Emirates prepares for Zagreb launch


Preparations are underway for Emirates' new daily service between Dubai and Zagreb set to launch on June 1. The carrier is currently in the process of opening its representative office in the Croatian capital and selecting local airport staff. On April 10, tour agents will undergo Emirates' Product Training in Zagreb, while the same workshop will be held in Ljubljana a day later. The Emirati carrier anticipates strong interest from Slovenian travellers for its upcoming service. It previously told EX-YU Aviation News, "We are still working on our strategy for the market, but have noticed already a keen interest from travellers from the Far East". Emirates’ Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Thierry Antinori, has forecast an average cabin load factor of between 70% and 80% between the two cities on its 364-seat Boeing 777-300 aircraft that will operate the route.


  1. Anonymous11:38

    Emirates ZAG - JFK is also on the cards
    Exciting times ahead at ZAG

    1. Anonymous12:58

      Not gonna happen.
      But still, 70% of LF is around 180 000 pax/year both way.

  2. Anonymous11:57

    360 mesta nema trika da popune uz zaradu, dobro ne lazete kao Aviatica. "Kako saznajemo prodaja ide odlično, prvi let je odavno već rasprodat, a interesovanje putnika raste."

    1. Anonymous12:05

      Not to mention that you can still book seats on the first one.

    2. Anonymous12:10

      Još su 2 mjeseca do početka leta za Dubai, popunjenost će ljeti biti izvrsna, za ostalo ćemo vidjeti. Živim u Dubrovniku i Splitu i mogu reći da su oba grada krcata turistima već par tjedana, atipično za ovo doba godine, s obzirom da je Uskrs tek 16.4.! Sretno Zagrebu i Emirates-u!

    3. Anonymous12:24

      Current booking for ZAG-DXB inaugural
      54 passengers booked in economy of which 50 are blocked seats meaning they are not paying passengers.

      14 booked in business of which 13 are blocked seats meaning they not paying passengers.

      2 booked in first both are blocked seats meaning they are not paying customers.

      It's still early. Bookings will probably go up.

    4. "blocked" may mean that seats are not up for the individual sale, but rather presents a capacity bought by an agency/tour operator.

    5. Anonymous13:02

      I hope you're wrong Anon 12.24 because they're 5 of us booked in business class on the inaugarul and we not part of any special group

    6. Anonymous14:07

      Qatar uses its A321 and A320 to Zagreb. Combined capacity is more than 300 seats a day in one direction. In the last 2 weeks the flights had a load factor of close to 95%. So where ist the problem filling 300 seats on EK?

    7. Anonymous15:20

      Because when EK enters the market it's no longer 300 seats that need to be filled but 600. You get it?

    8. Anonymous15:38

      Exactly, unless you think that everybody else will stop selling and only EK will have pax. Main question is can ZAG generate extra demand that quickly to absorb significant daily increase in capacity. Especially post summer.

    9. Anonymous17:15

      @AnonymousApril 3, 2017 at 12:24 PM

      We are still in early April, by mid may you should come and scream if things are still the same.

      I think the route will be a massive success, QR is flying twice daily almost, with 320~ seats on offer, it almost always full, Wee'll see how things go when Emirates arrives, but with 700 seats on offer on a daily basis, i see no problems here for both carriers. Turkish might struggle cause of intentional issues, i/e heighten risk of terrorism in Turkey.

      However, this will only play well in to QR and EKs hands.

      If all goes well QR might introduce B787 on daily basis on route to Zagreb, this would eliminate need for a second flight, unless even more passengers come via Doha, which is quite likely.

      Things are going well for Zagreb.

      Projections for 2017 are 3.1-3.2 million pax.

      Early to tell but 2018 might see 3.7 million pax and 2020, almost 5 million, 4.7 million.

      new terminal will need to expand pretty fast once numbers start to roll in and more carriers offer flights to Zagreb.

      Upwards of 45 carriers are expected to offer flights to Zagreb by 2025, 7.5 million pax in 2025, easily achievable now.

    10. Anonymous17:29

      Колико си кила штрудле са маком појео од јутрос?

    11. Anonymous18:18

      On uvijek puno.

    12. Anon at 5:15 PM What have you been smoking?
      While I think the route will be a success, we would need at least another couple of such routes, or a dozen other smaller ones in order to be achieving pax growth of half a million annually. And while that theoretically isn't impossible, I don't see anything like that having been announced. So where from are you coming up with these numbers???
      By 2025 we'll surpass 5 million for sure and will probably be somewhere between 5 and 6 million. Most probably closer to 5 than to 6 million. But 7,5 million? Get real.

    13. Anonymous08:56

      Emirates Dubai
      Monarch Manchester
      Monarch London
      Croatia Oslo
      Croatia Helsinki
      Croatia Stockholm
      Croatia Bucharest
      + more capacity on some 10 routes like Air Transat, Iberia, CSA, Lufthansa, Croatia...

      500.000 is not unreal

    14. ...also, there are: Norwegian 1 to 2pw to ARN (June-October) + Eurowings 3pw to DUS starting Oct 31.
      +400k, yes probably. +500k...hm...that may be overreaching...

    15. Anonymous12:02

      OU will carry maybe 750 pax to OTP, 2.500 to 3.000 to ARN, HEL and OSL. These operate on a seasonal basis. Not enough to get you to 400.000 even less so to 500.000.

      Wizz Air's second A320 will bring about 180.000 to 200.000 new passengers to BEG. That comes out to three daily A320 flights in high configuration.

  3. Anonymous12:07

    Can't wait! Go, ZAG!!!

  4. I was at a conference last week where Emirates was presenting their new service to ZAG. No staff are able to do more than mention the flight start date. If they were trying to promote this flight in Australia then they're doing a poor job of it.

    1. Anonymous14:32

      On their Australian website Emirates is advertising Zagreb as one of the hidden gems of Europe, look under "Featured fares/Special offers"!


    2. Anonymous15:21

      I guess advance bookings are representative of the title they gave Zagreb, the undiscovered destination. lol

    3. Anonymous16:27

      Wow, Anon 3:21, on the same page you can find Paris, Rome, Amsterdam! How 'bout that?

    4. Anonymous17:27

      Zagreb is no Paris, Rome or Amsterdam.. how 'bout that?

    5. Anonymous17:32

      It is when it comes to Emirates ;)

      Regarding other things, of course it's not, not even close!

    6. Wow. The amount of bitterness... Experts and know-it-alls all around us with the right predictions. You should all play some lottery.

    7. Anonymous12:03

      We had. Draw will be on 01.06.2017. ;)

  5. JU520 BEGLAX16:09

    Fm mid march to end October I dont see a problem to fill EK and QR to ZAG. During holiday season over Xmas enough local HR and SLO travellers will at least occupy Y class seats. November, Dec 1 to 21 plus Jan 10 to March 15th; there both airlines will go thru though times. But both are government sponsored, so plenty of financial resources to persist lowseason periods

    Btw yday morning I had breakfast at the Esplanade, i had to be early cause of my flt to ZRH. Breakfast area was packed with Korean travellers. Almost all tables were full and when the Miss Universe HR girls showed up there too, they had a hard time finding enough room to accommodate all of us at the time
    Btw had a good time in Zagreb, nice spring weather and scenery. Hve a good tip for dinner: Pid Zidom Bistro&Wine Bar - Fantastic food and lots of good croatian wine avbl per glass

    1. JU520 BEGLAX16:11

      Pod Zidom Bistro&Wine Bar

    2. Hey JU520 BEGLAX thnx for a nice description. What do you do ? I enjoy reading your interesting posts and remarks. Thanks.

    3. JU520 BEGLAX21:30

      Hi Petar, working for Airlogistics Group in ZRH. We are Cargo GSSA for AA,QF,OK,WY,SN and KZ in Switzerland
      I hve been a couple days in ZAG and also visited my mum in Slovenia

      If u visit ZAG, try the breakfast at the Esplanade. I just paid 95 kuna and it's one of the better breakfasts I had in my life

    4. Ahh...Pod Zidom! Memories... Yes, it's a great place! The Regent Esplanade is the best hotel in Zagreb. And for the next time, I'd recommend Balthazar (not sure if that's how it's spelled, might be Baltasar) restaurant in the Upper Town. Delicious! Also, Umami Thai restaurant in Skalinska, Upper Town. Mmmmm!!!

    5. JU520 BEGLAX08:00

      Thank you Michael, i ll be back in Zagreb for Advent and will try them out

    6. Alen Šćuric Purger09:00

      And you did not call me to meet in Zagreb?????

      Don't speak with you any more...

    7. JU520 BEGLAX21:30

      I m so sorry Purger, let me hve your email again, than I send u a mail before I come to ZAG on 02DEC


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