Adria Tehnika plans for stable growth in 2017


Poland’s Linetech Holding has spent the past fifteen months implementing new strategies since acquiring the Slovenian maintenance, repair and overhaul company Adria Tehnika in November 2015. The CEO of Adria Tehnika, Maksimiljan Pele, says the company plans for stable growth in 2017. "This year will see us add 25 new employees, along with the implementation of some process improvement activities. The aim of this is to further improve our quality, flexibility and efficiency. These areas are key elements and ones that really matter to customers. Our focus is to grow as indicated in our guideline: 'The only way is up!’. We wish to further grow our airframe base maintenance, line maintenance, engineering services and training and to expand our customer base. We are also exploring the possibility of adding another aircraft type to our capability, but no decision has been made yet". Slovenia's national carrier, Adria Airways, now accounts for only 30% of the maintenance company's revenues, compared to 60% several years ago. According to Deputy CEO Mirjana Tratnjek Čeh, Adria Tehnika is seeking long-term partners with its focus being on low cost carriers. “We need to build stronger relationships with budget carriers and so far we are succeeding”, Ms Tratnjek Čeh said. Last year, Adria Tehnika secured a deal to maintain easyJet aircraft. The service provider works on narrow-body Airbus jets and regional Bombardier aircraft. The Deputy CEO notes this is good for seasonality as Airbus jets are more commonly serviced during the winter, while Bombardiers during the summer.


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