Belgrade Airport opens de-icing platform


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has opened its new 4.8 million euro de-icing platform with the onset of freezing weather and snow. The 21.000 square metre platform has the capacity to cater for two narrow-body or one wide-body aircraft. It includes underground storage for de-icing fluid and can accommodate all necessary equipment. The de-icing platform will reduce holdover time, speed up aircraft movement and ease congestion at the gates. It is located near the runway and its construction included the extension of the taxiways. Commenting on the development, the General Manager of Belgrade Airport, Saša Vlaisavljević, said recently, "All of our projects are financed from our own funds without a single loan being taken out. We completed work on a de-icing platform which is not a common feature at European airports, giving our customers significant benefits. We are equipped to better handle emergency situations because we have what others don't in this area. It's already happening and we are being selected over other airports in the region because we offer the latest equipment and technology". 


  1. Anonymous12:38

    Modesty is obviously not Vlaisavljevic's virtue.
    There is a reason why bigger airports and companies do not brag around and self congratulate in such a way. It is unprofessional.

  2. Anonymous12:52

    well, it is in the CEO job description to brag how good is his company

    1. Anonymous16:36

      He should learn from Dane how to do it properly. Be positive about yourself, but keep focus on the customer. Don't go negative about competition.

  3. Anonymous13:05

    Outside of winter season secondary function for this area will be platform for one-off aircraft.

  4. Anonymous16:31

    "... It's already happening and we are being selected over other airports in the region..."

    What's happening, who has selected Belgrade for what? Selected for de-icing?!? Can anyone explain what he is trying to say?

  5. Anonymous17:09

    Yesterday morning it took 15 min to spray our A319. Thzere was no snow / ice removal from the aircraft but only preventive de-icing so the process is way to slow and nothing was really gained from havin such a facility. In Canada de-icing is performed by robot spray machines while the facility in Beg uses trucks. If it was built it should haveben done the right way.

    1. This definitely cuts into holdover time.

    2. Anonymous18:52

      I don't agree with you.

      There is a huge difference in climate between Serbia and Canada, so right way in Canada is not necessarily right way in Serbia.

      Second, deicing works on all big EU airports they way you described it in BEG and it also takes about 15 minutes. Nothing special there.

      Third, as the airport director pointed out, somewhat too boastfully, this will actually help BEG to speed up the process.

      You people were really too critical when it comes to Serbia. Both Istanbul airports practically collapsed because of much milder weather conditions than in BEG. Your attitude reveals a kind of insecurity and low self worth.

    3. Anonymous10:16

      Anonymous January 9 @5.09pm - apologies for the 15 minute delay to your flight departure and yes you are welcome to have an opinion.
      Anonymous January 9 @6.52pm. Your last paragraph is highly critical of ones opinion. Objectively it seems you have insecurities and 'low self worth' whatever you mean by this?

  6. Anonymous22:00

    What are the other airports in Europe that feature a de-icing pad?


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