easyJet to end Paris - Pristina in winter


easyJet will terminate flights between Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and Pristina at the start of the 2017/18 winter season, following a year of operations. The no frills carrier launched the route last November. For most of this summer, flights will be maintained once per week before they are increased to two weekly from September until the last scheduled operation on October 28. easyJet has discontinued sales on the route past this date, while tickets are available for purchase for all other of the airline's destinations out of Pristina for next winter season (Berlin, Basel and Geneva).


  1. Anonymous14:38

    anyone know why?

  2. Anonymous16:41

    Wild guess... poor performance?

  3. Anonymous18:33

    Come Easyjet to Tuzla

  4. Anonymous18:34

    easyjet in tuzla very cool

  5. Anonymous18:35

    Easyjet Come To Tuzla Airport.Make a deal

  6. Anonymous18:44

    Good riddance. Hopefully Air France steps in.

    1. Anonymous18:58

      Because if easyJet couldn't make it work, Air France surely will.

    2. Anonymous19:19

      Af has a stronger brand awareness and all the connections in this world.

  7. Anonymous07:33

    more than %80 of PRN passangers are diaspora profile.Means seosanal and same passanger. So ticket prices are too high due to make morebennefits. Game players are some long years Even Airport operators are applying incentive for noting just to make airline more benefitial only :) even airport is giving his own benfit to airlines for miss managemet.. and lack of experience ... It is more effective If airport make entertainer or voucher to direct passanger then airline there. at lest pay back 20 euro ...


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