Adria pilots plan fresh strikes


Adria Airways pilots have threatened with fresh industrial actions after talks with the management over the terms of the new collective bargaining agreements failed to resolve the deadlock. This is despite reports yesterday that an agreement could be reached by the end of next week. Adria pilots now say they will strike from April 12 starting at 05.30 CEST until April 14 at 23.59 if the dispute is not resolved. Further industrial action has been scheduled for May 3 from 5:30 until May 5 by 23.59 and from June 6 from 18.00 to June 8 until 23.59. Last Wednesday and Thursday, Adria's pilots staged industrial action, disrupting some services, as terms of the previous collective agreement expired at the end of February and the union has accused the management of plans to scale back a range of rights and obligations. For its part, the management has refused to comment on the matter.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX22:10

    Let them strike until JP is bankrupt than mgt can blame Pilots for it. I hve to repeat myself, how can u in this situation ask for a salary increase. Pilots must be nuts. Hve no understanding for this egoistic behavior. Where is yr responsability guys??

    1. Anonymous23:20

      Responibility was left in SFRJ

    2. Anonymous06:53

      Good one.

    3. Anonymous07:01

      The thing is, management does not want to make a deal. As to why, it's anyone's guess. My opinion is, they screwed themselves when they "bought" the company (actually, they were paid to take it) and now they are trying to liquidate it and blame the pilots for it. AA had a 9.2 mil EUR loss in 2015, there was a loss in 2016, no way in hell will they turnaround the company in 2017 (remember, they have cut 12 destinations since they took over + loads are quite poor on the remaining flights). So far, they haven't done anything to change the trend. They were in it for the profit. Now they see they won't be making any profit by selling the company, so they have to liquidate it.

    4. Anonymous08:37

      And do not forget Nordica terminated the contract, so a lot of money gone there

    5. Anonymous10:23

      Exactly. They will probably terminate LCJ soon as well.


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