TUIfly to launch Brač flights


Leisure carrier TUIfly Belgium will introduce services from Brussels Airport to the island of Brač during the 2017 summer season. Flights will operate once per week, each Tuesday, with an Embraer E190 jet. Operations will commence on May 23 and will run until October 3. Tickets are already on sale. Furthermore, TUIfly will introduce services from Deauville – Normandie Airport, in the North of France, to Brač this summer as well, however, the flights are yet to be scheduled. The new routes are expected to generate an additional 30.000 passengers each year who had previously used Split Airport. Brač Airport is in the process of extending its runway, which will allow it to cater for larger jet-engine aircraft. Work is scheduled to be completed by the start of the 2017 summer season, in late March. Further details for the new Brussels - Brač flights can be found here.


  1. Anonymous12:19

    Go Brač!

  2. Anonymous13:06

    Brac will certainy profit from the congestions and limitations of Split Airport. This is good for both SPU and BWK.

    1. Anonymous14:22

      Brač has certain limits that prevent it from really competing with SPU. Even after the second expansion planned after 2017, which will see the runway at just over 2.100 meters.

      At the end, TUI does want to fly to Brač directly. They can with an E190 from this year. Up until now TUI simply had no other choice than to to fly to Split and then transfer people to Brač.

  3. Anonymous19:31

    Any news about flights from BEG to BWK this season? That would be interesting

    1. Anonymous19:41

      It was published a few days ago


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