Croatia Airlines joins ERA


Croatia Airlines has become the newest member of the European Regions Airline Association (ERA), bringing the total number of ERA carriers to 54. “We are pleased to become a member of ERA, such a reputable association. I believe that Croatia Airlines, as a regional leader in South East Europe, with its 28-year long experience will contribute to the successful operation of this organisation, which promotes healthy and safe European regional aviation market. Undoubtedly, the membership in ERA will additionally improve our international reputation and open excellent opportunities to respond to the current business challenges. I look forward to the future cooperation with all ERA members in our efforts to make air transport an even more important factor of economic development and the connecting of Europe”, the CEO of Croatia Airlines, Krešimir Kučko, said. ERA Director General, Simon McNamara, noted, "I’m delighted to welcome Croatia Airlines as our most recent member. Croatia Airlines' decision to join ERA increases our leverage with Europe’s regulatory bodies and adds further substance to our expanding airline membership. ERA is and always has been at the forefront of strategic discussions on the future of the aviation industry with Europe’s regulators and, on behalf of our members, we deliver consistent and effective representation. I’m very much looking forward to working with Croatia Airlines on the many issues and challenges that affect European aviation". Croatia Airlines is the second carrier from the former Yugoslavia to become a member of the association after Adria Airways. ERA assists with lobbying, campaign work and networking opportunities for its members.


  1. Anonymous11:39

    Interesting step back!From AEA to ERA !Congrats Maestro!

  2. Anonymous15:11

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  3. Anonymous15:34

    Znaci uskoro i CA ide pod led kao i AA. Nevidjeni potezi.

  4. Anonymous16:32

    They are creating a joke from this company, this is so sad

  5. Anonymous08:41

    "I believe that Croatia Airlines, as a regional leader in South East Europe..."

    Lol. Here we go again. So much leadership in this part of the world. Superiority complex as national pastime.

    Gimme a break.


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