Winter weather disrupting flights across EX-YU


Heavy snow and subzero temperatures, which have gripped much of Europe, are causing moderate delays at airports across the former Yugoslavia today. A number of flights out of Belgrade and Pristina airports are experiencing delays, while Skopje Airport has seen some late departures this afternoon as well. On the other hand, Dubrovnik Airport, which saw severe winds disrupt a number of operations over the weekend, is operating normally today. Air Serbia has advised its passengers to arrive at least two hours prior to departure at Belgrade Airport due to the weather. "The airline continues to closely monitor the weather situation in Belgrade and advises air travellers to check for any updates to flight schedules. To avoid congestion at the ticket counters, the airline also advises guests to use its web check-in feature, which is available for all flights out of the Serbian capital", the company said in a statement. Heavy snow has also hit Istanbul, with Turkish Airlines cancelling more than 650 flights, affecting its operations to the former Yugoslavia as well.


  1. Anonymous14:23

    Stuck in Istanbul headed to Podgorica for 2 days now -.-

  2. Anonymous14:25

    A lot of delays in Zagreb today as well but no snow

    1. Anonymous18:05

      Not true. Just 2 or 3 delays 20-30 minutes, less than 10 delays 10-15 minutes. Only big delay was MUC, but it was not about ZAG. Cancellation was IST (and that is problem with IST, not ZAG).

      There is snow in ZAG. Temperature is -14 during night, -5 during day. Lot of ice. But still almost no delays.

  3. Anonymous14:28

    Happy to Sarajevo is not affected, for a change lol.

  4. Anonymous17:26

    Arrived to the airport yesterday at 4:05AM fora flight at 06:15. 4 lines of queing passengers for check in with only 2 (YES YOU READ CORECTLY - TWO) ladies handling the check in process for all early morning ASL flights. Since it was the day after Christmas all morning flights were completely full so you can imagine the chaos and overal impression with fellow passengers. I am sure ASL management could not predict that something like that such a day would require a double shift or additional resources. This leaves the impression that they are complete amateurs. Thanks God at 4:45 another two ladies showed up for work. Overall it is not weather, it is all about process optimization and organizaion. Our flight was 47 min late in taking off (apparently toilets froze up so they could not start boarding, our AC was at C6 while Wizz Ac that was parked at A9 departed on time...I didn't known that temperature could have been so much different at the same airport!)

    1. Anonymous17:38

      Absoltly seen same in q...bad job Asl

    2. Anonymous22:23

      Wizz Air has one aircraft, Air Serbia has...? Didn't you forget to write how late you was on arrival? Pity i don't see any of you writing about TK and what is currently happening in Istanbul.

    3. Anonymous07:30

      Arrival late by 30 min. Why should I write about TK, I want JU to raise the bar and get even better.

  5. Anonymous10:06

    Avoid IST at all costs!

  6. Anonymous10:07

    My bad experience:

    Wizzair Skopje to Luton, turn up at airport, no signage to indicate checkin, staff cannot say. Eventually get in right queue by asking other passengers.

    Barred from going through security by aiport staff with multiple reasons given, mainly that the flight may or may not take off (rumour is that pilot is not available).

    Eventually allowed up through security, finally get bag repacked and heading to depature gate, bam, flight cancelled (although other Wizzair flights still go ahead). Told to head back through security, pickup bag and go to checkin desks for info.

    Absolute scrum at desk, no concept of queuing, staff no willing or caring to try and organise the line, 2 hours waiting to find out that next flight is on 17th and refunds can only be requested by phone (which does not work) or online.

    Requested refund back at family house, booked flight from Sofia to London for next day, had most nerve racking 5 hour drive across ice covered roads.

    Get to Sofia, flight leaves on time.

    I'm sure lots of people from ex-Yu have similar experiences!


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