Serbia - Kosovo flight task force meets


The newly formed Serbian task force for the resumption of scheduled commercial flights between Belgrade and Pristina has met for the first time to discuss in more detail a proposed negotiating platform, which is to be presented to the Serbian government. The meeting was chaired by Serbian Defence Minister Zoran Djordjević. The fifteen-member group, made up of representatives from various state institutions, discussed ways in which to overcome ongoing bureaucratic procedures and unresolved airspace issues with Kosovo. The introduction of flights between Belgrade and Pristina forms part of the EU-brokered Brussels Agreement between Serbia and Kosovo. This service is said to be of high importance to Air Serbia, which sees potential in flights to Pristina.


  1. Anonymous14:09

    NO WAY, Belgrade-Pristina is dead

  2. Anonymous15:02

    I dont have any idea about rest of you but it doesnt make any sense for me to NOT flying to INI. Ok, PRN has a potential, it is smart business decidion to fly there but honestly it hurts me every single time to even think about flying at some airport called Adem Jashari. I dont care about if that airport is in Prishtina or Skopje or Tirana or even Podgorica, I wont fly over there until they dont change that name! I have a problem with that, only that, change a name of airport and we can have a deal.

    And start ASL start fuc*ing flying to INI!
    There is a major potentional with transit pax from other close cities.

    I really can not understand that!

    And one more thing, I wont debate anything, for me Kosovo is a part of Serbia, for you maybe is separate country, honestly lets just move on and start thinking about futur, not to start provoke others with stupid trains with signs "Kosovo is Serbia" and with stupid airport names.

    Thank you.


    1. I don't like the name Adem Jashari either and I am Albanian, but the airport in Prishtina has far more potential, better technology and better trained staff than Belgrade and I do not see why should Kosovo even enter into negotiations with Air Serbia (who never even smile to passengers) who do not really bring anything new to the table let alone profits.

    2. Anonymous16:59

      PRN has more potential, technology and better trained stuff then BEG? Come on man, lets be real. I am not saying that BEG is perfect but be objective.

      ASL can bring you some new stuff and definitely choice for every single passenger to choose between ASL or some other company, you can choose date, price, service what ever they want.

      And if Air Serbia dont care about passengers, why I hear on Air Serbia Ground Stuff on Belgrade Airport Albaian announcement for New York flight? Everything, first on Serbian, then English and then on Albanian? I ask them why on Albanian and they told me that they have like 110 passengers from Podgorica, Skopje and Tirana who fly to JFK? If they dont care about passengers, why would they even hire someone for that?

    3. Anonymous22:52

      Miko, you're actually right - Kosovo should not negotiate with JU. No reason for a government to enter talks with an airline - JU is not seeking subsidies, special treatment, nor is subject to an investigation in Kosovo. This is also the first time I hear that "bringing something new to the table" is a precondition of opening a new route to anywhere. (Actually, PRN-BEG would be a novelty). Finally, while anyone might find JU or any other crew dismissive or rude, passangers should be allowed to "vote" with their wallets, rather than a regulatory body with totally arbitrary rules.

      And oh, it is not Air Serbia who is negotiating. It's a team of air transport experts and stakeholders nominated by the Serbian government. JU is just waiting to see what happens.

      As for the OP, INI has much smaller population than PRN + its catchment area, and BEG is accessible by car in 2hrs. In other words, pax from PRN would be much more prone to flying from PRN rather than travelling first to BEG by other means.

  3. Anonymous15:50

    Flights into Adem Jashari International are subject to approval from the Ministry of Infrastructure and CAA both institutions of the Republic of Kosovo. I dont understand what barriers are being discussing. Both countries are ECAA signatories. Maybe they mean to consider a lift of the non-sense politically driven blockade of airspace for 18 years now?

  4. Anonymous19:31

    I fail to see how Serbian authorities expect to have access to PRN knowing that even car traffic isn't regulated between the two. K. Albanian drivers are still required to take their plates when driving into Serbia and must pay ridiculously high fees for so called Insurances!

    Moreover, they still harrase and deny entry to anybody trying to enter Serbia from Kosovo who doesn't hold a Serbian entry stamp claiming they are entering Serbia illegaly thus forcing foreign passport holders to avoid Kosovo and get them travel hundreds of extra Kilometers for nothing!

    If Serbia really wants to 'normalize' free movement of goods and people, they should first get rid of those malicious and discriminatory barriers towards Kosovo.

    In my opiniom Kosovo should not allow AirSerbia operate to Pristina. This project isn't about the people -its about political profit.

  5. Anonymous00:25

    Imagine just how much fuel was burned and how much pollution was done by a stupid political thing - they don't allow airplanes to enter Serbian airspace that fly to Kosovo and vice versa...

    1. Not worse than the situation in the Middle East, where airlines from Islamic or Arab countries go to great lengths (no pun intended) to avoid Israeli airspace, except a few from Egypt, Turkey, or Jordan (unless they are serving a destination that does not recognize Israel). And LY's flight paths, especially towards Asia are even more ridiculous from an economic and environmental standpoint.

      So Kosovo is "blocked" from the North and North-East, not convenient I agree, but Israel is surrounded by unfriendly countries from almost all directions.


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