Novaport outlines Belgrade Airport plans


Russian airport operator Novaport has outlined its plans for Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport if it is successful in winning a 25-year concession. The part-owner of the airport holding, Roman Trotsenko, said the company would invest 250 million euros into Nikola Tesla Airport if it wins the concession, noting that part of the funds would be secured through loans. "We consider Belgrade as an interesting point. It could be used as a hub to shuttle Russian tourists to Central, Eastern and Western Europe", Mr Trotsenko said. Novaport operates airports in ten Russian cities. It is one of 27 companies to have expressed interest in bidding for the concession. Other Russian companies who have also applied include Airports of Regions Management Company and Herbert Smith Freehills CIS. Fraport, Vinci and a Chinese consortium, which includes Hainan Airlines, are believed to be preparing the strongest bids for Belgrade Airport.


  1. Anonymous14:41

    why do Russians need hub for central and western Europe? They already have hubs such as Sheremtyovo, Domodedovo.

  2. Anonymous15:27

    it's just bla bla

  3. Anonymous16:03

    So JU gets a permit to launch KRR, this company outlines its plan for the concession... seems like the Russians might get the deal. Good. As long as its not someone from Western Europe.

    1. Anonymous17:28

      what is your problem with western Europe? If it is that bad why you go there? How many Serbians live in Russia and how much in the "bad" west?

    2. Anonymous17:40

      Why I go there? I am in Serbia, I am not going to the west nor do I plan to.
      When the west changes its policy towards Serbia then maybe we can talk about investments. Russia and China have supported us politically and we should reward them for it.

    3. Anonymous19:34

      Here we go.... I strongly suggest you move to Russia and let us in Serbia have western aviation and standards at least. I'm for western discipline, activity and management. I'd like Belgrade Airport to flourish not drown in eastern corruption and mismanagement.

    4. Anonymous19:37

      Wow.. if what you were saying was true then Aeroflot wouldn't have the strongest brand in the world and it wouldn't be such a professionally run airline.

      As if having Westerners here is a guarantee of success. #ussteel #zelezara

    5. Russian, Chinese or Arab. The rest shouldnt be even considered. Giving such a strategic airport into a hands of westerners would be a political suicide. Luckily this "EU" hype has calmed down and we can look in the future with optimism and work closely with friendly countries from the East.

  4. Anonymous17:49

    Mark Twain said It's better to keep your mouth shutand appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt. Novaport has removed all doubt with this statement. Tourists prefer to be packaged on nonstop flights to destination and there is already plenty of nonstop flights from Russia to tourist spots in the region. Check summer timetables at TIV or Dalmatia for example. This is not a serious bidder.

  5. Anonymous21:37

    So, can we read the plan?

  6. Anonymous09:13

    Serbian politicians informed the public that concessionaire would have invest at least 700 million euros, so Russians will lose.


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