Montenegro Airlines plans Russia expansion


Montenegro Airlines is considering introducing flights to a third city in Russia following Moscow and St. Petersburg. The head of the carrier's representative office in Russia, Božidar Koljević, says services to a third point in the country are likely to commence in 2017, without giving further details. "Montenegro Airlines, being the most punctual airline, with a modern fleet, represents the best choice for travelling to Montenegro. Since 2007, Montenegro Airlines has been operating regular flights from Moscow to Montenegro, and we also operate flights to St. Petersburg from 2015. Our plan is to introduce a new flight to a third city in Russia. Despite strong competition on the Russian market we have managed to establish cooperation with the biggest tour operators such as TUI, PAKS, Biblio Globus, Natali Tours, CG Tours, ICS…", Mr Koljević said. Currently, up to seventeen airlines fly between the two countries during the summer months. Mr Koljević added that the biggest challenge for the airline in the coming period will be establishing scheduled flights to the Caucuses and central Asia. Last month, Montenegro Airlines announced the launch of regular charter flights between Podgorica and Tehran this summer.


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    Odigraj Koljo brate Atalanata- Crotone 1 i 3+...jako kao sto ti znas brate sa 1000 eura iz kase


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