales Agent] in the US is Etihad. That’s living, breathing proof of synergy in action".

Since launching services to the United States in June 2016, the airline says passenger numbers on the route are 40% above the business plan after the first half year of operations, although yields haven't performed as hoped for, due to less Americans travelling on the route to Europe for fear of terror attacks, according to the airline. "The Balkans is a huge market and all the carriers in the Balkans are broken. We could not start with a clean slate, we inherited all the problems of JAT. We managed to move very quickly and focused on turning this business around. We have done a lot of things here in three years that other airlines wouldn’t do in ten years”, Mr Kondić noted.

The Serbian carrier is preparing to take delivery of ten new Airbus A320neos from next year, which are part of a bulk order from Etihad for 45 aircraft. In an earlier interview, Air Serbia's CEO said, "As one aircraft enters the fleet another will exit it. However, these aeroplanes give us the possibility to access new markets, for example Iran or Central Asia or North Africa. These are destinations that are within a two and a half-hour radius. The Far East is also a potential market for us if you consider relations between Serbia and the People's Republic of China", Mr Kondić said. He added, "We believe that Serbia has enormous potential. When we grow we aim to do it responsibly".


  1. Anonymous09:03

    It makes sense considering their A330 spends more time on the ground then in the air with its current scheduling.

    1. Anonymous20:54

      Za to bi neko trebalo da odgovara! Mr.Mali na primer

  2. Anonymous09:04

    '"The Balkans is a huge market and all the carriers in the Balkans are broken...'

    This is such an unprofessional thing to say. Also someone should inform this man sitting on his high horse that both Aegean and Turkish Airlines are Balkan carriers as well and both a light years ahead of his own little airline.

    1. Anonymous11:15

      not to mention bloody Wizz who is de-facto ....

    2. Anonymous11:50

      He said broken.
      Hungary is not the Balkans.
      Greece and Turkey are usually not counted in the Balkans.
      TK goes through major problems at present.

    3. Anonymous12:01

      Your comment makes absolutely no sense. So just because some people are too ignorant about geography we are not supposed to count Greece and Turkey as Balkan countries?

      Also, the comment implied that Wizz Air is a de-factor national carrier of some countries like Macedonia, Serbia or Bulgaria.

      Also, calling other airlines in the region broken while your own could not survive without Etihad isn't really wise, it's kind of hypocritical.

    4. Anonymous12:02

      How on earth is Wizz Air the "de facto national carrier" of Serbia? Not even close.

    5. Anonymous12:51

      in BiH too

    6. Anonymous12:58

      Because it is far more affordable for the average citizen than JU is.

    7. Anonymous13:18

      Relax people... when referencing 'the Balkans', he obviously meant ex-yu... where i'm sure we can all agree that the carriers of the ex-yu countries are far from a picture of perfect health

    8. Anonymous13:19

      So what? Does that make Ryan Air the de-facto national carrier of Croatia?

    9. Anonymous14:44

      When they expand some more yes. EasyJet has more chances given the increase in flights we will see from them this summer.

      Anon 1.18

      I guess he is not fit to run an airline if he doesnt even know what is meant when he says Balkans.

    10. Anonymous14:49

      He referred to the Balkans properly: ex-yu, Albania, Bulgaria, possibly Romania.
      So your line of attack is wrong. Please stop embarrassing yourself.

    11. Anonymous14:57

      Balkans also include Turkey and Greece as well so the only ones embarrassing themselves are you and Dane... unless somehow TK and A3 are also broken.

    12. Anonymous15:59

      Google a little bit. Take a look at the news on major world news portals what is the Balkans and what is not in the world public opinion. Greece and Turkey are usually not included. Romania often is, even though it geographically barely belongs to the peninsula.
      I guess it is hard to see that if you only read local ex-yu papers and TVs.

    13. Anonymous16:51

      I don't care what news refer to when they speak of the Balkans. The only thing that matters is what is officially considered as the Balkan peninsula and Greece and Turkey ARE part of it.

      It seems that it's you who has an issue with knowledge... the right kind of course.

    14. I live in Copenhagen and I guarantee you that in Europe, the balkans never includes Turkey. Greece is usually referred to as part of 'southern Europe' if taken in context with countries such as; Italy, Spain and Portugal. Or southeastern Europe otherwise. The balkans per se almost exclusively means ex Yu minus Slovenia, plus Albania. And sometimes Bulgaria.

    15. Anonymous17:46

      So just because others are wrong we should be too?
      Official name is the Balkan Peninsula thus it makes little sense to exclude Greece and Turkey.

      The fact that news agencies don't include them is just poor journalism and you shouldn't encourage it.

    16. But it's not wrong. Turkey isn't consider Balkans, because it's a huge country and most of it is not even in Europe. It's only normal not to refer to it as a Balkan country. As for Greece, even though geographically part of the Balkans, politically it isn't. And the Balkans is mostly a political category. Otherwise Bosnia and Serbia wouldn't be part of the Balkans either, because they are technically not on the Peninsula. Only Greece, Albania and Macedonia would technically be the Balkans.

    17. Bulgaria too, since that's where tge Balkan mountain is, right? I might be wrong about eastern Greece and Turkey too now that I think about it. Have to admit that I'm not sure if that's Balkans.

    18. Anonymous19:47

      The northern border of the peninsula is the Danube river so most of Serbia and all of Bosnia is in. Same with Croatia and most of Slovenia.

      Turkey can be debated but Greece just can't.

    19. According to that definition not most, but all of Croatia and Slovenia would be in the Balkans, and the same would be true for western Hungary, and most of Austria and Bavaria. But Voivodina wouldn't be in the Balkans. That is kind of bizarre. :)
      I have heard tho that some people used to say that Balkans started south of Vienna Bahnhof. Or South of Danube and Sava, which is what you probably meant.

    20. Anonymous21:15

      To put an end to this discussion.

      Balkans, also called Balkan Peninsula, easternmost of Europe’s three great southern peninsulas. There is not universal agreement on the region’s components. The Balkans are usually characterized as comprising Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia—with all or part of each of those countries located within the peninsula. Portions of Greece and Turkey are also located within the geographic region generally defined as the Balkan Peninsula, and many descriptions of the Balkans include those countries too.

    21. Anonymous22:52

      I Italija je balkanska zemlja zahvaljujuci Trstu. Naravno da Vojvodina nije Balkan kao ni Slavonija. Balkansko ili Hemus poluostrvo prema starom nazivu Stare planine.

  3. Anonymous09:07

    If there will be no new long hauls routes they better think of a way to utilize this one next winter. A 4-day parking is a disaster.

    Other than that, nice that they consider new markets for A320neo otherwise they would be flying half empty in winter.

    Seasonality is really a deadly factor in this part of the world...

    1. Anonymous09:08

      They could fly JFK 3 times per week and add another destination, say Toronto 3 times per week with a single wide body aircraft.

    2. Anonymous09:21

      When low season ends 3pw is not enough for either JFK or YYZ. And I think they need 2 days per week for regular maintenance (which is done outside of BEG).

      This bird can serve one long haul route and needs to be additionally utilized on charters, holidays and similar occasions that can fill her with pax.

    3. Anonymous09:24

      They proposed to do charters to some exotic destinations this winter but by the time they got the idea it was already too late and everyone already sold packages with other airlines.

  4. Anonymous09:09

    I think they could have used the A330 much better this winter. At least they cold have sent it to Zurich on Christmas day when they had 4 flights during the day. In the early 2000s JAT operated 5 full flights to and from Zurich with a DC10 on Christmas.

  5. Anonymous09:15

    The announcement is a bit confusing. They say they won't be "ordering" A330s. The one they have wasn't ordered either. It is leased.

  6. Anonymous09:19

    In my opinion, Chicago and Toronto are the only other long haul routes that could work for them.

  7. Anonymous09:20

    Since the NEOs will be replacing the 10 current Airbuses I wonder if it means no new aircraft will join the fleet until then?
    My guess is that the NEOs will replace the 8 A319 and the A320s will be kept.

    Unfortunately doesn't seem like we will see some growth any time soon

    1. Anonymous09:21

      Someone in the comments wrote that they will take another A319 this summer. Don't know if it is true though.

    2. Anonymous09:35

      They usually managed to keep plane leases under wraps like the ATR, CRJ leases so who knows. Maybe something comes this summer.

    3. Anonymous10:10

      why keep a320?
      10x a320 neos that are on order to change 8x a319 + 2x a320

      don't know how they plan to fill the seats though. a320 has ~25more seats than a319

    4. Anonymous10:14

      Well Dane doesn't seem to know what he is doing and I think he will worry about this when the planes land in Belgrade

    5. JATBEGMEL23:22

      I dont think they have planned things through properly.

      Sure, its great that this management has a plan put forward. I still remember the days when Jat would create a timetable and pull aircraft out for regular maintenece forcing cancellations. I like hearing plan and years in the same

      However, anyone realistic can sit and do a basic SWAT analysis and see that maybe JU were abit too optimistic in their ideas, making me think that people making these decisions may not know Belgrade, Serbia and the region too well.

      Looking at average CLF for a mainly ATR/A319 fleet, moving to a majority A320neo fleet will be a tough challenge to make sustainable.

      As mentioned above, I have a feeling they will worry about the above issues once aircraft start arriving in Belgrade.

  8. Anonymous09:21

    What happens if the oil prices go up? They will close that root very soon. There´s no way they can make that route financially feasable even now let alone when oil prices go up, as they currently do. The Balkans is a huge market but a low yielding and carriers like BA, AF, OS, LH and other can take care of those Pax, as they fill Business and First Cabins for Full Fare on their domestic markets, which Air Serbia definitely cannot.

    1. Anonymous11:55

      If oil prices go up, they will go up for everybody.
      It was important that oil prices are low when the connection was launched, because the costs are the highest then.

    2. Doubt oil prices will go much above $60 anytime soon. If it stays above $50 this year, than it will mean many more oil wells could go back on line around the world flooding the market and causing another free fall in price.

    3. Anonymous12:36

      True, Q400

    4. Anonymous12:51


    5. JATBEGMEL23:36

      I dont think oil prices will change dramastically any time soon.

      The idea and logic behind the move to operate the JFK route is smart, and I would not fault it there.

      JU definately has a market for TATL. We get the idea of it through unofficial data on loads posted here. This should improve once the routes settles in and matures. As the route matures, with a stronger CLF and yield, as long as the price of oil doesnt change dramatically, things should be fine.

  9. Anonymous09:37

    I notice on the left side that it says Lufthansa and Etihad are holding a press conference in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday. It will be very interesting to see what they have planned and how it could affect Air Serbia.

    1. Nemjee09:59

      Would be nice if they bring back the code-share agreement with LH-OS.
      Air Serbia's VIE-BEG would offer fast connections for all passengers coming from North America. With the current schedule you have to sit for at least four hours at the airport waiting for the OS flight to BEG.

    2. True! Not long ago I was looking to maybe book a flight to Australia from Vienna and I remember the flight via Belgrade and Abu Dhabi - as opposed to, say, via Dubai, or Singapore, or even Doha...being $1000 cheaper. And it was something like only $2,500 in business class. Now that is an absolutely sweet deal!

    3. Anonymous21:28

      Rumours say that LH will take over EY's MRO and catering. Nothing more.

  10. Anonymous09:41

    And still no plans for regional fleet expansion?

    1. Anonymous09:44

      It should be one of their highest priorities in my opinion.

    2. Can't grow any further without RJs. There is a valid reason why every huge airline in North America and Europe has hundreds of these things.

    3. JATBEGMEL23:09

      I think thatll be a tough choice.

      + ATR is a perfect aircraft to start tens of destinations in a one hour circle from Belgrade.

      - However, ATR is horrible for the longer routes where neither the A319 doesnt or wouldnt (currently or in the near future) fill (ie KBP, HAM, PRG).

      + ERJ have a nice variety of types to choose from, keeping a comunality in the fleet. Same aircraft with minor differences. These types bring in small 70-110 seater capacity to go along side the A320neo. Great for cities like TIA, PRG, KBP.

      - removing ATR for ERJ would make somewhat ok regional flight worse off (ie OHD, BNX).

      + CRJ700 series offers similar to the ERJ range. JU has had experience with it.

  11. Anonymous09:48

    Air Serbia is quaking in its boots now Hogan is gone. Etihad is going to announce a new partnership with Lufthansa on the 1st of Feb and rumour has it they will also announce divesting in current airlines such as Alitalia, Darwin and of course, Air Serbia. All speculation at this stage but without EY, JU is in dire straights.

    1. Anonymous09:49

      You got it quite wrong.

    2. Anonymous10:04

      Rumors and speculations are all you have and hope for. Sad.

    3. Anonymous10:50

      Yes but Hogan is gone, isn't it? Was said here couple of ago it's just a rumour!

    4. Anonymous10:53

      Actually no one said here it was just a rumor. In fact everyone has been talking about it since December. And he hasn't gone yet. He leaves in the middle of the year and will be at a press conference with Lufthansa on Wednesday. The fact that Etihad said which position Hogan is taking when he leaves Etihad in their press release indicates to me that he will be working very closely with Etihad (why on earth would they disclose where he will be working when he leaves the airline).

    5. Anonymous11:49

      realno, nije bilo ni šanse da se uradi. nikada nije bila u pitanju ekonomski motivisana, već politički motivisana odluka da se leti za ameriku :(

    6. Anonymous11:59

      Why some people assume that LH-EY potential agreement has to result in EY giving up everything, and LH gaining everything? Why would EY need LH for that?
      Crazy how some people are blinded by stereotypes and hatred.

    7. Anonymous12:31

      Last Anon,

      Don't spoil their 'ferrytale'. Of course they so badly want this to mean that Etihad will simply divest everything and then announce its own liquidation. They dream about this so much, they take any bad news from Etihad and extrapolate them all the way to the death of the whole Group. This what they wake up with, this is what they go to bed with. Let them have it so that they feel at least a few days of happiness in their lives.

    8. Who are they?? Lufthansa? It's got nothing to do with Lufthansa in all likelihood, but it has been a well known fact for quite some time now that Etihad is in crises and that Hogan's policy of investing in other airlines has been a failure. That includes Alitalia, as well as Air Berlin and Air Serbia, with Air Serbia probably the most successful of his investments overall. But all in all, he's failed.

  12. Sto jos nije istina sto je Mali najavio09:49

    Mali said there would be 2nd A330 till winter 2016. Now Kondic said it will be 2nd A330 in 5 time period.

    So that was unreal promise by Mali. We have to ask ourselves which other promises will not materialize that was announced by Mali and other politicians like flights to Tehran, Astana, China...

    For sure we can see that even this A330 can not be maximum utilized. Most of the years it flies just 3 flights per week. And with 4 days on ground it looses a lot of money. So, that means route is loosing money even more when it is on air, and they make smaller minus with plane on ground than flying. So, even that first A330 was mistake. That is why they decide not to go to even bigger loosing money with 2nd A330.

    1. Anonymous10:01

      Where did Kondic in this text say that the 2nd A330 will come in 5 year period? Did you read the article?

      BTW plans change. Emirates' area manager was until a few months saying that they have no plans to fly to ex-Yu. Plans simply change in the aviation industry.

    2. Anonymous10:04

      Mali is a corrupt politician so why bother listening to what he has to say?

    3. Anonymous10:18

      He's pretty much revealed that there will be flights to Tehran, Astana/Almaty and Cairo.

    4. Anonymous10:25

      No, he didn't. He revealed that the current fleet will be replaced by the NEOs meaning that there won't be any extra birds to launch these exotic and sexy flights.

    5. Anonymous12:01

      Well, Mali is a politician. At least it was not ju ceo. We heard form OU ceo that there will be a major regional expansion soon.

    6. Anonymous14:46

      I don't care a bit what OU said. I am Serbian citizen and really don't care about OU, JP, JA, YM...

      Here hundreds of people were so exiting about 2nd A330 that will come. Even in September he came publicly with that stupid idea. And than all of you justified that announcement that he is president of Supervisory board, he have right to say so, you did not allow us to say he is just politician.

      So, now, he is just "politician". But in same time I wonder what is really real plans that was announced here by Mali and Vucic. Are all of those just stories for public?

      So why plan was changed in just few months? For sure not because of good results of JFK route.

      Why plans are changed with so good financial and other results?

      And how many other plans will be changed?

    7. Anonymous14:56

      You said hundreds of people. I am sure you meant hundreds of millions ;)

      Plans change all the time. That is a market economy, not a command economy where you have to reach 5-years plan at all costs.

      I don't care that you don't care. The regional context is more than relevant, because it deflates your argument. Your citizenship is irrelevant for this discussion.

    8. Anonymous15:41

      For intercontinental route it is much more relevant context Turkish, Lufthansa, Austrian, Aeroflot... for sure not Croatia. Tinny company which has no influence on Air Serbia A330 fiasco.

      Of course plans change. So responsible person, which president of SB should be, should not got on public with those kind of plans especially when they are not confirmed and has huge change to be canceled just 2 months in future.

      But again real questions are:

      - why plans are changed?

      - how many other announced plans will be changed?

    9. Anonymous15:43

      and has huge chance to be canceled*

    10. Anonymous15:45

      ^ you can always dream.

    11. JATBEGMEL00:34

      The way I see things in JU is 2 ways - smart, yet stupid.

      Sure, great ideas (JFK, lounge, wifi, Elevate, Elevate Play), destinations are opening, more
      flights come, however its their implementation thats the problem - that is, how its brought forward.

      JFK went on sale late, and until the last moment had a notice beside informing potential pax that the flights have not yet recieved government approval. Which gives us: Loads - Decent, Yield - Crap.

      JU didnt get their desired slots in JFK, however without the frequencies to properly connect onwards in the network, its made worse with the winter timetable.

      BEG being as seasonal as it is, dropping 40% of flights on a route that has barely started doesnt attract potential transfer traffic that would ultimately boost loads on another flight.

      Advertising was not bad, billboards in Times Square was a brilliant idea, however 'now flying direct to Belgrade' doesnt screem out to transit traffic, which weve seen through reports on social media to places like TIA, KBP, ATH, TLV, LJU.

      As again, smart yet stupid when talk of a 2nd A330 arose, along with IKA, Kazakhstan and China potentially becoming part of the JU network.

      We keep hearing from Kondic about the X amount of seasons/years they now have in Belgrade, great. Belgrade didnt start seeing seasonal fluctuations the moment they took control. They cut frequencies last winter, intended to and did the same this winter. Had JFK been reduced from the start for this winter, this would of opened an opportunity to start a Chinese destination at 2 p/w now, making room for a second A330 in April when they intend to slowly bring up JFK, and possibly start a 2-3 weekly YYZ or ORD, increasing the Chinese route as well as Chinese tourists in bigger numbers head to our regions, to which especially Croatia in particular where JU keeps growing. This way, the aircraft is not grounded for half the week like we see now, and we actually seem them realise the wish list from their plans. Smart, yet stupid.

  13. Anonymous09:56

    End of the Arab ferrytale?

    1. Anonymous09:57


    2. Anonymous10:09

      Once upon a time in Arabia, lived a little ferry. He happily ferried people from one side of the Gulf to another. He had no idea that one day, in a land far away, an illiterate hater will mistake fairies for ferries in yet another desperate attempt to spit some bitterness out...

    3. Anonymous10:16

      good one! :D

    4. Anonymous10:23

      I wrote the comment and I admit that I've misspelled the word. And yes, your comment is funny and I can laugh on myself ...don't have the problem to make fun of myself :)
      BUT this don't change the facts and they are that the Arabs are dropping their European investments one after another.

    5. Anonymous10:26

      They haven't dropped a single one except Aer Lingus a few years ago.

    6. Anonymous10:27

      They are in the process of dropping AB

    7. Anonymous10:43

      The only two airlines they might deinvest in is Alitalia and Air Berlin which is what they said last weel. They actually said that Air Serbia has returned a profit on their investment.

    8. Anonymous10:59

      well that airserbia profit is certainly a "ferrytale"

    9. Anonymous11:00

      Almost as good as the one over at Croatia Airlines.

    10. Anonymous11:53

      oh, i agree there (btw, serb over here), but i didn't see anybody hear beating the drum about OU profitability. while with JU it is a different story and they just keep repeating that same lie because the public would be furious if it ever becomes known that taxpayers agreed to repay all those debts, invest some more and still have a money-losing business

    11. Anonymous12:14

      Irrelevant if you are Serb or not.
      You claim it is a lie. I think you are just guessing. I asked you several times for details previously. All I got is more guessing and too many speculations.

    12. Anonymous12:36

      wau, incredible low level of communication. disappointing to say at least.
      i am not guessing, i can read financials that are publicly available, such as

      1. BEG annual report and goverment decission both state that BEG it is writting of JU debt in amount of 22

      2. JU income statement with line about subisidies available at APR. subsidies come to about €47mil and with that they are showing €3.x mil profit? it means that they are losing money like crazy.

      3. siniša mali statement speaking about not paying taxes as a form of subsidy since government doesn't have money

    13. Anonymous12:37

      Anon 11:53,

      Air Serbia has the state aid on its income side and it generates profit in the end. You can argue about the operating profit/loss if you wish, however the overall profit is there. In the accounting there is no such thing as: 'What would have happened if there wasn't for this or that'. In the accounting you have operating profit/loss and net profit/loss which are both very clear. Air Serbia was net profitable in 2015 (we will see about 2016) and there is nothing you can change about it.

    14. Anonymous12:45

      Do Wizz and Ryan also include local subsidies in their incomes? What about Adria?

      Anon. 12.36 You were talking about a lie that is still hidden from Serbian taxpayers. But when asked for specifics, you present well-known facts again and again. Like you always do.
      Really sad.

    15. Anonymous12:59

      so... the fact that airserbia is losing money for citizens of serbia and that it is unprofitable without state aid is a well known fact?
      they why on earth are dane, siniša, vučić & hogan keep talking about profit when there is none?
      why are they not in damage control mode and trying to stop this leakage but they are opening money losing route to jfk?

    16. Anonymous13:30

      Many state-owned and private airlines received and still receive diverse state and local subsidies. For example, Croatia Airlines, Adria, Wizz, Ryan. Nothing special there.

      Again, what is exactly the hidden lie you were referring to?

    17. Anonymous13:43

      @Anon 12:59

      Because you need to invest in order to see returns. And these do not come after six months in the airline business.

    18. Anonymous15:28

      Anon 12:45,

      If the subsidies come in cash they will show in the financial statements. If they come in discounts they will not show.

      When I mentioned state aid to Air Serbia, I meant cash aid. It was shown in the financial statements for 2014 and 2015, no problem there.

      It's just that the hater brigade cannot differentiate operating profit from net profit. They believe that net profit can turn into a loss if you discount some items from it.

  14. Anonymous09:56

    I think the A320neo might be a bit tricky to fill on some routes actually.

  15. Verovatno da Er Srbija nije finansijski u mogucnosti da kupi tri do cetiri Erbasova aviona nove generacije A321LR, NEO. Njegov dolet bi omogucavao destinacije do Njujorka, Cikaga, Toronta, Pekinga, Nju Delhija i Johanesburga. Sa kapacitetom od 206 sedista i 10 standardnih kontejnera, verujem da bi odgovarao potrebama u srednjem roku do 2025 godine. Od tada razvoj nacionalne avio kompanije bi omogucio zamenu ovih aviona sa siroko trupnim. Razvoj drzave i prosirenje i izgradnja Nikole Tesle bi ekonomski ojacao poziciju povecao mogucnosti Er Srbije. Verovatno da bi zakup bio povoljniji od kupovine. Ipak mogucnosti verovatno nebi dozvoljavale zbog cene A321LR. Neo. Mada ovaj avion bice dosrupan za dve ipo godine. Ipak ljudi koji kreiraju strategiju, odlucuju. Jer, "cijaje casa, njegova je i molitva". Kako se kaze u nasem narodu.
    Trenutno okupiran mislima o Kraljevackoj Moravi i Uzickoj Ponikvi, iz hladne Sumadije,
    Rodney & Assoc.

    1. Anonymous11:00

      Hahaha, nice one. A321LR with 206 pax isn't replacement for long haul aircraft, it competes directly with 757-200...

      With 206 pax, it will have range of about 4000nm. And all this is with extra fuel tank installed in the cargo area. Even with all that, it wouldn't be able to reach Toronto, Johannesburg or Beijing from BEG...

  16. Anonymous10:49

    I hope Serbian government people are reading this to see how unprofessional guy is leading their airline. Insulting others is not the best way to conduct business. "No way on the earth", to put it in Kondic's words

    1. Anonymous13:44

      Kondic is the role model of professionalism compared to 99% of "Serbian government people".

    2. Anonymous16:04

      Perhaps, yet he is 99% less professional than his western counterparts.

      Praise to JU where praise is due. They have accomplished plenty and the results are a positive and welcome outcome. However, I remain skeptical whether Kondic's "professionalism" is the real reason behind the betterment over JAT. I cannot see micromanagement as a promising future leadership trait that will continue to benefit the flag carrier.

      I dare to say that a change at the helm is desirable, to ensure future positive trends but also to ensure erosion of accomplishments made.

  17. Anonymous10:57

    TBH if they had another wide-body right now it would probably be parked 3-4 days alongside this one. They need to grow their regional fleet to be able to fill those planes

  18. Anonymous11:01

    I guess there is now turmoil, chaos, and stress at ASL head office, because they are stuck between Hogans departure, LH-EY partnership negotiations and serbian elections. JFK is a pure political route as was the case with the Mitrovica train (please don't attack me for that- I am a Serb). The pure leasing of this A330 costs ASL 500000$ p/month, further costs like maintenance, crew, overhaed expenses etc. not calculated. Can you imagine how much losses this aircraft produces when sitting on ground? I think that they should be flying in summer 3x pw JFK and 2x pw YYZ.Forget about cheap feeder fares to SOF, TIA etc. During summer they could fill up with O/D traffic, this brings also yield up. Furthermore what sense makes it that on certain summer charters Aviolet operated two B733 within 5 minutes to same destination if they could fly there with one A330? No way that they need 2 full weekdays for maintenance on ground!

    1. Anonymous11:10

      Those two Aviolet still had a higher capacity than a single A332 but I get what you are saying.
      I wonder if JFK being three weekly their total income from the route exceeds the cost of the lease.

    2. Anonymous11:19

      Naravno da ne. Te linije zive od dranja Amerikanaca, a lepo je napisao da ih nema dovoljno. Vozit Jevreje, Arape, Srbe i Grke preko Atlantika nije bas unosan posao u vansezoni.

    3. Anonymous11:39

      Unosan je i te kako ako obezbedis kriticnu masu sto JU nije uspela da uradi.

    4. Airport and ground handling fees for an aircraft like an A330 at an airport like JFK would not be cheap. I remember seeing a bill from Sydney airport for LAN Chile. It was well over $100,000 just for a month.

    5. Anonymous12:11

      Sad daydreaming from schadenfreude people who wish JU to die, just to prove a partisan political point.

      A reminder: 1. JU is the property of the Republic Serbia (51%), not of any party or private person. 2. EY arrival is a brainchild of the ex minister Dinkic, who was somewhat more competent on investments. See Telenor for details. 3. The UAE Arabs are not stupid. They wouldn't be there where they are presently if they did not take advice from the best.
      Calm down!

    6. Anonymous12:17

      Jos jedan genije avio bisnisa. Ne vredi sa vama pricati. AS ima pun avion u sezoni, ali nedovoljno zarade jer nema dovoljno putnika iz Amerike. U Njujorku ne zivi dovoljno Srba i exYu ljudi niti imaju dovoljno dobre veze za presedanje. To sto meni odgovara NYC ne odgovara mnogima koji zive u Milvokiju, u Ohaju i sl. Dok razviju amerikance koji bi dolazili u ovaj region ima da se okoze bez letova prema manjim turistickim delovima Italije i Grcke. Slaba im je podrska u Americi iako imaju Etihad na aerodromu. Broj ljudi koji moze da plati biznis klasu u Srbiji je najvise trocifren oko hiljadu i oni ne lete svaki cas tamo.

    7. Anonymous12:39

      Biznis klasu uglavnom placaju firme, ne privatna lica.
      Drugo, sta mislite, koliko Emiracana zivi po destinacijama na koje lete EY i EK? Cudo oni nisu propali?

    8. Anonymous13:46

      To naravno nije potpuno tacno. Svi oni dolaze iz zemalja gde ima puno expatova kojima se placa karta takvih je maksimalno par stotina u Srbiji. I mnogi su zuti. Ne treba da ti pricam da njihove gazde lete prvom klasom na EY i EK.

    9. Anonymous14:05

      Dakle EY i EK zive manje-vise od prevozenja jeftine radne snage u UAE, kojima pritom sami placaju karte. A prvu i biznis klasu opet placaju UAE gazde. Mastovit biznis model.
      Sta sve necu "nauciti" ovde.

    10. Anonymous14:07

      Anon. 12.17 & 13.46
      Prvo idu argumenti, onda zakljucak. Kod tebe sve obrnuto. Ne valja ti racunica.

    11. Anonymous14:26

      Cinjenica je da je Srbija siromasna zemlja i da nisu uspeli da privuku Amerikance, a vase price o razvoju mreze nemaju veze ni sa zivotom ni sa planovima razvoja AS. (Vasa mastanja o Emiratesima su makar ostvarena u Zagrebu.) Da imaju odavno bi leteli Ankaru, Veneciju, barem leti Liona i Napulj i sl. Nisu u stanju ni Varnu da odrade.

    12. Anonymous14:45

      Sta kazes, proslo vec 7 meseci, a prva prekookeanska linija ne donosi debele profite? Ma nemoguce!
      Steta da se takav talenat trosi na jalove rasprave sa nama koji "nemamo veze sa zivotom". Sve svetske kompanije vape za ljudima koji rutinski prave instant profite na novim linijama. Posaljite svoje ideje vodecim svetskim kompanijama, siguran sa da ce pasti na teme.

    13. Anonymous15:50

      Sto kazes A330 čiji lizing je pola miliona EUR + posade + plačanje ležarine + održavanje + osguranje... leži nezaposlen nakon samo 4 meseca operacija i ima večinu godine tek 3 leta mesečno?

      Neverovatno kakvi eksperti su izračunali da će da koriste skup avion tek 4 meseca u godini, a ostatak tek simbolično. Mnogo dobra kalkulacija, vrlo profesionalna.

      Ko što je profesionalno da su otkazani letovi tek par dana pre otkazivanja, pa su morali da kompenzuju putnicima na otkazanim frekvencijama. Što bi se to planrialo par meseci unapred kad možeš jednostavno da par dana pre smanjiš 5 letova na 3, a ove ostale da platiš putnicima. Mnogo dobar poslovni potez. Profesionalan.

    14. If only Air Serbia were flying Belgrade - Zagreb - NYC. Like the old Jat in Yugoslavia used to fly. I bet they'd have no problems with filling up the plane, nor with profits.

    15. Anonymous00:19

      They would gladly fly this combination, but Croatian authorities would give their approval when the hell freezes.

  19. Anonymous12:57

    OT: I've just tried to book wizz flight to EIN after few years.
    Since when you need to pay for a seat? Are there standing places in their planes? With one piece of baggage, their price is only 20 euros cheaper than JU flight to Amsterdam. Not worth the effort.
    Transavia will eat Wizz alive in Holland!.

  20. Anonymous13:02

    So, no THR, TSE, BJS, etc no¿

    1. Anonymous13:04

      They certainly wouldn't have flown those with an A330.

  21. Anonymous13:06

    Well smart decision for now. No point in getting a second widebody.

  22. Anonymous14:30

    Mr Dane Kondic seriously has got to see a doctor and realy fast with all these ravings he was talking about like broken airlines in the balkans and not to order (what???!!!) a second wide body plane.

    1. Anonymous14:55

      Good thing JU isn't broken with its archaic fleet of B733s and Atrs. lol

    2. Anonymous21:36

      Fleet age doesn't make or break an airline. Connectivity and long-term strategy do.

  23. Anonymous15:53

    Aim of Kondic's interview quoted in this article is to distance himself from Hogan and please Bruno Matheu, CEO of Etihad Equity Partners.

    On the morning when Hogan's resignation was announced, Kondic wrote to his employees predicting Matheu stays in saddle. Here are couple sentences from Kondic's letter to ASL employees:

    "James’ transition is the latest move in a succession planning process which started in May 2016, when Etihad Aviation Group was formed as a diversified global aviation and travel company, which now comprises five business divisions.

    The Group has developed a senior management structure with strength in depth, led by a highly-regarded senior team. Bruno Matheu, as CEO of Airline Equity Partners, will continue to lead the development of the Group’s equity partner strategy and will continue to act as a primary interface between our businesses."

    1. Anonymous16:07

      As a CEO, he was informed about the change beforehand. As a responsible CEO, he sent a letter to the JU employees to reassure them that everything is fine.
      You are trying to make a conspiracy out of a routine.

    2. Anonymous16:22

      Kondic was shameless in that letter addressing Hogan as "James", not any more as his superior. That clearly shows Kondic's intention to distance from Hogan:

      "James will join an investment company later this year, along with the Group CFO, James Rigney, who has also announced his departure.

      Etihad Aviation Group has reaffirmed its commitment to the airline equity partnerships, even as it continues to evolve and adjust the strategy to reflect the challenges of the global aviation industry and individual market conditions.

      On behalf of our airline, we thank Etihad Aviation Group for that continued commitment. We will continue to apply all our efforts to deliver against that commitment into the future.

      James will continue in his current role as Vice Chairman during this transition period."

      This is not a routine at all.

    3. Anonymous16:29

      ^ you have got to be kidding me haha 'shameless'. Good grief.

    4. Anonymous16:33

      Referring to Hogan as James is absolutely disgusting. as if he is writing to his friend about his buddy. Not professional at all but it's in line with his 'broken' comment.Seems it's his style.

    5. Anonymous17:06

      There are different conventions in Anglophone world on the one hand, and in Serbia and some other countries (France, Germany), on the other. I address my boss by his first name. It is normal here. It does not show anything. If I would insist calling him Mr. Familyname, people would thing there is something wrong with our relationship.
      Do not project Serbian social conventions on the whole world.

    6. Anonymous17:42

      I am not projecting them onto the whole world, he is the CEO if a Serbian airline and he should behave in accordance with our traditions. If he doesn't like it he is more than welcome to move to one of those Anglophone countries you are speaking of.

    7. Anonymous21:42

      "he is the CEO if a Serbian airline and he should behave in accordance with our traditions."

      Who are you to decide how he should behave? He's the CEO and free to set up whatever kind of atmosphere and internal relations he wishes, as long as the shareholders approve of it.

      I'm a middle manager for a major multinational in Serbia and I routinely address the country manager and all board members by their first name. I also insist on all people in my team to address me by my first name. Doing otherwise would seem horribly contrived in the 21st century. There are other, more genuine ways to show respect.

    8. Anonymous23:21

      Just because you do it doesn't mean it's the right thing. It's a sign of respect to address someone in the polite form. It says more about you than anything else.

    9. Anonymous00:17

      What you see as a respect, an American, Australian or British, or even Dutchman will see as arrogance, coldness or intentional distance. Again, please don't project your norms on a whole world.

  24. Anonymous16:06

    what a way to downplay hogan's departure: "latest move in a succession planning process "

    like it was all part of some plan, and not sacking the man who lost billions with his strategy of which airserbia is integral part

    1. Anonymous16:27

      Actually in early 2016 Hogan told the Australian newspaper he would be leaving and that there is an entire succsession plan in place. The article is online too.

    2. Anonymous16:44

      oh, i read that also in t6 interesting rebuke of miša brkić's article about aviation summit.
      it was mistake to build defense on that, and it is ridiculous to claim based on it that hogan wasn't fired

    3. Anonymous16:45

      It's not quite the truth that he told he would be leaving. He told the airline was planing the life after his departure, which is completely different.

    4. Anonymous16:48

      The Australian excerpts published 26 January 2017:

      "International headhunter Korn Ferry is believed to have won the gig to find a replacement for Etihad Aviation Group chief executive James Hogan.

      Hogan confirmed the worst kept secret in global aviation circles on Tuesday when he revealed he would step down later in the year, which is unlikely to be before July.

      The appointment of Korn Ferry — which probably happened a while ago given Hogan stated last year the airline was planning for life after his departure — would indicate Etihad favours an external candidate to replace him.

      This raises questions about the future of Etihad Airways chief executive Peter Baumgartner and other Hogan-appointed executives. Hogan’s chief numbers man, Etihad chief financial officer James Rigney, will leave at the same time as his boss and the two plan to establish a global investment company."

  25. Anonymous17:03

    JU is obviously facing an uncertain period, and all this Kondic's 5-years plan story is just bla-bla...At this moment he doesn't know what the future will be. Among others, it seems LH will have a say in that.

    Regarding EY, it’s chairman, Mohamed Mubarek Fadhel Al Mazrouei, said recently the airline “must progress and adjust our airline equity partnerships even as we remain committed to the strategy."

    Adjustments may mean anything. If the deal with LH guarantees EY long-term perspective to recover at least part of the losses, EY will "adjust" accordingly to LH strategy in Europe.

    1. Anonymous17:08

      LH could passively be interested in having some sort of control over JU, provided it costs them nothing and benefits their cause in the region.

      Don't expect JU to keep it's "golden child" status as within EYP; rather expect marginalization and more feeder steps towards FRA, MUC, ZRH and VIE hubs.

      I'm not sure this will happen and hope it doesn't, but such a move would not surprise me one bit.

  26. Aэrologic17:19

    Another stupid and shortsighted comment from Mr. Kondić, not taking into account a crucial factor which is - TIME.

    There must be a reason why, on the other hand, Aegean's CEO declared they want to "expand as much as possible before the third airport in Istanbul opens". But for Kondić regional developments mean nothing. In the meantime:

    - Aegean is securing their position in Iran (IKA), Amman, Tbilisi, Erevan
    - Almost a dozen European airlines launched Teheran among them AF, AZ, PS, BA, A3 and soon LO
    - Besides Teheran OS is flying to both Esfahan and Shiraz as well as Erbil in the vicinity
    - There is an LCC explosion in Bulgaria, namely Sofia which should be one of the main regional feeding markets for JU and served double-daily
    - OS is opening LAX, besides their presence in ORD, New York and Newark
    - LO is building a solid North American network alongside an expansion to Asia, with Seoul already being increased to 5/weekly flights, alongside Tokyo
    - Both LO and OS are flying almost double daily to at least 3 cities in Ukraine, the largest Eastern European market
    - The possibility of direct connections to Asia from Zagreb with KE or other airline

    ...and the answer to all that is: "we won't be getting new long-haul planes, A330 should be sitting in BEG 4 days a week and we won't make any significant moves before the Neos come".

    Let's be clear, we can be sure that A3, LO and OS aren't making money straight ahead on all those routes but this is called positioning yourself in a market to reap the benefits later-on. Air Serbia doesn't seem to be thinking about the future but barely dealing with the present. When present is all you can deal with, it opens the door to becoming the past, as we can see with neighboring OU or FB.

    1. Anonymous19:13

      Agree that his comments are stupid. He was a disastrous choice for JU, an arrogant person who missed during last three years a lot of opportunities to properly position the airline on the market.

      I agree that his shortsighted policy will create huge pain to JU in future. He missed to develop network in ExYu, Central and East Europe. His decision to increase prices in 2015 and reduce the number of cheaper seats forced many enthusiastic frequent travelers to stop flying with JU.

      He won't be remembered in JU.

      Many people will laugh on him when in late February he'll receive that ATW award. Ironically, the award was lobbied for by Hogan.

    2. I agree with most of what you said. I would also like to add the fact that Kondic focused the expansion too much on the ex yu region. Yugoslavia is gone forever, but it seems some people still want to bring back those "connections". Instead JU should have focused on Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Caucasus region, etc..

    3. Anonymous20:25

      YYZ nije u stanju da nadje sebi dobar let, a mrsi muda sa zemljama iz kojih ljudi ne putuju u ex YU. Moguci su transferi BEY CDG ali su zarade male dok nema nista na Bukurest CDG. U Bugarskoj cekamo slom jedne od LCC.

    4. Anonymous20:32

      That is why the A330 wasn't deployed anywhere the whole winter season, waiting for a 'slom of LCC in Bulgaria'?

    5. Anonymous21:03

      Znam bice ti tesko kad Wizz bude skiceci pobegao iz Sofije FR se ne sali.

    6. Anonymous21:05

      Ok, kakve ima veze Wizz u Sofiji s tim da niste uposlili A330 4 dana u sedmici?

    7. "YYZ nije u stanju da nadje sebi dobar let, a mrsi muda sa zemljama iz kojih ljudi ne putuju u ex YU"
      Haha this guy still remembers that, but I did eventually find a good and cheap ticket ;)

    8. Anonymous21:17

      Za gde? Teheran mozda? A330 je nabavljen za Ameriku. Svako ko ima para za bacanje neka ih da meni pa da letimo po Aziji. Moze i Afrika idemo Adis Abeba, Najrobi, Lagos samo vozi Misko.

    9. Aэrologic21:17

      "mrsi muda sa zemljama iz kojih ljudi ne putuju u ex YU"

      Why is transferring to Vienna, Athens or Milan from Belgrade any different than to Zagreb or Ljubljana? Is there a mantra put on place that Air Serbia needs to fly only where pax will connect-on to EX-Yu?? What's that stupidity?

      I'm sure people from Iran fly to Vienna amongst other places but yeah, LOT and all those airlines must have rushed there because of huge Iranian diasporas in their immediate regions. The truth is, there is no constructive reaction to any of these developments within JU, which are gonna impact it sooner rather than later.

    10. Anonymous21:19

      "AnonymousJanuary 30, 2017 at 9:17 PM
      Za gde? Teheran mozda? A330 je nabavljen za Ameriku. "

      I Cikago je Amerika, i Toronto je Amerika...sto ne letite tamo?

    11. Anonymous21:22

      Alitalia vec od nedavno leti sa A332 za Teheran, FYI.

    12. Anonymous21:23

    13. Anonymous21:23

      Toliko o podsmevanju.

  27. Anonymous17:46

    Kao sto sam vise puta pisao treba se ugledati na strategiju AY koji je napravio ogroman uspeh sa RJ avionima .
    I takodje je za mene ne razumljivo da je toliki fokus stavljen na EX YU kad ima toliko Trzista gde ima znatno vise para .
    Trebalo se potruditi dovesti 2 A321 i 2 A333 za dalju elspanziju prema Aziji i ostalim Trzistima ali to se i dalje ignorise sto je steta po meni i mislim da bi donelo vise novca ASL.

  28. Anonymous19:05

    Ne znam samo otkud ovoliko cudjenje? Zasto bi neko dovukao jos jedan sirokotrupni avion, ako ni ovaj jedan koji imaju nije iskoriscen vise od 50℅ kapaciteta.
    Jasna strategija i zdrav razum bi u ovom slucaju bili da se fokusiraju na Evropsku mrezu i eventualno prosirenje flote sa 2-4 uskotrupna aviona prilikom isporuke a320neo.Prosirenje mreze i povecanje rotacija ka nekim destinacijama.
    Izjave politicara treba ostaviti po strani i razmisljati zdravorazumski i ne treba se cuditi sto nece biti u ovom momentu prosirenja sirokotrupne flote. Mene bi zacudilo ukoliko za 2-3 godine ne obnove regionalnu flotu.

  29. Anonymous19:11

    Zatvorio Vučić državnu pipu.

  30. Anonymous20:06

    A sad malo ekskluzive :
    vracaju se dva A319 i posledicno tome dolazi do prilagodjavanja letnjeg reda letenja, pilota, kabinskog osoblja ...

    P.S. sacekajte par dana pre no sto pocnete da odgovarate na ovaj post

    1. Anonymous20:11

      Ček, nije mi jasno. Odakle se vraćaju? Misliš dolaze dva dodatna ili?

    2. Anonymous20:25

      Kako ti nije jasno da se vracaju leasor-u ...

    3. Anonymous20:34

      Dakle, flota se smanjuje za 2 aviona? Bice posla za B733

    4. Anonymous20:39

      Trebali bi da otpocnu sa radovima sto pre da vratimo ANF i ANL u saobracaj pre sezone. Ziveo stari dobri B733 (revitalized).

    5. Anonymous20:43

      Zna li se koji odlaze? YU-???

    6. Anonymous20:45

      Ocigledno se uzimaju drugi avionu kao zamena cim vam kaze da se prilagodjava posada i cim vam kaze da sacekate, sto znaci da ce sama kompanija objaviti. Tipujem 2 CRJ.

    7. Anonymous20:52

      Stizu Embraeri verovatno... samo da li su iz YMa ili negde drugo... ce da vidimo

    8. Anonymous20:52

      Prilagodjavanje isto moze da znaci i otpustanje.

    9. Anonymous20:52

      Ima i ANV, kao i ANW. Jedino ANH ne mogu da vrate

    10. Anonymous20:56

      Tipujem da će od Air Berlin-a uzeti neki avion.

    11. Anonymous21:04

      Eto resenja mogli bi sve njih da vratimo u saobracaj za krace rute po evropi i da iskoristimo A320 ili A319 i da zapustimo odmah Ankaru, Baku, Teheran, Yerevan i Tashkent. B733 ne kosta nista sem malo vece potrosnje ali sad su cene nafte niske svuda (sem u Srbiji). Za godinu dana pogledamo rezultate pa ako ima putnika onda mozemo da planiramo dalje sta i kako.

    12. Anonymous21:06

      AnonymousJanuary 30, 2017 at 9:04 PM
      Računaj odmah lošiji nivo usluge u tim B737. To bi mene kao putnika odbilo.

    13. Anonymous21:25

      Ovo su budalastine. Licno i provereno znam da se uzima jedan a319 dodatni na mokri lizing, od 20 juna do 15 septembra

    14. Anonymous21:26

      E kao da je sad pa neka dobra usluga, ok nije losa ali taj sendvic i pice koji daju mogu da daju lako i u B733. Boeing ima jos i udobnija meksa sedista a i vise mesta za noge od Airbus-a

    15. Anonymous21:27

      Mokri lizing, zasto mokri lizing i od koga? Adrije?

  31. Anonymous20:22

    Uskoro ce i ovaj sirokotrupni A330 da se vrati kome pripada jer kad iz ATH proleti direktno EK za JFK (a to je vec najavljeno od kraja marta) JU vise nema mnogo sta da trazi u Americi. I onako slaba linije ce postati jos slabija.

    1. Anonymous21:48

      JU sees almost no pax from ATH to JFK.

    2. Anonymous22:52

      JU sees loads of passengers from ATH to JFK especially in Summer when connection times are better.
      But a 777 with 450+ seats going daily and directly from ATH to NY will depress loads for JU from at least Greece.

    3. Anonymous22:55

      Why won't it depress it on other carriers flying JFK as well?

    4. Anonymous23:00

      Who said it wont? But we are talking about JU's flight now.

  32. Anonymous20:31

    Guys is it maybe time for ASL to start thinking about selling their slots at LHR while there is still demand? I am sure the expert chairman will know how to re-invest the monnies!

  33. Anonymous20:40

    Yes, I know you will laugh at my point of view, but what about Sydney and Chicago??? Why not launch 2-3 weekly flights to Sydney via SIN/HKG and forget about saturated NYC with 1 million carriers flying this route? There is a HUGE ex-YU diaspora in Australia. The A330 can easily make it to SIN and then continue to SYD.
    Back in 2013, everything seemed so well and now things seem to suddenly not be so cool. Will JU feed AB/AZ/EY, will it fuse with YM? What about BUD? The early morning flights to SOF? VAR? Converting Aviolet to a LCC. More Russian destinations such as SVX, VKO, KUF. Now that LOT expanded, increase flights to WAW and code-share. Etc etc etc etc

    1. Anonymous20:48

      Unfortunatly EY would never allow them to fly and develop those routes, they can only feed pax to AUH. Colonializm of modern age!

    2. Anonymous20:56

      They can barely pay their JFK bills, so let's not mention ultra long-hauls to the other side of the planet... A330 costs between USD 16,000 and 18,000 per flight hour to fly... maybe even more in JU scenario because of limited utilization, that's why you don't see it deployed on other routes... an answer to the guys who asked why two 733's to ZRH versus one A330 flight - because two 733's cost less than half of one A330 utilization.

    3. Aэrologic21:00

      Not maybe Sydney but Seoul/Tokyo should definitely work, HKG as well (if we exclude mainland China with obvious demand which is gonna be flown by Chinese carrier). In North America Chicago or Miami as said earlier would be a much better choice. BUD is a missed chance, in Russia the destinations that are ignored are KRR/ROV, OS thriving there as well.

    4. Anonymous21:45

      Aerologic... sometimes, your comments are rather insightful, but other times, they are... well, i don't want to really say.

      "Seoul/Tokyo should definitely work" ???

    5. Aэrologic23:39

      Dear Anonymous 9:45 PM, thank you for your question. Tokyo and Seoul are cities in Asia with the highest transfer potential from Belgrade onwards to Europe and the Balkans, including to both Greece and Croatia. They are the capitals of some of the strongest economies in the world and the far East remains an underserved destination from the Balkans and South Europe. Knowing that, EK is kicking-in to Zagreb, staggering many. While not saying it would be profitable, not the least in the immediate term, i was saying already when JFK was about to open that flying to Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul or Hong Kong (or Chicago/Miami in the US) would make much more sense than to New York. LOT tried it in the meantime and succeeded - Seoul increased to 5 times per week, Tokyo also about to witness an up-gauge less than half a year after its launch. I hope i made this more clear.

      I staunchly believe that the future of Air Serbia lies in the long-haul, thereby today's announcement is the very contradiction of that.

  34. Toliko eksperata ovde....moglo bi se otvoriti jos jedno 5 avio kompanija na prostoru ex-YU.
    Malo ko se razume na prostoru ex-YU u globalnoj avio industriji kao Kondić. On sigurno može lako da dođe do bolje plaćenog posla gde ima manje muke nego u JU.
    Čovek je došao da vodi ozbiljno kompaniju i ima dosta toga što treba da se nauči od njega kako danas taj biznes se odvija.
    Problem je sigurno to, što malo ko njega može da prati u tom segmentu, pogotovo političari koji rade se mešaju i žele da odlučuju.
    Kondić to razume i stavlja kompaniju iznad toga. Sigurno i on ima šta da nauči na našem prostoru, a to je da smo dosta zaostali i želimo neka stara vremena koja se nikad ne vraćaju.
    Sve se okreće napred, treba to razumeti i ići sa vremenom, teškim i upornim radom.
    Polako nove generacije (moraju) prihvataju to i u Srbiji, tako da od Kondića ima šta da se nauči, ko želi i ima sluha i uma?

    1. Anonymous21:00

      OK, kazes nema ko da ga prati, a zasto je onda rasterao vise ljudi koji su mogli da ga prate, koji su bili vec u firmi, znaju materiju i imaju odlicnog iskustva?

      Mozda ti ljudi imaju i suvise iskustva i videli su da on vodi firmu u pogresnom smeru, usudili su se da se suprostave i zavrsili su napolju?

      Nemoj generalizovati, nije bas tako kako pises... na nasu veliku zalost. Tamo je one-man show, i to je fakat.

    2. Anonymous21:08

      Ljudi sa tim znanjima su odavno napustili JAT davno pre Kondica.
      I piloti i planeri.

    3. Anonymous21:15

      Aviokompanija ne zavisi od pilota i planera vec iskusnih komercijalista koji znaju da vode firmu i otvaraju nova trzista. Time ne omalovazavam ulogu pilota koji su potrebni.

      A te sto spominjes koji su za vreme JATa ostisli su davno zaboravljeni. Govori se o ljudima koji su dosli da Er Srbiju naprave u ono o cemu se prica, a ta sansa im je uskracena.

    4. Anonymous21:23

      Ti ljudi i sada lete i planiraju i prodaju po svetu i ne ocekujes valjda da ti listam sva zanimanja. Jedan je od njih moj rodjak. A ti tvoji komercijalisti gde su stekli svoje veliko znanje?

    5. Anonymous21:35

      Nisu moji komercijalisti, već ljudi - individue i profesionalci koji znaju svoj posao. Vidim veliku dozu sarkazma i ironije u tvojim odgovorima, verovatno usled nekih tvojih ličnih frustracija i nije vredno nastaviti prepisku sa tobom.

      Vrativši se na temu posta, u Er Srbiji nema kvalitetnog kadra, a bilo ga je kad se raspadnuti JAT pretvorio u firmu koja je tada - na papiru makar, obećavala. Da bi ova kompanija uspela, potrebni su stručnjaci, a takvih je na startu bilo. Ne može i ne treba jedan čovek da sam odlučuje i vodi - ne samo u Srbiji već nigde u svetu. Prioritet, po meni je, da se talenat pridobije i ljudi koji znaju ovu industriju, se vrate ili novi dovedu kako bi ovaj projekat preživeo.

      Sve ove nagrade, spominjanka itd po medijama su na konto rada od pre 2-3 godine; vidim da se hvali uvodjenje lets za JFK, ali koja je cena te avanture i koliko je taj politički potez unazadio nacionalnog avioprevoznika?

      LF je loš, yields su ispod proseka, firma ne napreduje već duže vremena... sve činjenice. Kako sutra i sa kim? Dane sam? Teško.

    6. Anonymous21:47

      Ja ti ponavljam pitanje gde su se ti tvoji vajni komercijalisti naucili poslu i gde su se dokazali? Ni u JATu ni u ASu koliko zakljucujem iz tvoje price. Aman vas linija za NYC je planirano da hramlje barem tri godine. Ja sam lepo napisao gde su pukli ove godine fale im Amerikanci i iz exYU i obicni Ameri. Ja sam tamo leteo i ok su bili i avion je bio pun to je letnja sezona, ali fale im putnici van nje i van NYC njih ne dovode komercijalisti no ljudi koji sede u agencijama i prodaju karte. I pored Interneta danas ima ljudi koji tako nabavljaju karte posebno u Ameici. I niko od njih ne kupuje kartu sest meseci unapred.

    7. Anonymous22:07

      Moram ja da upadnem u ovaj chat, anonu 9:47 pitanje, u danasnje vreme kada se kupuje preko interneta i avio prevoznici zatvaraju predstavnistva a turisticke agencije postaju nepotrebne, zar nije tvoj komentar malo zastareo? Govorim to kao neko ko je ziveo i zivi i toj istoj americi, u malom gradu. Niko ovde ne kupuje kartu za Deltu, American, United u agenciji, narocito ne za Spirit, Southwest, Virgin America i Jetblue. Osim toga, tvrdis da fale amerikanci da bi popunili letove. Vidis ti isti su navikli na izbor, makar da imaju jedan dnevni let do odredista i sa malo cekanja u tranzitu u slucaju da nastavljaju dalje. Ni jednu od tih stvari JU nije uspeo da ponudi. Nisu ti jaki argumenti po tom pitanju.

    8. Anonymous22:21

      Slusaj ljudi imaju doktorate i MBA zive NJ, Long Ajlend, RI, Bruklin, Yonkers. Ako mislis da ne znaju da koriste Internet, Momondo i sl sajtove grdno se varas. Svi oni koriste turisticke agente, jer od njih dobijaju bolje ponude od onih na Internetu i imaju mogucnost da promene ako im zatreba. Sve govorim o letovima za Evropu i Afriku. Objasni mi kako to da je trecina aviona bila iz TLV, sestina Grka i sestina Bugara? Ti ocigledno nisi leteo sa ASom.

    9. Anonymous22:34

      Slusam i imam pravo da se ne slozim sa tobom. I na internetu i preko call centra ako zatreba se mogu promeniti karte, bilo da imas PHD, MBA ili ne. Tvoj pogled na prodaju avio karata je zastareo. A to ko je leteo i za gde ne znaci da su kupili karte u agenciji. Agencije su proslost, i bice sve manje relevantne. Po tvojoj logici LH, BA i drugi bi vec odavno trebali da budu mrtvi. Drugo, da li bas JU trebaju najjeftiniji putnici da napune avion? Ja ga velim ne, vec oni koji kupuju karte blize polasku i spremni su da plate vise, a tu je kljucno ono sto sam rekao prvobitno, dnevni letovi mimimum, kratke konekcije itd.

    10. Anonymous23:01

      Mudri djecace ja sam leteo po 420 jura kartama kupljenom na sedam dana pre polaska kada je cena bila 560 pusti me tih mudrolija. Tako kao ti zamisljaju posao ovi vajni komercijalisti. Svi ovi ljudi koje sam pomenuo izgleda malo bolje znaju od tebe kako se mudro trosi novac.

  35. Anonymous22:14

    There will be a press conference on Wednesday concerning cooperation LH-EY. If they cross invest and deepen their cooperation you can bet the the ASL "mini-hub" in Belgrade is dead. LH will not tolerate any competition in their backyard. You can also bet that EY will do nothing to "save" ASL given the importance of the LH investment. If ASL is lucky, they will be scaled back to a niche carrier a la Bulgaria Air. In the worst case EY is completely out upon expiration of the agreement and ASL is back to a fleet of B733 and AT72......

    1. Anonymous22:54

      Half of the A320 on Etihad order belong to JU.

    2. Anonymous00:07

      I don't follow your logic. If there is a cross-investment, both companies will first protect the subsidiaries where they have skin in a game. For LH that means OS, LX, SN. For EY, AB, AZ and JU.
      If someone is going to be sacrifised, that will be TK, OU and JP.

  36. Anonymous00:09

    The main target of eventual LH-EY cooperation would be TK.
    The secondary targets are LCCs.
    JP and OU have to be let go too.

  37. Anonymous00:28

    Kondic may not be the best but he is way better than Kucko. He will run Air Croatia into the ground. Those slot sales...


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