Qatar Airways hiring executive in Belgrade


Qatar Airways is seeking a Sales Executive in Belgrade. The role includes the formulation and implementation of Qatar Airways' sales strategy to maximise short and long term revenue opportunities, reducing the cost of sale, as well as generating channel shift and reviewing Qatar Airways sales data with account portfolio to drive revenue and seek tactical opportunities. Relevant vocational qualifications combined with a minimum of four years job-related experience are required for the job. Further terms and conditions, as well as the application form can be found here. The application deadline is February 3.


  1. Anonymous21:27

    Oterali onakvog coveka koji im je napravio trziate u Beogradu, pa nakon 6 meseci otvorili tu poziciju opet. Ali mi (operateri) to vrlo dobro vidimo i pamtimo. Mozda jos uvek radimo sa njima, ali nemaju oni taj odnos sa klijentima koji je taj covek imao.

    1. Anonymous00:54

      Зашто су га отерали?


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