Belgrade handles record passenger numbers


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport welcomed a record 4.924.664 passengers in 2016, cementing its position as the busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia. The figure represents growth of 3.1% compared to 2015 and its best year to date. On average, some 13.492 travellers used the airport's services each day, or 562 each hour. During the month of December, the airport saw 343.865 passengers pass through its doors, up 12% on the year before.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN290.580 5.8
FEB266.260 0.5
MAR313.174 0.7
APR365.334 4.2
MAY416.322 2.5
JUN460.020 0.3
JUL589.159 4.3
AUG590.292 2.7
SEP519.376 5.6
OCT438.980 9.3
NOV331.302 10.7
DEC343.865 12.0




  1. Dobar uspeh za glavnu Vazdusnu luku Srbije.
    Srecan dolazak koncesionara i uspesna tranzicija u ovoj novoj godini. Sa otvaranjem Kraljevacke Morave i Uzickih Ponikvi, sa preporodom Niskog aerodroma... Srbija ulazi u ozbiljnu tanziciju vazdusnog saobracaja. Srecno. Velike nade se polazu u Aerodrome Srbije. Er Srbiju. Aerodrom Nikola Tesla na prvom mestu.
    Rodney, Kraljevo i Sydney.

  2. Nemjee12:12

    Phenomenal results, especially in December. Will be interesting to see how BEG performs in 2017 and how long it will need before passing the five million mark.

  3. Anonymous12:47

    Bravo, superb.......

  4. Let's hope 2017 will bring 5,3 mil for BEG.

    And 350.000 for INI.

  5. Anonymous14:36

    76k pax missed for the 5 million mark. This will be achieved in 2017. Will Wizz base a 3rd aircraft next autumn 2017?

  6. Anonymous15:31

    What was JU's cut in the overall figure? 55%?

    1. Anonymous17:01

      More than half - roughly 52%

    2. Anonymous18:14

      There was an interview on Tango Six where BEG's CEO said that ju makes 56% of total traffic if I remember it correctly.

  7. Anonymous16:29

    Combined growth for 2015 and 2016 is only 6.1%. That places Belgrad among slower growing aerodromes in the region. Air Serbia had blitz growth in 2014 but stopped growing big after. Now other aerodromes will continue to grow faster than Belgrad.

    1. Anonymous16:53

      Growth will increase from january and especially after May.
      Other airports won't keep up this growth just like beg didn't.

    2. Anonymous20:29

      Are there many more flights programmed for May 2017 compared with last year?

    3. Anonymous09:48

      Yes, Wizz Air's second A320 enters service in May plus Transavia launches flights at around that time.

  8. Anonymous16:38

    Impressive growth on Q4. Let's see how Etihad's new strategy affects Belgrade in 2017.

    1. Anonymous19:28

      Why would it ? Aside from JU, BEG only has AZ and EY fly here from within their group and neither of those 2 airlines are likely to change their current schedules into BEG.

      What JU does over the summer will certainly impact on BEG, but BEG will have a full year of JFK flights, as well as more JU flights over the current winter season (vs last year), so BEG airport should have a bumper year in 2017 - especially if a Chinese carrier ends up flying to BEG as well.

  9. Anonymous19:12

    Čestitke Beogradu na još jednoj uspješnoj godini! Pozdrav iz Dubrovnika!

  10. So close! Ugh!! Anyway...Congratulations!!
    And in regard to those saying that Belgrade is slowly reaching its ceiling, I think they couldn't be more wrong.
    There's plenty more opportunities for building up on this hub strategy, plenty of passengers to be taken from Bucharest and more importantly - Istanbul. Also I personally believe that Belgrade DOES in fact have potential for growing its own tourism and becoming a destination in its own right. So good luck!
    And happy new year everyone!!

    1. Anonymous13:45

      Happy new year!
      I think you have a point. Belgrade and Serbia have to work much more on their tourism offer. There should be much more than cheap food and drink. There is, but is not available.
      The National Museum is closed for over a decade, the Museum of Modern Art almost as long. Almost nothing was invested in other cultural institutions, which look like they did 40 years ago. It is unfortunate if you want to learn more about Belgrade and Serbia.
      In addition, the city has no underground, rail connections are in a really bad shape.

  11. JU520 BEGLAX09:35

    Top 5 busiest years, what about 1987 and 1989?

    1. Anonymous09:39

      That was surpassed a while back

      1987 3.311.951
      1988 3.277.537

    2. JU520 BEGLAX10:36

      Wow time goes by fast. Already 5 years over those good years in the 80s
      Thanks for providing the numbers

    3. Anonymous13:48

      BEG needed 25 years to return in 1988!
      Very sad.
      I have little doubt that without the 1990s, BEG would have bigger traffic than BUD.

    4. I don't think so, Budapest is a bigger city than Beograd, much more tourism, foreign investment is at least ten times that of Beograd, plus many more head and regional head offices.
      BEG is doing OK considering the circumstances.

    5. Anonymous13:50

      All true, but without the unfortunate 1990s in ex-yu, much of that you mention would be in ex-yu, not in Hungary and Budapest. Belgrade would be bigger and much prosperous city.


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