EX-YU airport race 2016

Last year proved to be the busiest for airports across the former Yugoslavia with over 21 million passengers handled. With exception to Ljubljana, all of the top ten busiest airports saw record figures. Dubrovnik was the fastest growing among the larger airports, with an annual growth rate of 17.7%, while Podgorica was the fastest growing capital city airport, boosting its passenger numbers by 16.6% on the year before. For the first time, three airports handled over two million travellers in a single year. Compared to 2015, Podgorica Airport overtook Sarajevo, while Skopje recorded the highest passenger growth rate over the past decade among the capitals.

AirportPassengers 2016Passengers 2015Change (%)2006-16
Belgrade4.924.9924.776.110 3.1 121.6
Zagreb2.766.0872.587.798 6.9 74.8
Split2.289.9871.995.400 17.1 109.0
Dubrovnik1.993.2431.693.934 17.7 77.9
Pristina1.743.2081.549.198 12.5 97.5
Skopje1.649.3741.452.375 13.6 201.4
Ljubljana1.404.8311.438.304 2.3 5.3
Tivat982.558895.006 9.8 117.7
Podgorica873.278748.899 16.6 128.7
Sarajevo838.966772.851 8.5 80.0

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport maintained its position as the busiest in the former Yugoslavia, while Niš Airport, in Serbia's south-east, welcomed a record 124.917 travellers. Belgrade expects to surpass the five million passenger mark this year and has recorded strong January growth so far into the month. In addition, Niš Airport anticipates doubling its figures this year with both Swiss International Air Lines and Germania to launch services over the summer. On the other hand, Podgorica Airport surpassed its traditionally busier counterpart in Sarajevo, reassuming its position as the ninth busiest in the former Yugoslavia after three years. It saw a total of 429.586 arrivals and 443.692 departures. Ryanair will launch a new service from Stockholm Skavsta to the Montenegrin capital during 2017, while LOT Polish Airlines will commence seasonal flights from Warsaw this year as well.

AirportPassengers 2016Passengers 2015Change (%)2006-16
Zadar520.924487.652 6.8 696.2
Pula436.121359.426 21.3 47.6
Tuzla310.286259.074 19.7-
Ohrid145.002107.936 34.5 188.1
Rijeka143.084133.564 7.1 14.2
Niš124.91736.258 244.5 251.7
Portorož23.78322.975 3.5-
Banja Luka21.31622.800 6.5 21.0
Brač12.3548.868 39.3 31.2
Maribor8.89024.886 64.3 20.6

Croatian airports recorded their busiest year with Split handling over two million travellers for the first time. Its passenger growth over the past decade has proven equally impressive with an increase of over 100% since 2006. Meanwhile, Zagreb Airport anticipates for its numbers to continue to grow into 2017 with Monarch Airlines, Emirates and Beijing Capital Airlines to introduce flights to the Croatian capital this year, while another carrier is poised to announce services between Zagreb and New York shortly.

Skopje Alexander the Great Airport registered another record year with 1.649.376 passengers handled. "We are satisfied that we have managed to accomplish double digit passenger growth on an annual level, which is higher than both the EU and regional average. We will continue in the same direction in 2017, focusing on our main goals such as route network expansion at Skopje and Ohrid airports, and cooperation with the government, competent aviation authorities and airlines", The General Manager of airport operator TAV Macedonia said. Istanbul (both Ataturk and Sabiha Gokcen airports) was the busiest route in and out of Skopje, holding a 12.6% passenger share, followed by Zurich with 10.2%, Vienna with 6.3%, Basel with 5%, Malmo with 4.8% and London with a 4.3% passenger share. Wizz Air handled the largest number of passengers, boasting a 54.8% market share, followed by Turkish Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Germania Flug, Pegasus Airlines and Edelweiss. Cargo traffic at Skopje Airport also saw significant growth with 3.090 tons processed, up 10.9% on the year before. The increase was mostly a result of growth in exports, but also an increase in individual orders through the Internet. Since 2006, Skopje Airport's passenger numbers have grown 201%.


  1. Anonymous09:03

    Congratulations to all of them especially Skopje and Podgorica. Who would have thought a few years ago. It will be very interesting how things move on in this year. Thanks for including the comparison over the 10 years. I'm shocked Ljubljana didn't improve much more.

    1. Anonymous09:07

      Too much competition for them in close proximity.

    2. Anonymous09:10

      Thing to note - both LJU and ZAG are weak when it comes to LCC

  2. Anonymous09:10

    Nice results. Zagreb will go over 3 million this year without a doubt.

    1. Anonymous10:41

      It is possible with the current number of new airlines announced.

  3. Anonymous09:12

    Congrats and thank you Admin for the data! 2017 will be even better!

  4. Anonymous09:14

    Good job Slovenia!

    1. Anonymous09:30

      Slovenian airports are worst performing of all ex-YU ones.

    2. Slovenia lost direction several years ago. My condolences.

    3. Anonymous11:40

      Well done Ljubljana! Virtually no progress within the last 10 years, while every other airport in the region is expanding at enormous rate.

    4. Anonymous16:09

      Ahaha, that is because Slovenia is a mature market :D

  5. Anonymous09:14

    Missing Osijek and Mali Lošinj..overall, airports in Croatia handled about 8,2 mil. Will probably go over 9,5 mil. next year
    Only 3 airports had a decline, 2 of them in Slovenia..weird

    1. Anonymous09:18

      Well correction, Mali Lošinj had a decline as well

    2. Anonymous09:20

      And I think Rijeka handled about 137k last year, not 107k

    3. Anonymous09:24

      Rijeka handled 133,564 last year like it says in the table.

    4. Anonymous17:31

      So what are the numbers in both OSI and LSZ?

    5. Anonymous18:32

      Osijek is little over 30.000, which is a slight increase. Mali Lošinj dropped from 13-14k to about 6,5k

  6. Anonymous09:18

    Impressive how much Zadar has grown over 10 years.

    1. Anonymous09:28

      "Dat Ryanair"
      "Dat Eurowings, Ryanair and Easyjet"
      And then first mil.

    2. Anonymous10:01

      It's good that Zadar has started attracting other airlines and is not only depending on Ryan. That said, I hope Ryan doesn't pull out of Zadar like they did in Osijek since the effects would be much greater.

  7. Anonymous09:20

    Once ZAG gets a LCC like BEG got Wizz, numbers will skyrocket there. They should be working on it.

    1. Anonymous09:24

      Agree, but ZAG management is very quiet about announcing new routes, and that's ok, no need to hurry!

    2. Anonymous09:25

      ZAG is closer to easy than wizz

    3. Anonymous10:02

      Easy is better LCC. I would like to have more easy, less wizz and no ryan here in Serbia.

    4. Anonymous11:04

      There's a great chance Easy will re-start Zagreb service this year, 99% likelihood, from Gatwick to Zagreb. However they might also connect Zagreb and Milan.

      SAS, Finnair, Aer Lingus, Alitalia, Aegean,EasyJet and TAP, are yet to be invited back or come for the first time this and following year.

      Zagreb needs to attract 30-32 foreign carriers by end of 2018, right now there are 20 or so carriers flying to Zagreb, so 12 more expected this and following year.

      Numbers should go up dramatically once all the carriers start flying regularly. Legacy carriers will dominate @ZAgreb, however eventually EasyJet, GermanWings, Vueling, Air Europa, Norwegian Shuttle and few other LCCs might show up and base one or two aircraft @ Zagreb.

      5.0 million pax by 2020 might still be possible if that happens.

    5. Ali stvarno hajde molim te ne lupaj, pa vise ovo je preterivanje, niko ovo ne uradi bolje od ZAG fanboys-a brate kako jadno zvuci ovo, dodaj jos koju kompaniju, mozda i Qantas, ne mislim nista lose ali hajde bre ne lupetaj.

    6. Anonymous12:06

      Guess Whoo, moraš li reagirati na svaki post o ZAG-u?

    7. Anonymous12:23

      Alitalia is cutting Balkan flights left and right, there is no plan to fly to ZAG.

    8. Namjerno neću napisati svoj nick13:20

      Anonymous 11:04
      Čitamo te već tri godine kako će iduće godine biti ogromna bum i kako ove kompanije koje i sada navodiš samo što nisu stigle. I nikako da se to desi. Ajde slijedeći puta samo napišti "A sad malo bajki i prića za dijecu" pa da ne pišeš sve, a mi ćemo znati da si to ti i da za koji dan dolaze easyJet, SAS, Finnair, Aer Lingus, Alitalija, TAP, Aegean, TAROM (gle njih si ovaj puta zaboravio) itd. itd... Majko mila, čovječe, pa sjaši više, naporan si do boll! I to ti kaže zemo, Hrvat iz Zagreba koji najviše na svijetu voli ZL Zagreb. Naporan si i radiš više štete nego koristi!!!!

      No, Guess Who, Hot Line, Aerologic i Marko (INN-NS) vi niste ništa bolji. Jednako ste iritantni u vašem omalovažavanju, podcjenjivanju i navijanju. Sve što je "sa onu stranu" je savršeno, a ekvivalnet na zapadnoj strani ne valja ništa, pretjerivanje je. Emirates nema šanse, plača im se, to je prijevara. Putnici iz Hrvatske masovno će koristiti BEG, ali oni iz Srbije ni u ludilu neće koristiti ZAG. Air Serbija je profitabila, ali Croatia nije. JU letovi za SAD su odlična stvar, superprofitabilna, ali Air Transat i Emirates iz Zagreba nisu bitni. Air Serbija je srpski Singapore, Croatia samo što nije bankrotirala, zapravo već je, samo nama se čini da još uvijek lete... De, susjedstvo malo više realnosti. I tolerancije.

      Svi ste isti i ohladite malo da mi ostali možemo uživati u ovom blogu i civilizirano raspravljati. Brate mili, sjašite svi više!!!!

    9. Ne bacaj se jedina stvar koju sam ja rekao od navedenih je za EK, Air Transat nisam spomenuo slobodno vrati se na sve vesti.Drugo niti sam govorio da su letovi ASL profitabilni ali sam rekao da su dobri za ovaj region.Trece o ZAG I BEG nisam i o tranzitu putnika medju ova dva aerodroma nisam govorio uopste.ASL srpski Singapore *smeh* .O OU necu uopste da pricam jer neki samoporzvani eksperti ovde spustaju ostale aviokompanije da bi svoje uzdigli sto takodje ne trpim.Ako sam jedina osoba koja ovde shavta da ZAG i BEG nisu ista liga, da se OU I ASL ne porede, i da EK je finansiran od vlade UAE (i ASL je bio od Srpske ne skacite).Ako sam ti iritantan slobodno zaobidji moje komentare, a ako mislis da cu da cutim ovde i da citam dolazak OKO 10 novih kompanija na ZAG kao bum, a dolazak jedne u BEG kao lose vesti onda stvarno...Ne zanima me tvoj nik.Prijatan dan.

    10. Aэrologic13:49

      Purger, you might as well write in English cause this makes you sound like the lunatic at 11:04AM. 70% or more of my comments are pretty sharp criticism of Air Serbia and in no way glorification. If you can find any way to prove the contrary from my comments, please share it. I am sorry you were hurt by my comments about EK in Zagreb which contradict your views but I just don't see it happening, 360 seats (12 premium and 42 business) on a daily basis is way too much for Zagreb. After all, time will tell. Next time sign with your own nick cause this is really childish.

    11. Anonymous13:56

      Azrologic, would you see the same situation if EK was coming to BEG? Just curious

    12. Anonymous14:05

      Also, who do you think will fill those possible planes from BEG to Beijing and/or Shanghai?

    13. Aэrologic14:40

      Belgrade is twice larger than Zagreb yet i don't see it working with the current competition, only as a triangle via OTP which should be the first city served in the region. Because of a lack of premium passengers FlyDubai is a good fit for now, which can at most go daily.

    14. Anonymous14:52

      Anonymus 1:20, finally somebody said what lot of people think. I completely agree with your comment on the fairy tales guy, he is really boring. Agree with the other guys as well. Bravo. And yes, I am interested in Aerologic answer about EK in BEG. It would have been a totally different story. I have some doubts about ZAG, just to be honest with you.

    15. Anonymous14:54

      Thank you, Aerologic.

    16. Anonymous16:40

      Qatar this morning from ZAG 100% full in economy class, don't know about business class.

    17. Alen Šćuric Purger17:24

      Aerologic, please do not put me in this kind of discussion. Don't want to participate. Please, respect that.

      I am not child to put myself on that level of discussion. Too many, but too many years on my back to allow anybody to put me in this level of discussion. 40 years ago I stop that. Thank you!

    18. Anonymous18:43

      Purger, you want to say it wasn't you Namjerno neću napisati svoj nick?

    19. Anonymous18:53

      No, Anonymous 6:43, it was me.

    20. Alen Šćuric Purger19:58

      Again, please leave me out of this. I 100% agree with Namjerno, but would not point names.

    21. Anonymous20:35

      Purger, just don't comment and answer to it.

    22. Alen Šćuric Purger23:23

      You are funny!

  8. Anonymous09:26

    So Croatia is EX-Yu biggest aviation market- congrats.

    1. Anonymous09:27

      It's been like that for the past 20 years.

    2. Anonymous09:39

      it was the biggest during the Yugoslav times too. it has always been Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Croatian seaside airports

    3. Anonymous09:41

      Ljubljana has faded away..

  9. Anonymous09:37

    Hope this year will be better, especially for Sarajevo and Ljubljana with new carriers and routes!

  10. Anonymous09:47

    Belgrade dropped under the 90 position in europe's busiest airports.Well that's the results we are gonna have and even worst if they don't stop protecting Air Serbia.

    1. Anonymous09:48

      The only reason it is in the top 100 is because of Air Serbia.

    2. Anonymous10:00

      Just wondering how they are protecting someone when in 2016 three airline started scheduled flights to Belgrade - Ural Airlines, Israir and Arkia. Later Ural suspended the flights since they struggled againt Aeroflot and Air Serbia. Also, Wizz Air added a new destination - Baden Baden.

      Already announced for this year are new airline Transavia and 4 new Wizz Air routes. Protection would be if they turned away an airline.

    3. Anonymous10:04

      Complete nonsense, anon. 9.47. In BEG, passengers have options to fly to same places by legacies or budget airlines. Unlik in ZAG. And JU in BEG has a smaller share of market than OU in ZAG.

    4. Anonymous13:25

      Ural, Israir and Arkia are companies that you point as reference? That is not even a joke, what you wrote is not excuse it is pathetic!

      There is no Air France, British, KLM, Iberia... in Belgrade. 4 of 7 the biggest (Lufthansa, Aeroflot, Turkish)! 2 of 3 EUB3 (European big 3) are not in BEG. Enough said!

    5. Anonymous13:34

      AF, BA and KLM all pulled out looong before Air Serbia was even briefly considered, let alone set up. Iberia? Not sure they had ever flown BEG. These carriers clearly do not see potential in the Serbian market (as long as they can codeshare with a local carrier) and - unfortunately for you and your bitter hate - it has nothing to do with Air Serbia.

    6. Anonymous13:43

      Yes they pulled out long before. But did not come back. Most of them pulled out from Zagreb also several years ago (KLM, British, Sabena, ČSA, LOT), but in last few years came back. BEG is much bigger than ZAG but still those huge companies did not come back. That shows you everything. Even more, not just few companies cuts frequencies or even stop to fly to BEG. Not even near to that number in ZAG. And that does not show you what happen?

    7. Anonymous13:47

      It shows that Zagreb which once had a strong national airline now has a failing national airline where others need to fill the gap. BTW Sabena never flew to Belgrade and LOT flies to Belgrade.

    8. +100 Last Anon

    9. Nemjee14:07

      I don't get the point of this comparison. Do you think BEG is at a disadvantage because it doesn't have AF or KL?
      Of course not. JU has two daily to CDG plus we have Wizz to BVA.

      JU will have 10-11 weekly to AMS, plus three weekly on Transavia and Wizz Air's flights to EIN.

      Where do you see AF and KL fit into all this?

      BEG is covered very well and that's what matters. Yes, BEG has a lot of lowcost carriers but that's because we are a predominantly poor nation. As the living standard increases so will the number of airlines that fly into here.

      At the end of the day, what matters is how affordable your options are, not how pretty the planes are or what kind of service they offer.

      BEG came close to five million this year and that's because our aviation authorities were realistic. For many Serbs having affordable fares with flydubai is far more important than having an Emirates widebody.

    10. Nemjee14:10

      I would also add that AF had an average LF of 86% when they flew into BEG. So they didn't leave because there was no market, they left because they couldn't make money.

      Today they make the most of Air Serbia's double daily code-share and they probably make more money like that than by operating their own flights.

      Wizz Air's flights to Beauvais are making AF's return highly unlikely.

      If this makes BEG less fancy then so be it. I don't think anyone will care.

    11. Anonymous14:19

      Beauvais nije Pariz. Ni blizu.

    12. Nemjee14:22

      Немају сви пара да лете за ,,Париз''.

  11. Anonymous09:58

    What about Banja Luka? Why it is not on the table?

    1. They have not reported their data, or responded for a request to publish their full year figures. It will be added once they are made available.

    2. Anonymous10:04

      Mostar and Osijek neither

    3. Same reason applies. I decided that it was better to publish the list then to withhold it due to three smaller airports. As it stands, Banja Luka and Mostar saw a decrease in numbers this year, while Osijek improved some 10%.

    4. And Kraljevo! And Losinj as well! Vrsac... :D

    5. Anonymous12:29

      Lol we can include Berane then as well :D

    6. Completely forgot it. Thanks An-12-29! :D

  12. Anonymous10:02

    Zadar has the biggest growth in the period of all EX-YU airports 2006-16 impressvice

  13. Anonymous10:25

    Very good year for airport in ex-Yu in general. It will be interesting to see how they will perform in 2017. Anyone have any predictions?

  14. Anonymous10:26

    Skopje has a good chance of overtaking Pristina this year

    1. Anonymous10:28

      Well it depends. Skopje has Qatar Airways and only one Wizz Air route scheduled for 2017. Pristina also has the same Wizz Air flight and also Norwegian. If visa restrictions are lifted Pristina will easily jump over 2 million. Skopje's real growth in 2016 was around 3-5% when you compare months where there were no new routes added by Wizz Air compared to the one before.

    2. Anonymous10:34

      Had Ryanair gone through with its plans to start flights from Skopje it would have already surpassed Pristina this year.

    3. Anonymous10:41

      Whatever happened with those Ryanair plans to Skopje?

    4. Anonymous11:08

      someone sneaked infos to Wizz and they started the planned FR routes by themselves... FR moved to INI

    5. Anonymous11:08

      actually two new routes with Wizz, Hamburg - was started on 1st November last year!

    6. Anonymous11:14

      Hamburg, Wizz eh? o_0

    7. Anonymous11:57

      Anonymous 11:14 AM ???

  15. Anonymous10:36

    Oh come on Ljubljana. You can do better! If the airport has realized that its numbers constantly go down only because of Adria, then you work your butt off to get some new airlines and end your dependence on a single carrier.

    1. Anonymous10:41

      That's a bit difficult if over 60% of your traffic depends on only that one airline. What is the point of putting them out of business by creating more and more competition for them.

    2. Anonymous11:02

      It is becoming evident that national carriers are becoming yesterday's news especially in these ex Yu countries. Just look at Macedonia and pristina - better off without them.

    3. Anonymous11:06

      While they can become yesterday's news in EU countries they still can't in non-EU countries. Macedonia is a small market so that is not so evident but even Skopje can't have a service to Moscow because it has no airline to operate it. All agreements with non-Eu countries are based on bilaterals which prescribe that only national airlines can fly certain routes. Of course you could avoid a lot of this if Wizz Air registered a plane in Macedonia like they used to in Ukraine but then again Wizz doesn't want to pay for anything in Macedonia including registration.

    4. Anonymous11:16

      "Wizz doesn't want to pay for anything in Macedonia including registration"
      Good point.

      Is it better business to have a restaurant where people order food and drink and pay for it or a place where you attract people with giveaways, allow them to bring own food and drink, just to brag to you neighbor that you sold more coffees than him.

    5. Anonymous11:20

      No, it is better to have your own company where people will pay to use your service, which uses products produced in your country and employs people from your country, decreasing the unemployment rate in your country instead of Hungary and Switzerland.

    6. Anonymous11:43

      LJU should attract LCCs and fill the LCC black hole that is between VCE/TSF and BUD.

    7. @11:20

      No it's not. Just look at Montenegro.

      There are tons of other reasons but let's leave it at that. As for the hyperbolic statements above.. yeah, won't waste my time on that.

    8. Anonymous15:09

      If Wizz is willing to move HQ to Belgrade and become a Serbian company, it would get all the love they are asking for. But they are not, so they should get the same treatment as Kenya Airways or Air Tahiti Nui.

    9. Anonymous15:19

      Man... imagine how cool it would be if Kenya Airways or Tahiti Nui would fly to BEG.

    10. Anonymous16:11

      +1000 :D

    11. Anonymous17:22

      It would be more cool if Wizz moves to Belgrade with Serbian flag on all planes.

  16. Anonymous10:41

    Croatian airports close to 10m pax and OU scrambling to find funds to service aircraft? There is something seriously wrong with their business plan. Seriously in need of a new dynamic energetic management team to realise the opportunities

  17. Anonymous10:50

    "while another carrier is poised to announce services between Zagreb and New York shortly."

    Can't wait. Do we know when will it happen?

    1. Anonymous11:04

      I've heard that it's UA. Otherwise DL. It's not going to be a LCC as previously rumoured.

    2. Anonymous13:29

      It will be European company. Not LCC.

    3. Anonymous14:57

      FedEx makes sense.

    4. Anonymous15:49

      It was mentioned on here that it will be XL France.

    5. Anonymous17:31

      3-3-3 in A330 just like Air Transat.

  18. OU didn't make these close to 10 mil pax, but all the carriers altogether. OU doesn't have that big of a share of pax in Croatia.

  19. Aerodromi su veoma dobra tema i pravi pogodak Administratora ovog foruma. Pogotovo u ovo doba godine, kada je "mrtva" sezona. Uz ovu temu o rastu aerodroma na prostorima raspale drzave, verujem da bi bilo veoma pohvalno pokretanje i slicnih tema. Kao sto je nivo opremljenosti terminala i objekata. Aerodromske infrastrukture i ostalih tema u oblasti primene novih uredjaja i tehnologije primenjenih u vazdusnim lukama novo formiranih drzava. Obzirom da mediji bar na ovim prostorima nemaju strucnih novinara u oblasti komercijalne avijacije. Pa zbog toga ova vrsta tekstova na ovom blogu jeste pravo osvezenje od Ex-YU Aviation news-a. Obzirom da ovaj Forum je iskljucivo posvecen civilnoj avijaciji. Stoga je originalan u promociji kretanja u putnickom vazduhoplovstvu u jugo istocnoj Evropi. Ocigledno je da prvenstveno, daleko najvise posvecena podizanju i razviju aerodromske mreze, drzava Hrvatska. Srbija mnogo zaostaje po pitanju razvoja aerodromske mreze. Optimista sam da ce od ove godine, ulaskom Beogradskog aerodroma u koncesiju i uvodjenjem jos dva regionalna aerodroma centralne Srbije u saobracaj, Srbija krenuti snaznije u nebeske "motorway" koridore. To je ono sto treba nam se javi. I na danasnje Bogojavljenje. Srecan praznik i mirna uzletanja, letenja i sletanja... Pozdrav iz zimskog grada na Ibru i Moravi.
    Rodney, Home of Qantasville II. Kraljevo

  20. Anonymous12:34

    Sofia !

    4.980.000 (2016) +21

    1. Anonymous15:21

      Thanks for sharing.

  21. Anonymous15:13

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  22. Anonymous15:37

    ZAG-PEK Bejing Capital
    BEG-PEK ?? Anybody knows

    1. Anonymous16:05

      True, PM AV mentioned Beijing in Sept of 2015, had many official contacts since and PEK-BEG route is still not officially confirmed? Something is wrong.

    2. Anonymous16:14


    3. Anonymous16:17

      Yeah it is "wrong" like you were saying something was wrong because Belgrade-New York was not announced this time last year. Stop spamming you have no clue.

    4. Anonymous17:18

      One clue from 2014:

      ...Kondić said, “We want to, they want to, and it is only a matter of finalising the details. We don't have wide-body aircraft in our fleet, so we are looking for an opportunity to work and partner up with a Chinese carrier”.

      More than 2 years later still no deal for nonstop flight? Air Serbia has wide-body, why wait for Air China?


    5. Alen Šćuric Purger17:31

      Mali announced 2nd A330 till end of 2016. What happens with that plan? Any news?

    6. Anonymous18:02

      BEG-PEK confirmed yesterday in Davos, will soon be published.
      from SSC forum: "Premijer Aleksandar Vučić dogovorio je sa predsednikom Kine Si Đinpingom uspostavljanje direktne avio-linije Beograd-Peking!
      Vučić se juče sastao sa Đinpingom na Svetskom ekonomskom forumu u Davosu, a glavna tema njihovih razgovora bilo je uvođenje linije između Beograda i Pekinga, koja će uskoro biti otvorena.
      Prema Informerovim saznanjima, do Kine će iz prestonice najverovatnije prevoziti neka od kineskih avio-kompanija, ali nije isključeno da u budućnosti i "Er Srbija" ima direktan let do Pekinga."

    7. Anonymous18:14

      "...Prema procenama ambasade Kine u Beogradu, u Srbiju će tokom 2017. doputovati oko 500.000 kineskih turista. Navala Kineza očekuje se već od sredine narednog meseca, a naročito čim bude uspostavljena linija do Pekinga."

      Great news about the route, hope for the announcement soon, but, come on, 500.000 Chinese tourists?

    8. Anonymous18:42

      Interesting how many countries have a visa requirement for Chinese citizens. Holders of a Chinese passport can enter only about 50 countries and territories without a visa, Serbia being one of them (and I think the only one in Europe). The Chinese passport is therefore ranked quite low taking into consideration the size of the economy and the number of Chinese tourists, only at place 87 (a tie with Cambodia). Then again China has a super strict visa policy, so its only fair :D

    9. Anonymous18:44

      Informer kao izvor... ni u ludilu neko iz ambasade nije mogao da kaze da ce pola milona Kineza posetiti Srbiju u 2017.

    10. Anonymous18:49

      Spominjali su i Sangaj, sta s tim ?

    11. Anonymous18:49

      Alen - what happened with all the plans announced by OU with fleet, regional bases ? Or Macedoniam govt to establsih new national airline ? Or Bosnian Wand Airlines ? Or Qatar plans to fly to Skopje being postponed 2 times ? Or EK's announcements that they don't intend to fly to ex-yu region ?

      Plans change my friend, that's what happened.

    12. Anonymous18:49

      Actually I think the PM fired that, and he mentioned an even higher "estimate"

      Premijer Aleksandar Vučić izjavio je danas da u 2017. godini očekuje 400.000 do 600.000 kineskih turista u Srbiji.

      "Možda će ih biti i više, kineska ambasada u Srbiji procenjuje da će biti milion turista iz te zemlje", rekao je Vučić tokom rasprave u Skupštini Srbije o predlogu državnog budžeta za 2017.

    13. Anonymous18:52

      Nisu spominjali Sangaj nego su to ljudi u komentarima nagadjali. Spomenuto je jedino da postoji mogucnost uvodjenja jos jedne linije iz Kine.

    14. Anonymous19:23

      Људи, ако је Вучић популиста и лупета цифрама, немојте се ложити и овде, ваљда смо озбиљнији од једног неозбиљног политичара. 500 000 кинеских туриста у Србији у 2017 год ? Како да не.. поделите то са 365 дана, значило би бар 5 летова дневно, а још ни један лет се не налази у системима резервација. Оно што је максимално да се реализује је Пекинг 3 пута недељно и касније можда Шангај или Гуанџу 2 до 3 пута недељно

    15. Prvo niko nije rekao da ce oni doci tim direktnim letovima.Za Sangaj cemo videti ko lupa kad letovi budu objavljeni, trenutno barem do sada su 3 kompanije bile u igri.I ja se nadam Hainianu sa B788.Ali ozbiljno ljudi prepiretese oko necega sto je Vucic rekao?

    16. Anonymous19:40

      Anon 7:23

    17. Govorim o Pekingu sa B788.Nego prodaje li onaj Beijing Capital uopste karte za letove prema ZAG?

    18. Anonymous19:46

      Letovi za ZAG još nisu potvrđeni.

    19. Anonymous20:08

      AnonymousJanuary 19, 2017 at 6:44 PM
      Pa bas zato sto je Informer objavio ovu vest treba verovati, oni jedini dobijaju ovakve vesti iz vrha vlasti da podizu rejting svojih vodja. Koliko god da je Informer sljam, kada je u pitanju hvalisanje Vucica tu su nepogresivi.

    20. Alen Šćuric Purger20:09

      Trenutno u Srbiji ima 14.200 kineskih turista.

      Trenutno je u Beogradu 646.788 stranih turista, u Srbiji 1.132.221.

      Znači da bi svaki drugi turist u Srbiji trebao biti Kinez.

      Broj kineskih turista u idućoj godini trebao bi se povečati za 4.000%.

      Da bi se dovelo 500.000 kineza trebalo bi 5 širokotrupaca svaki dan, ili uz jedan dnevni let još bi 1.050 putnika dnevno trebalo doći preko konekicija, što je ekvivalent 9 prepunih letova sa uskotrupcem.


    21. Anonymous20:45

      Kina je veliko tržište, svakako ima potencijala za letove, Air Serbia bi svakako trebala puniti avione za Kinu jer bi to obezbedilo putnike. Ne znam koji prevoznik bi mogao biti ali bi voleo da bude Hainan airlines

    22. Nemjee21:54

      Since we are talking about percentages here, what's the growth of Israeli tourists this year? I am sure it's in double, even triple digits.

      I am not saying that there will be 500.000 Chinese visiting Serbia next year but I wouldn't be surprised if there is a boom.

      Yes, yes... Chinese tourists don't visit just one country. Yes, yes... they can enter Serbia if they have a Schengen visa. All that stands but for many Chinese getting the Schengen visa is no easy task. Serbia might be attractive to those who don't travel very often but who want to experience Europe.

      Tourist demand is there as much as you stimulate it. Given that this is a political project on both sides, I am sure there will be quite a lot of stimulation.

    23. Anonymous23:14

      Ne treba dve godine da se dogovore letovi sa Kinom, šta se tu događa? Oni još nemaju ime aviokompanije koja bi trebalo da leti za par meseci, tu nešto nije u redu!

      S druge strane Er Srbija može da uzme još jedan A330 i da počne da leti za Kinu, ako je očekivani broj putnika tačan. Ta linija bi pravila pare, ko je onda lud da odbija da leti i traži da Kinezi lete umesto Er Srbije? Nešto i tu smrdi.

    24. Nemjee23:21

      Да је Ер Србија у могућности она би већ узела други А332.
      Са друге стране визе су званично укинуте пре мање од недељу дана. Претпостављам да се то чекало.

    25. Alen Šćuric Purger23:31

      Czech republic with tourist mecca Prague has 300.000 Chinese tourists.

      France which is No.1 tourist country in Europe has 1,9 million tourist in 2015.

      So, Serbia would have much more Chinese tourist than Czech Republic, and 1/4 of France?

    26. Alen Šćuric Purger23:32


    27. Anonymous23:36

      Nemjee, i live and work in Shanghai and have done so for the past 5 years and i'm sorry to say that you don't know what you are talking about re Chinese tourists.

      1. While the potential for Serbia is big, it is also much bigger for existing European destinations such as France, Italy, the UK and Switzerland - who today, only receive a very small percentage of all outbound Chinese tourists. Despite the absolute number being already large - it still only represents a very small percentage of the total travelling overseas. So when the size of the middle class grows, for sure they will head to these established and well known destinations before they ever think of going to Serbia..

      2. Leading on from this point, Serbia is unknown. It will take many years and many dollars of investment to get it to a point where it becomes a place that Chinese will want to visit.

      3. Over 90% of Chinese travelling to Europe, do so as part of an escorted group with a fixed itinerary - usually covering a 7 to 10 day period. Their main goal is to see as much as they can and to visit as many countries as they can - all by coach. Getting visas is NOT an issue at all, as they are part of an organised group and the tour operator does this for them. If it was a problem, then we wouldn't see so many Chinese tourists throughout Europe. You can easily check this with the biggest Chinese tour operators such as CITS, CYTS, CTS and Kaissa.

      4. First time travellers, always want to see the aforementioned countries. Serbia isn;t even on the tourist map in China nor will it ever attract those who travel infrequently. It will only have interest for those who have ALREADY been to Europe and want to experience something new. And herein lies the irony - this number in absolute terms, is a small percentage of those who travel to Europe.

      5. Moreover, rarely do such escorted groups ever do a mono destination. So even if they arrived in Serbia as their first stop before travelling onwards to surrounding countries, they would still require a visa for Montenegro, Bosnia, Macedonia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary etc etc. These countries are not geared up to handle an avalanche of applications for a tourist visa like the Schengen countries are, because each of these have outsourced their visa application processing to companies like VFS. There is also the cost of additional visas if Serbia is their first stop, which adds to the burden/cost of their tour. So it isn't going to happen.

      Why ?

      Because a Schengen visa eliminates the need to have to apply for visas to visit all these other countries. ! application and job done. So visa-free travel will do little to suddenly bring about a huge influx of Chinese tourists to Serbia. They already have the ability to visit Serbia visa free - by having either a valid Schengen visa or a US visa.

      Lastly, what drives big numbers of Chinese tour groups, is shopping. Tour operators get huge kick backs and incentives from retailers for bringing these grous to their stores, which helps subsidize and keep the costs of tours low. Serbia has little to offer in this regard.

      The best hope for Serbia, is to work with tour operators for the destination to be included as part of an itinerary, which could see 1 day and 1 night included in existing itineraries that they have developed.

      Do some research to better inform yourself, or else, make it clearer that you are expressing an opinion on a subject which you don't really know that much about.

    28. Nemjee23:43

      The point of my argument is that this is a political project and because of that it will be given special attention. Serbia is China's strategic partner in Europe and they will keep on pushing this only to keep up appearances. Chinese tourism to Serbia will be encouraged (to put it mildly) one way or another.

      You (supposedly) live in China so you should know how much importance Beijing gives to its strategic interests and with what determination it pursues them.

    29. Anonymous23:47

      Purger, sta si se uhvatio za tih pola miliona ko pijan plota. To je jedino Vucic spomenuo... svi ostali samo kazu da ce biti povecanje turista

    30. Anonymous00:17

      Yes Nemjee, that may well be the point of your post, but don;t muddle it by writing inaccuracies. The problem in doing so, is that the point you are trying to make gets lost

    31. Anonymous01:20

      Purgeru smeta tih pola miliona a normalno mu je da EK stavi 77W kako bi dovodio Azijske turiste u Zagreb. Mogu da zamislim koliko ce tih turista doci u Novembru ili Februaru da bi napunili let svaki dan, a tek koliko ce tih zimskih turista platiti za 54 mesta u prvoj i biznis klasi, i to pored QR! To mu nije nenormalno, samo je onih pola miliona cudno?

    32. Alen Šćuric Purger01:44

      Hrvatska ima 130.000 turista iz Kine. Rast je 30% godišnje. Dio ih dolazi i zimi. Iz Azije, Afrike i Australije ima preko milijun turista godišnje. Ne vidim kako je moguće da ovo uspoređujete sa izjavom da će pola milijuna kineskih turista doći u Srbiju?

      Pola milijuna kineskih turista u Srbiji bi
      - bilo povečanje od 50% stranih turista sveukupno,

      - povećanje kineskih turista bi bilo 40 puta nego sada, tj. 4.000%

      - svaki treći turist u Srbiji bi bio iz Kine,

      - Srbija bi imala više kineskih turista nego Češka (uključujući Prag) za 70% i nego Mađarska (uključujući Budimpeštu) za 420%

      - Srbija bi imala više kineskih turista nego Češka, Mađarska i Hrvatska zajedno

      Iskreno ovo je jači biser nego da ni jedan grad na Balkanu nema vezu prema SAD-u (tko šljivi Atenu i Istanbul), da je Beograd najveća balkanska zračna luka (jel bitno šo ih je čak 7 većih), te da Air Serbia ima više putnika nego sve ostale kompanije na prostoru bivše Jugoslavije zajedno.

      Mislim da bi PM ipak trebao promijeniti savjetnike, jer ovo postaje...

    33. Anonymous06:19

      Jedina stvar koja postaje ono... je to da se ovde prica o nekim turistima koji ce navodno leteti u Hrvatsku avionom.
      Azijate sigurno posecuju Hrvatsku ali ne lete za nju kao prvu tacku vec je ona jedna od destinacija usput.

      Dakle nema sanse da napune 300 mesta u ekonomskoj klasi.

      Uz sve to, pricas o povecanju broj kineza u Srbiji a sto se ne pitas koje bi povecanje imao ZAG kada bi se obistinilo to sto pises? To je kao sasvim realno?

      Realno je da aerodrom poput ZAG-a koji ima svega 180.000 putnika tokom zimskih meseci napuni B777? Da napuni 53 premium sedista?

      Ne zezaj nas. Ove izjave su ravne Vucicevim. Dakle isti ste.

    34. Anonymous07:24

      "Nekim turistima koji će navodno leteti u Hrvatsku avionom"

      Kako će neke komšije šokirati, svakom godinom sve više

    35. Anonymous08:29

      Kako su oni išle priče kad je Qatar uvodio liniju za ZAG preko BUD ?
      Nema šanse da se to napuni, ukinut će se prije nego krene..

      Pa onda krenulo za ZAG bez stopover, pa pojačali, pa opet pojačali, pa sad idu i a321 i widebody

    36. Alen Šćuric Purger08:51

      Ajmo ovako:

      1. Emirates nije liniju napravio napamet

      2. Za istu postoje već sada vrlo dobri potencijali 1,01 milijun turista iz tog područja koji već sada dolaze u Hrvatsku, te 0,4 milijuna dijaspore.

      3. Zagreb nije jedni gdje je Emirates krenuo sa "nevjerojatnim" i vrlo optimističnim letovima i polučio nevjerojatne rezultate, a pritome glavni konkurentni nisu smanjili frekvencije ili ukidali letove (Qatar, Turkish, Aeroflot, Lufthansa...).

      4. Kod Emiratesa mi govorimo o maksimalnih 7% povečanja (i to ako se ostvari LF koji Emirates ima prosječno na svojoj mreži), a ovdje govorimo o 4.000%. Neka sitna razlika postoji, zar ne?

      5. Emirates je realnost, potvrđena realnost desecima primjera, ovo je bajka, još jedna u nizu izjava koja ne da nije istinita i nerealna, nego je stvarno nevjerojatno tragikomična.

    37. Anonymous09:20

      Kao što sam rekao, dosta komšija će se iznenaditi kako ipak mogu i Emirates i Turkish i Qatar.
      I onda će zaboraviti da se nekada i Qatar činio nemogućim, i da se Emirates činio nemogućim i ponovno će krenuti sa "previše je to za ZAG i Hrvatsku" kad za par godina opet krenu nova povećanja za Bliski i Daleki istok

    38. Anonymous10:16

      Zivi bili pa videli, za pola godine videcemo ko je bio u pravu a ko nije.

    39. Znači, Nemjee i kompanija - totalni ste licemjeri. Sad bi malo skakali za vrat kada se spominju brojke u RH, a kada vam veliki Vođa ispali ovakve brojke - nikom ništa. I još pokušavate ih potkrijepiti nekakvim filozofijama. Ali, ako vas veseli...

    40. Anonymous16:31

      @Alen Šćuric PurgerJanuary 20, 2017 at 1:44 AM


      Just to correct you Alan, 275 000 Chinese visitors in Croatia in 2016. From China alone ~160 000. Data only for first 11 months available, so far 13.85 million foreign. 1.65 million domestic, total 15.5 million. Data for Chinese visitors for 2016 is still estimated as data isn't complete.

      If we include Hong Kong, Taiwan, than 275-290 000+ Chinese visitors to Croatia, 145000 from mainland China, ~35000 from Hong Kong and 110 000 from Taiwan.

      I expect 2017 figures will see 20% growth on that figure.

      More data from ministry in charge of tourism.


    41. Anonymous18:41

      Purger, imas li jos jedan primer gde je Emirates krenuo leteti za grad za manje od 3 milijuna putnika sa dnevnom frekvencijom? Hvala.

    42. Anonymous19:27

      Ok, Purger, and if Emirates pulls-out, what are you gonna say?

    43. Anonymous03:45

      He will say that Zagreb is so 'elite' that 4 star Emirates wasn't good enough for them, so everyone switched to 5 star Qatar and that is why Emirates is terminating the route. They weren't good enough.

  23. Nice job everyone!!! Great article Ex-Yu Aviation News!


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