Breitling DC-3 to visit Zagreb



Swiss watchmaker Breitling will be flying a 77-year-old Douglas DC-3 across the world from March until September to promote its limited edition Navitimer mechanical pilot's watch. The first leg of the journey, from Geneva to Zagreb, will take place tomorrow. Registered HB-IRJ, the aircraft was delivered to American Airlines in 1940 and was first used by the American military between 1942 and 1944, before resuming service on behalf of various commercial airlines. The plane was restored by a group of dedicated enthusiasts and now flies under Breitling colours and participates in a variety of airshows. There are less than 150 DC-3s left in flying condition. The aircraft will stay in Zagreb until Sunday, when it is scheduled to leave for Athens.

Breitling DC-3 world tour


  1. Anonymous14:36

    Awesome :)

  2. Cool! I would love to be part of this flight crew! Such an awesome way to fly.... it just ain't that fun (still fun but less so) anymore!

  3. Anonymous15:42

    Friends in ZAG, make sure you get some great pictures! Regards from Belgrade

  4. Anonymous19:19

    what a beautiful plane! Hope for some great pics in ZAG!

  5. The second pic (chart) is straight out of Indiana Jones!

  6. Too cool! Like everyone said, folks in, PLEASE!!

  7. Some pics so far:


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