Air Arabia temporarily suspends Sarajevo


Air Arabia has temporarily suspended its flights between Sharjah and Sarajevo just a week after resuming the seasonal service. Initially, the airline planned to run operations from March 18 until the end of the summer season in late October. However, the low cost carrier now intends on maintaining three weekly services between the two cities starting June 20, each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, until mid-September. Upon the launch of its Sarajevo service in March 2016, Air Arabia said the city would prove “a great all-year-round destination” and that “we anticipate very healthy demand for the route when it launches”. However, since then the airline has downgraded the route to summer flights only. Air Arabia has had several unsuccessful ventures in the former Yugoslavia in the past, operating flights from Dubai to Tuzla and from Sharjah to Pristina. Both routes lasted just under a month before they were terminated.


  1. Anonymous14:53

    This airline is a joke!

  2. Anonymous15:28

    I really don't get it. Who even goes there? I know B&H is Muslim country, but demand can't be that big for MIddle East all of a sudden...

    1. B&H is NOT a muslim country! It has a major population who are muslims, however half of the population is not muslim. Know your facts!

  3. They sound worse than a telenovella show you would find on Pink TV!


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