Twenty-seven bids for Belgrade Airport concession

Twenty-seven non-binding offers have been submitted for the 25-year concession of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, the Serbian Ministry for Construction, Transport and Infrastructure has said as the deadline for the first phase of the process passed over the weekend. Among the 27 are companies from France, Germany, China, Japan, Greece, Turkey, Russia, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Poland, Cyprus, Switzerland, India and South Korea. A total of four bids each came from China and France, while three were submitted from Russia and Turkey, and two from Greece. While the government said it will not be revealing the names of the bidders, all have since been leaked by the press (as listed below). 

Manchester Airports GroupUK
Mitsubishi CorporationJapan
Zurich International AirportSwitzerland
Incheon International Airport CorporationSouth Korea
Hubco Netherlands BV - Ferrovial AirportsNetherlands/Spain
China National Aero Tehnology &
HNA Airport Group Co. LTD Consortium
Shenzhen Airport Group Co.China
China State Construction
Engineering Corporation Limited
Jiangsu Nantong Liujian Construction Group Co.China
Vinci AirportsFrance
Egis Airport OperationFrance
IC AltyapıTurkey
Cengiz HoldingTurkey
Kalyon Insaat Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim SirketiTurkey
CEE-Equity PartnersPoland
Società per Azioni Esercizi Aeroportuali S.E.AItaly
Airports of Regions Management CompanyRussia
Herbert Smith Freehills CIS Russia
GEK TernaGreece
J&P-Avax SAGreece
Promova LimitedCyprus
GMR GroupIndia

The state has begun evaluating the bids based on financial and operational criteria, for which they will be given a score out of ten. This is expected to last up to a month. Afterwards, those that meet the requirements, and are scored the highest, will be invited to take part in phase two where they will have to submit binding bids within 75 calendar days. "The deadline for the submission of non-binding bids expired last Friday. We began evaluating the proposals on Sunday afternoon. We are not selling the airport, we are giving it up for concession. With so many bids and such competition, we believe we will secure an excellent deal both for Nikola Tesla Airport and our country. With so many offers, it will not come easy for the government to select the best one", the Minister for Transport, Zorana Mihajlović, said.

Commenting on the process, the Serbian Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vučić, said he expects for a concession agreement to be signed by December or January next year, noting that "we are not in a hurry". "During the selection process we will take note of the quality, value and financial offer. We have to find the best, take the most and earn the most for our country. Capacity will be increased and the airport will be overhauled. A decision on whether a second runway is necessary will be discussed with the concessioner. Everything will stay in our ownership but someone else will invest significantly. We can manage all of this because we have a successful national airline and a sound airport".


  1. Anonymous09:04


  2. Alen Šćuric Purger09:09

    Impressive. Some of those companies has no chance, they are much too small. But most of those players are leaders of industry.

    And that shows potentials of BEG and that it should not be privatize as it can grow by its own profit and would give much more tho Serbia if it stays in hands of Serbia.

    1. Anonymous09:15

      Agree with you completely. It should stay in state hands. They could bring a professional management and that's it.

    2. Anonymous09:18

      No Balkan government can bring a competent management, that's a fairytale.

      The government must sell the airport to get money. Same reason governments gave concessions in SKP or ZAG.

    3. Anonymous09:34

      Najveca greska u privatizaciji je da se samo proda to sto nema vrednost a ostave rentabilne firme u vlasnistvu drzave. Najbolje je sok-privatizacija vse imovine (osim mreza: pruga a ne stanica i vozovo, puteva, a ne pumpa i autobusa, strujna mreza, a ne elekrana itd.).
      U suprtotnom videli smo sta se desilo. Cak i rentabilne firme propadaju!

    4. Anonymous10:59

      Corrupt politicians from our inner space will do anything to put some money in their pockets and do not care about the state or their respective citizens and grand children.

  3. Anonymous09:11

    And not a single one from the UAE. People here were writing how they already won the tender.

    1. Anonymous11:51

      It seems odd to be honest.

  4. Anonymous09:14

    The HNA group is the company that also owns Hainan airlines.

    1. Anonymous11:50

      Did they also bid for Ljubljana or did I mix something up?

    2. Anonymous11:52

      No. Different Chinese. The ones that bid for Ljubljana are involved with China Southern.

  5. Anonymous09:16

    These are great news. Really shows what potential Belgrade as an airport can have. With the airport so far growing at a rate of 10%, 5.5 million is easily achievable.

    By the way, KK launches BEG tomorrow and they've already scheduled an A321 despite it were initially an A320.

    1. Anonymous11:43

      Is it so difficult to write the full name of the airline? Are we supposed to have all the airline codes memorized?

    2. Anonymous11:47

      Atlas global. It's listed on the right in new route launches.

    3. Anonymous11:49

      everyone knows who launches IST

    4. Anonymous11:50

      Not on my mobile version, but thanks.

    5. Anonymous11:55

      You know... I can always say: is it so difficult to Google the airline code? Are we supposed to assume that everyone is clueless about aviation on an aviation site?

    6. Anonymous12:04

      I knew some tough guy was going to to write something like that. Is the idea to impress us with your knowledge, or make a clear point?

    7. Anonymous12:15

      Make a clear point that the time spent writing a complaint here he could have Googled the code... or even simply and politely asked what airline we were talking about.

    8. Anonymous14:49

      As if this is the first time some one used has an obscure airline code. The point, since you missed it, is that it would be much appreciated if people could use full names of airlines that are not used here on a daily, or even weekly basis. And I’m not the first person to complain about this.

    9. Anonymous23:12

      True, you are not the first person but equally so people complain about it once a year, so...

    10. Anonymous02:31

      Really, once a year?

    11. Anonymous08:03

      Yeah, approximately once a year.

  6. Anonymous09:24

    Would be interesting to see what these will offer. As far as I remember Strabag, Zurich and Fraport have all applied for other ex-yu airports in the past.

    1. Alen Šćuric Purger23:05

      Zurich and Incheon did applied for Zagreb, also.

  7. Anonymous09:26

    "While the government said it will not be revealing the names of the bidders, all have since been leaked by the press"

    Haha took less than 24 hours to have the full list published

  8. Anonymous09:28

    Manchester, Mitsubishi and Incheon are a bit of a surprise.

  9. Anonymous09:31

    Hats off to BEG! Fair and square. Can't argue on this one.

  10. Anonymous09:34

    I would go for an European company - Vinci, Strabag, Zurich Airport, Manchester Airport or Fraport.

    1. Nemjee09:35

      I would give it to Incheon International Airport Corporation, ICN has been constantly ranked as one of the world's best airport.

    2. Anonymous09:42

      I don't trust Asians. Call me racist or whatever, but this is how I feel about them. You never know what they are thinking...

    3. Nemjee09:50

      It's ok, you are entitled not to like them. Personally I would like to see anyone but the Germans. Given the list of candidates I am hopeful Fraport won't make the cut.

    4. Anonymous09:54

      Manchester Airport is pretty impressive how they developed. May be this will be an interesting solution for the development of the airport :)

    5. JU520 BEGLAX12:28

      Zurich Airport is well run and has also experience in India and Latimamerica. Go for them. Can recommend them. Also in terms of business ethics, Zurich Airport has a good reputation also as an employer

    6. If they already decided to do this, they should and hopefully go for a bidder that gives them best terms (pay the most-one time and annual, invest the most and keep the most employees.

      Provided they know how to market the asset (and it seems most of the bidders do), the only way you'll see new airlines is if there is a demand. If has very little with the name of the company.

    7. Anonymous15:39

      Not Zurich Airport. They are to much under influence of LH group. BEG needs to have outsider. Asian guys will not be pushed around by Europeans.

  11. Anonymous09:38

    The best offer should be the winner, no matter what's the country origin or political preferences at this moment.

  12. Anonymous09:40


    and we are stuck with TAV

  13. Anonymous09:42

    Egis from France does a good job running Larnaca Airport.

  14. Anonymous10:03

    Price will be key. Was a new terminal part of the concession requirment for ZAG?

    1. Anonymous10:12

      Yes, it was.

    2. Anonymous10:12

      If you are interested on reading about the ZAG concession, Purger wrote a great article on how it was a very sketchy process.

    3. Alen Šćuric Purger23:10


      You have link here:

  15. Anonymous10:17

    I really don't understand the urge of the concession. The Serbian government already did a decent job investing in the airport. It's more modern and decent. Still hasn't met its capacity. Why just not leave it in the government's hands instead?

    1. Anonymous10:22

      It's not really a choice. In order to secure a standby arrangement with the IMF the government was given a requirement to privatize several companies with BEG being one of them.

  16. it will take at least 10 years of pure profit squeezing, if someone enters in 25 years cycle, it has to break even soon in order to create profit. So don't expect much in first 10 years, or it will happen just like in Zagreb - they made a new terminal and pushed the prices up significantly. Or as in case of Ljubljana - make no or small investments and juice the profit first.

  17. Anonymous10:24

    Na Middle East and UAE players?? Now that's weird

  18. Hugely impressive list. I'm expecting a Chinese win, as it would cement BEG's regional hug position with strong Asian feed. Also, it would strengthen Serbian - Chinese relations which are growing strongly.

    1. Anonymous14:53

      True dat.

    2. Anonymous15:36

      What Serbian-Chinese relations? Serbia accepted to found through loans Chinese construction industry. The same Serbia that until the 1990s had serious construction industry and still has many great engineers.
      Cooperation with Chinese is good only for Chinese.

    3. Anonymous16:10

      Not true. Face reality, Serbia is poor country, thngs are not like they were in the 1990s, time have changed, get over it. Chinese offer better terms than most.

    4. Anonymous16:15

      If we want to be a serious country, we cannot accept to be treated like a third world colony with no native knowledge.
      If we need to foot the bill, it is always better to use our own people and our own knowledge.
      You should get over your third world country complex and have some self respect!

    5. Anonymous16:39

      So what are you trying to say? Are you referring to EU or China treating Serbia as a third world colony? I like the way EU is bending over backwards for Serbia to enter. China sees Serbia as a investment friendly country where they can prove how friendly they are, make money, use Serbia as a showcase. And Serbia benefits from the whole deal.

      Reality is beggars can't be choosers.

    6. Anonymous18:49

      Anon 4:39 PM
      "EU is bending over backwards for Serbia to enter"

      Ha Ha Ha Ha!

    7. Anonymous19:09

      It was meant as ironic, I guess you didn't get that.

    8. Anonymous21:00

      Of the EU is bending over backwards. They forced Croatia to suspend its veto, they are stopping Kosovo from getting an army, they have not said anything when the whole train scenario happened... the EU has become rather friendly to Serbia given that it's popularity is falling over here.

  19. so much politics in this bidders list:

    1. fraport - vučić met with the owners of fraport just last month (state of hesse)
    2. strabag - guzenbauer, a government adviser is in board of strabag and the company itself got some major deals in serbia
    3. chinese... well you all know the developing story between serbia and china(steel mil, bor...)
    if i was to bet, i would put my money on chinese because they are in position to give the most outrageous offer

    as for others, i would be surprised to see someone else winning this, but let's wait and see.

  20. Anonymous11:27

    What is this obsession with Chinese? We're part of Europe and it's better to have good relations with European rather the Chinese.

    1. Anonymous11:28

      Not really... the Chinese are willing to spend money with very few strings attached. Germany and the EU wants to spend money but with many, many strings attached, especially when it comes to Kosovo.

    2. Anonymous12:33

      China has a lot of money that needs to be further invested. rumor has it that they have more money then all Gulf states combined

    3. Anonymous12:43

      I wouldn't be surprised. The Chinese have invested a lot of money in their industry, the Gulf states have invested a lot of it into vanity projects and various forms of bling bling

    4. Anonymous13:53

      The winner will be dictated by MMF as is everything else. Government crocks will take some provision and wll release it as instructed. So relax and welcome to reality and slavery of the 21st century!

    5. Anonymous15:40

      Wow anon. 11.28. It is completely opposite of what you claim.

      I hope that no Turks, Chinese or Russians will be chosen. Too much political strings attached. All three countries use economy as a political tool.

      By the way, what happened with Schiphol group?

    6. Anonymous15:46

      Chinese are more likely to turn BEG into regional hub. Europeans will not because it would compete with their airports.

    7. Anonymous15:54

      Chinese are most likely to extract as much as they can can from the airport and to leave.
      Europeans have various interest.
      A EU company that has no other airport in the region has much more interest to develop regional hub than Chinese.

      With Chinese, Russians, Turks there is always something more that happens behind the curtain, usually some arm twisting.

      EU is the only place where small countries like Serbia can at least have some say.

    8. Anonymous16:05

      Yeah, Chinese will run and leave, after ... what 25 years? Yeah, that would be fast. And what do you think they would do in 25 years? Of course they want to make profit like everyone else. EU will also play the leverage game, don't be naive.

    9. Anonymous16:12

      Big and strong will never be equal to small and weak. But at least EU has some rules that everyone must follow and small and weak have some influence and say. And as we have seen with CETA, a small country like Belgium can stop whole EU.
      That is a big difference!

    10. Anonymous16:31

      And what did that small country do in the end, with some small changes, they accepted the deal, because of EU pressure.

      Accepting an EU bid means BEG becomes just another cog in the wheel.

    11. Anonymous16:56

      If the EU respected its own rules then JP and BT would have been shut down. You are being naive once again.

  21. Anonymous11:49

    That's a very good list of companies. We will see how many bids will be refused for the second round but if they have around 12-15 valid bids in the second round that would be very good.

  22. Anonymous11:49

    Must admit that this has exceeded my expectations a bit.

  23. Anonymous11:51

    Which airport does Mitsubishi manage?

  24. Anonymous11:55

    Just not an equity company.

  25. Anonymous11:58

    A Chinese company would definitely cement a Chinese airline(s) to fly to BEG.

    1. Anonymous15:00

      Agreed. Maybe to two different cities, 2-4 x per week. Would be nice to see at BEG.

  26. Anonymous12:53

    Some interesting information. The number of Israeli tourists in Serbia keeps on rising. In July 2016 there were 772 tourists from Israel visiting Serbia while in December that number grew to 2.712!

    Israir has once again increased flights to BEG, to five weekly while Arkia will operate its three weekly ones. From 18.05 Arkia's flight on Thursdays will be operated by the B753!

    So BEG-TLV this summer will be operated almost twice per day, that is 13 times per week!

    Fantastic results, truly fantastic.

    1. Anonymous13:00

      I am so happy that we will see the B753 in Belgrade.

    2. What are these people visiting? Just Serbia or they are going to other countries as well?

    3. Anonymous13:05

      Just Belgrade and some sights that are around the city like Oplenac and so on. What's interesting is that as time goes by there is more and more interest.

    4. Anonymous13:09

      I just had a look on Arkia's website and seems like most of their return flights are full, you can still find some seats on the departing ones. Shame that we don't get to see a widebody on the route. :)

      Air Serbia should have carried some of these tourists with its A332 in stead to have it sitting there, collecting dust.

    5. Anonymous13:30

      Nice so charters this summer:
      Arkia 3/week
      Israir 5/week
      AtlasJet 7/week

    6. Anonymous13:31

      I have a question, we see thta these Israeli and Turkish tourists come with charter flights. How do all those tourists come to Zagreb? On scheduled flights or are there also charters?

    7. Anonymous13:31

      Well Arkia and Israir aren't charters. They fly to BEG year-round and you can buy tickets online.

    8. Anonymous14:02

      Arkia and Israir are no different than Ellinair. Are you implying none of them are charter flights?

    9. Anonymous15:42

      Oh, c'mon! That is not what he said!

    10. Anonymous20:42

      El Al already started charters to ZAG on Tuesdays, today a 738

    11. Anonymous21:01

      How often do these run? Daily?

    12. Anonymous21:19

      Of course not.

    13. Anonymous22:25

      Israeli treated me as terrorist in November on my short visit to Israel from Beg airport with one of those flights. People are friendly but I will never in a million years go back! Hope all that paranoia they live in would finish one day.

    14. Anonymous23:25

      El Al fly to ZAG for several years now, 2-4 times per week with 757. Also UPS is every day with 757. That means 757 is every day visitor to ZAG.

    15. Anonymous00:48

      Yes but that's 757-200, Arkia uses 757-300 one of the rarest aircrafts, only 55 were built. So yeah, go BEG!

    16. Anonymous08:49

      Arkia's 757-300 was at PDV last weekend.

  27. Anonymous13:12

    Wow stunned at so much interest. Good work BEG.

  28. Who ewer take concession, Belgrade Nikola Tesla airport will be largest projects in aviation infrastrukture,undertake in state of Serbia.
    Love to see that's coming development.
    Good luck Serbia.
    Rodney & Associated in Aviation

    1. Anonymous15:06

      we missed you :)

    2. Anonymous15:28

      Rod is the man!

    3. Anonymous15:57

      ponikve or death!

    4. Anonymous16:00

      Morava rocks!

    5. Postovana gospodo Anonimus 3:08 PM, zasto Vam nedostajem kada imate moje ime i prezime...
      Anon 3:28 PM, Vasom konstatacijom "Rod is the man!", Zbog mojeg vidjena razvoja aerodroma, ili... Anon 3:57 PM, Vas uzvik, "ponikve or death", izgleda kao Vasa protestna parola. Anon 4:00 PM, Vas nacin reakcije na moj tekst o aerodromu Nikola Tesla, sa "Morava roks!", podseca me da "roker" u nameri...
      Svima cetvorici vam je zajednicko misteriozno ime Anon. Zajednicja vam je namera i reagovanje na moj tekst o koncesiji Beogradskog aerodroma.
      Aerodromu uspeh, a vama svako dobro.
      Radovan Marinkovic

    6. O bože kakav lik23:27

      "Svi koji su protiv koncesije, Morave i Ponikva su Brozovi učenici"


    7. Anonymous02:12

      Im with Rod. Pozdrav, Mihajlo

  29. Anonymous15:25

    It would be better if a European company won the bid.
    It would make Serbia's entry into the EU easier.

    1. Anonymous15:33

      Not good to be in the same boat as LJU, ZAG, SKP, etc. Better to be an outsider, like Chinese, Korean, Japanese. For them it would be a key investment, and almost a flagship project for Eastern Europe to prove how well they could get the job done.

    2. Anonymous15:44

      No logic in your reasoning anon. 15.33.
      You read Serbian tabloid press too much.

    3. Anonymous15:47

      You must say why, not just state 'no logic.' Your argument is therefore weak.

    4. Anonymous16:08

      Still no logic, just wishful thinking based on parallel reality made by Serbian tabloid press, where Serbia is in the center of the world and the universe revolves around it.

      They would use Serbia as a proving ground? Why? Wouldn't it make more sense to invest in some EU country to prove that they can follow EU regulation? If they need to prove anything. China invested billions in countries like UK already.

      Makes no sense.

      If they come to BEG, they will come for profit and for some political influence. Huge China and tiny Serbia - not exactly an equal partnership.

    5. Anonymous16:27

      Forget about your obsession with tabloid press.

      Why Serbia, why BEG? Because it is up for concession. Price will be relatively cheap for them, when looking long term. EU is much to expensive now, and Chinese have already invested billions in EU. BEG is an investment opportunity not to be missed.

      Of course Chinese will come for profit, as everyone will. Do you think EU guys will come to give away money?

      And what political influence can tiny Serbia offer? Nothing really. Only investment opportunists.

      Sorry to keep destroying your arguments. But keep'em com'in Jackie.

    6. Anonymous16:41

      400 million€ for a 25 year consession where they will have to build a new runway, a new terminal and give a fee every year back to the state does not dound very profitable to me.
      Hopefully we can find someone willing to offer us all that.

    7. Nemjee16:59

      Given the way you 'speak' you are not from Serbia and you are not familiar with local politics.
      Serbia and China have a special relationship which dates back to 2007. We were one of the first countries in Europe to open our doors to Chinese investment.
      Google is your friend, use it to read up on this and what China has to gain from cooperating with Serbia.

      I seriously don't know what arguments you destroyed. The only thing that was destroyed was your credibility and impartiality in this debate.

    8. Anonymous17:05

      BEG isn't the only airport given for concession in the region. There is also SOF. So, why Chinese aren't applying for it? There is something behind their application for BEG and this is wiliness for political influence.

    9. Anonymous21:14

      Actually Nemjee that 'special relationship' goes way before 2007 but well into the Milosevic's era.

    10. Well neither Russia nor China used their veto powers when it was needed the most so I find it funny how Serbs perceive China and Russia as having "special relationship" with them. There is really no such thing as special relations, its all about own interests (ex: Turkey and Russia in the last 2 years).

    11. Nemjee22:03

      Of course but the relationship was very different back then. Since 2007 the relationship changed its form and became even stronger. I don't think the two countries were ever as close as they are today. I mean, Serbia even boycotted that Nobel Peace Prize that angered Beijing.

  30. Anonymous17:44

    This list is ONLY the companies that paid for the tender documents, the deadline for submitting non-binding offers is April 11th. Nobody has submitted a single bid therefore, so relax.

    1. Anonymous18:04

      Not correct. These are the companies that gave their offer. Now all the offers will evaluated, and the best ones called for second round. Read the text before commenting majku mu!

    2. Anonymous18:11

      11 april deadline is the time by which the government must have oevaluated the BIDS that were submitted (deadline for submission was exactly a month before) and inform them if they progress to phase 2. So anon 06.04 is correct.

    3. Anonymous18:26

      Not true, the offers are non-binding!

      "...List primećuje da među ponuđačima, bar po nazivu zemlje, nema kompanija iz Ujedinjenih Arapskih Emirata. Kako se dodaje, u junu ili julu trebalo bi da stignu obavezujuće ponude."

    4. Anonymous18:29

      I know they are non bidning. Have you even read the article you are actively commenting on?

    5. Anonymous18:32

      I read the article, Anonymous 5:44 is right!

    6. Anonymous18:36

      If you did you would have noticed that the first sentence of the article says they are non bidning.

    7. Anonymous19:13

      The Serbian gov't hasn't even issued the tender documents that the above list all paid €1,000 for! hahaha.

  31. Anonymous18:25

    OT Does anybody know what is the purpose of tomorrow's flight F72800 GVA-VIE-FRU, airplane reg. YU-APD.

  32. Anonymous06:06

    Čajna stejt konstrakšn endžiniring korporacija... Čajna nešnal ero teknolodži end HNA erport grup...

  33. Anonymous09:07

    Those 27 bids prove the airport is a golden goose and any concession shouldn't be made to anyone on that airport. But if someone is moronic and atrocious, and lousy, and in pieces...then such fallacious ideas come to the one's bloody head.

  34. Anonymous16:53

    Incheon would be interesting to see although Koreans are not very popular in Serbia because of the whole thing with the Yura factories


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