Banja Luka in talks with Israeli, Irish carriers


Banja Luka Airport is in talks with several carriers over the introduction of new flights. The Assistant to the Minister for Transport of the entity Republike Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vesna Vožni, confirmed that Brussels Airlines has expressed interest to fly to the city via Sarajevo. "We have received an offer for the Sarajevo - Banja Luka - Brussels service. Currently, they are studying the area and potential passengers. We are also in talks with several Israeli and Irish companies", Ms Vožni said without giving further details. The government notes that the upcoming expansion of Banja Luka Airport's terminal building will make it more appealing to potential carriers. The airport is currently served by Air Serbia with three flights from Belgrade.


  1. Anonymous11:08

    Irish? Ryanair? :O

    1. Anonymous12:57

      maybe CityJet. they are also Irish, and they have planes that suit BNX (CRJ and SSJ)

  2. Anonymous17:58

    No any airline will come.

  3. As ever fake news from Banja Luka. Banja Luka Airport is a total failure.

  4. Anonymous21:46

    Nedjo is high again. Vesna is dealer.

  5. Anonymous10:31

    Iz godine u godinu van pameti, lupetanje prazne slame i gomila poluopismenih kretena koja tamo radi...Od letova ni ove godine nishta!


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