Adria to boost EX-YU operations


Adria Airways has made some late amendments to its summer schedule which will see the Slovenian carrier boost operations to Podgorica, Sarajevo, Skopje and Pristina. The airline will introduce an additional four weekly flights between Ljubljana and Podgorica, for a total of seven weekly services. An extra three rotations will commence on May 1, while a further weekly flight will be added on June 26. The carrier initially planned to operate just three weekly services. Montenegro Airlines, which maintains the same route three times per week, will continue to codeshare on Adria's flights. Furthermore, the Slovenian airline has added another weekly flight between Ljubljana and Sarajevo for a total of seven. At first, it planned to operate six services per week between the two capitals, up from last summer's four. An aditional weekly flight will be added from Ljubljana to Skopje and Pristina as well, for a total of thirtern and fourteen weekly services respectively.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX14:02

    Their absolute worldclass short transit strategy is paying off. Zrh to SJJ in 2h40min with stop in LJU. Thats top!
    Good so

    1. Anonymous14:57

      What is transit time for SSJ-ZRH from ZAG, BEG, VIE, for example?

    2. Anonymous15:12

      Air Serbia

      ZRH-BEG arr. 11.35
      BEG-SJJ dep. 13.50

      Transit time: 01.15

      SJJ-BEG arr. 16.05
      BEG-ZRH dep. 18.20

      Transfer time: 02.15

    3. Anonymous16:00

      So no one can top Swiss. Not good for OU & JU, and that is their backyard.

    4. Anonymous17:03

      How can one stop be faster than a direct flight? That said, LX tends to be more expensive.

    5. JU520 BEGLAX17:12

      I think except fm nonstop flights noone can top JP travel times ex ZRH MUC VIE FRA BRU to ex YU. They reduced waiting times in LJU by 1hour and they promote it strongly, thats why they hve so much pax increase. 4K did well since LJU is small and u can transfer within 15 20 minutes

    6. Anonymous20:14

      @JU520 BEGLAX
      That's great. Now, let's hope they expand to one of LON (LHR or LGW) airports and include it in their LJU waves.

    7. Anonymous20:24

      I think that London with Adria is end story. Look at sunday you have 4 daily flights to London 1xLTN, 2xSTN and 1xLGW. I think that this is enought.

    8. Anonymous22:27

      Anonymous at 5:03 PM,

      Direct flights are 01:50 long

  2. Anonymous14:15

    4K seems to be doing a good job with Adria.
    Hopefully the unions wont sabotage it.


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