Montenegro Airlines gets new management


The Montenegrin government has appointed a new management team for the country's national carrier. Nikola Vukićević will take over the leadership of the company by becoming the President of the Board of Directors. The 48-year-old has up until now served in numerous local and government appointed jobs, most recently as the General Director of the Directorate-General of the Budget at the Ministry for Finance. Previous posts include the head of the Tourist Centre of Budva, Director of the public enterprise "Museums, galleries and libraries of Budva", the Chief of Staff to the President of the Municipality of Budva and the Assistant to the Minister for Finance of Montenegro, to name a few. Mr Vukićević will have a mandate to turn around Montenegro Airlines' fortunes. The company is dealing with over sixty million euros worth of debt and an ongoing silent protest by a part of its flight crew.

Nikola Vukićević, new President of the Board of Directors

Other Board members appointed by the government include Milica Abramović (head of the Interior Ministy's helicopter unit), Dragan Popović (a pilot for the Montenegrin government), Dženan Demić (mechanical engineer) and Miroslav Bjelica (expert with experience in the security sector). Montenegro Airlines will officially endorse the government's picks later today.


  1. Anonymous11:28

    All of them experienced experts in aviation... Ironic, of course...

  2. Anonymous14:31

    Opet Milovi puleni. Ovaj je radio sve u životu osim da se bavio aviacijom. Ne bi me čudilo da nikada nije ni leteo avionom. Moguće samo do Beograda, jer tamo i najčešće lete crnogorski građani

  3. Anonymous22:36

    Kakav kadar, sačuvaj Bože.


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