Montenegro Airlines co-pilots in silent protest


Montenegro Airlines' co-pilots have been accused of staging a silent protest, forcing the cancellation and delay of a number of flights last week. Montenegro Airlines says the co-pilots are not on an official strike but have failed to turn up to work for "reasons unknown". "The management has not been informed on behalf of airline operations of any strike. A strike entails a timely announcement and for minimum working conditions to be secured", the carrier said. During last week, Air Serbia operated some flights on behalf of Montenegro Airlines. Over the past few days the airline has been cancelling, rescheduling, delaying and linking up a number of its services. Its flight from Podgorica to Ljubljana was cancelled yesterday for "operational reasons". Most of the company's co-pilots are believed to be staging a silent protest over unpaid wages and have called in sick. Last Wednesday, only one of seventeen co-pilots showed up to work. The carrier has been threatened with industrial action over unpaid wages on a number of occasions over the past year. Montenegro Airlines is to select a new management team on January 27, following the surprise resignation of the head of the Board of Directors.


  1. Anonymous10:53

    Not surprised. Why would anyone go to work and not get paid?
    Give up YM. Game over!

  2. Anonymous11:03

    Bravo! Way to go first officers. What about captains? Cowards perhaps?

  3. Anonymous11:55

    Maybe there are some silent protests, but the main reasons for huge number of cancellations and delays are technical problems with their aircraft. AOM has been parked in Belgrade since JAN,01st after missed take-off. AOA had engine failure 10 days ago and was repaired on Sunday. AOB was hit and damaged by lightning on Friday afternoon. Today Montenegro Airlines cancelled one more flight to Belgrade, YM200 TIV-BEG. Simply, they needed to planes for flights to BEG and DME, but only one was available.

  4. Anonymous11:58

    ...Simply, they needed two planes for flights to BEG and DME, but only one was available...Typo

  5. Anonymous12:32

    Good for them!

  6. Anonymous22:00

    TV prilog


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