TAV Macedonia names new General Manager


TAV Macedonia, the operator of the country's two international airports, has named Alper Ersoy as the new General Manager, replacing Zoran Krstevski who takes up a position as the company's board member. "Zoran Krstevski has been assigned as a Board member of TAV Macedonia, where we are certain he will provide his excellent contribution to TAV Airports’ new projects and ventures in the wider region. At the same time, Alper Tunga Ersoy, is assigned as the new General Manager of TAV Macedonia, with expectations to lead the company into further success, developing Macedonian airports, as TAV Macedonia managerial team has been doing over the past seven years", TAV Airports said in a statement. Mr Ersoy previously served as the Deputy General Manager of TAV Macedonia. "I’d like to thank TAV Airports for the new position as General Manager of TAV Macedonia, and Zoran Krstevski for his valued managerial contribution to the development of Macedonian airports, which we have achieved jointly up until now. We have cooperated very closely and we will continue to work very closely in the future, having in mind his new position and our vision to see Macedonian airports as the main air traffic centres in the region, offering diverse services and attracting not only Macedonian citizens, but travellers from neighbouring countries as well", Mr Ersoy said. The newly appointed General Manager recently spoke to EX-YU Aviation News to discuss the future outlook and development of Skopje and Ohrid airports.

Alper Ersoy