Record year for Pristina Airport


Pristina Airport has recorded its busiest year on record by handling 1.743.208 passengers in 2016, an increase of 12.5% compared to 2015. The result comes after a particularly busy December, during which the airport welcomed 134.903 travellers, up an impressive 26.8% on the year before. Some airlines have announced plans to launch new flights to Pristina in 2017 including Wizz Air (Budapest) and Norwegian Air Shuttle (Helsinki). During the year, Pristina Airport is expected to have its runway and taxiways extended, as well as its ILS (instrument landing system) upgraded. The runway will be extended from the current 2.560 metres to 3.000 metres.


  1. Very nice looking terminal Pristina

  2. Wow not bad. Congrats !

  3. I think if PRN wants to regain its original 3rd position among exYu airports, it needs to cut its ridiculous airport taxes! Otherwise well done. If all goes well, this year may bring PRN 2 mln.

    1. No one passes Split or Dubrovnik on their position!

  4. Really impressive since Kosovo doesnt enjoy visa liberalisation

  5. Zagreb December - 187,000
    2016. altogether - 2,766,087

  6. When Kosovo get Schengen Visa liberalization, Prishtina Airport will see an unseen growth. :)


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