Montenegro Airlines plans Iran charters


Montenegro Airlines plans to operate a series of charter flights to the Iranian capital Tehran this summer season. The carrier's Chief Commercial Officer, Zoran Radunović, said, "Iran is visited by over nine million foreign tourists each year. Montenegro Airlines has reached a partnership agreement with tour operator VSP Kish from Tehran and has signed on for a series of charter flights between Podgorica and Tehran". Services will operate once per week. "The number of weekly rotations could be doubled. The national airline has very high expectations of the Iranian market. This way, Iranians are given an opportunity to come to Montenegro or to continue on to European destinations on our scheduled flights", Mr Radunović noted. He added, "Iranians are recognised as good customers, who visit high-class hotels and, most importantly for our company, they travel during our off season, when we see poorer loads on our flights". The launch date for the charter flights has not been specified.


  1. Anonymous13:51

    So now almost every airline (JP, JU, YM) in the Balkans wants to fly to Iran. What's up with that?

  2. Anonymous17:45

    E to ce da ih spasi od bankrota.. svasta sa njima

  3. Nice. With what a/c?

  4. Anonymous15:05

    Summer season is off-season?


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