Croatia Airlines boosts Oslo service


Croatia Airlines will add a third weekly flight on its planned new Zagreb - Oslo service, which is set to commence on May 21. An additional weekly departure will run on Tuesday, complementing the planned Thursday and Sunday flights. The new service will be operated with a wet-leased Bombardier CRJ1000 aircraft from Iberia Regional. Jasper Spruit, the Vice President for Traffic Development at Oslo Airport's operator Avinor, said, "Croatia is an attractive market for both Norwegian tourists and industry, with Zagreb being close to many attractive summer destinations. We are glad to have Croatia Airlines on our team and we believe this route will be popular". The additional weekly flight indicates better than expected booking on the service. The carrier's CEO, Krešimir Kučko, noted, "We are pleased that we will establish flights between our two countries for the first time in Croatia Airlines' history. The Norwegian market has great potential and that is why we will be offering the fastest connections to South-eastern Europe". Further flight details can be found here.


  1. Anonymous10:27

    Great news, sales are going great!

  2. Anonymous10:32

    is some other frequency going down? where is the spare fequency coming from?

  3. OU has also added 1 x weekly frequency to BCN and LIS. So, 3x additional frequencies in total with the CRJ aircraft. Nice work OU. The spare is probably from PRN. It will operate for only 2 months this summer.

  4. @Ex Yu - may I ask if you are planning on reporting Croatia Airlines final timetable ? I find them very helpful and actually used your archive as the source for the best reference - good job for doing that btw. :)

    1. Thanks. It will be published by this Sunday. They are making some last minute tweaks this week (as illustrated by additions to Oslo, Barcelona and Lisbon) so just holding off until all the changes are finalised.

    2. wonderful, thanks. Seriously, amazing work. Really appreciate your daily updates...

    3. Anonymous14:52

      Completely agree. Very professional job by ex-yu, thanks!

  5. Anonymous15:17

    ZAG - 3 million pax in 2017!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous16:16

    Bravo, ZAG!


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