Air Seychelles and Air Serbia expand codeshare


Etihad Airways Partners members Air Seychelles and Air Serbia have expanded their codeshare agreement, which was initially came into effect last July. The Mahe-based airline will add its "HM" designator code onto Air Serbia's flights from Belgrade to Amsterdam, Dusseldorf and Vienna. It complements Air Seychelles existing codeshares on Air Serbia flights from Belgrade to Moscow, Prague and Paris. The Serbian carrier already has its designator code and flight numbers on Air Seychelles' services from Mahe to Abu Dhabi, Johanesburg, Paris and Praslin. Etihad Airways has a 49% stake in both airlines.


  1. Anonymous13:38

    Shouldn't code shared flights at least serve common destinations?

    1. Anonymous07:17

      Well it is obviously just for fame and has no commercial background. HM cannot sell BEG-Mahe as they do not fly to either Amsterdam or Vienna, Moscow or Paris. Paris and Dus mak sense to a very limited extent with long connecting times.

  2. Anonymous08:36


    1. Anonymous17:45

      better AMS-AUH-MLE :)


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