Ljubljana to announce new terminal plans


Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is set to announce plans for the construction of a new passenger terminal on April 20. Based on previous reports, airport operator Fraport has decided to build a new facility valued at between fifteen and twenty million euros in order to better compete with nearby rivals and resolve congestion issues. Furthermore, on April 20, the company running Ljubljana Airport, "Aerodrom Ljubljana d.o.o.", will be officially renamed to Fraport Slovenia.


  1. Anonymous15:09

    Finally. Things are progressing well for Ljubljana.

  2. Anonymous16:01

    A new terminal for 15-20m€? Really?

    1. Anonymous16:20

      IMO, they'll just extend the builiding towards Šenčur (top left corner on the photo) for a bridge od two. I think that's enough money for that.

    2. Anonymous17:09

      it's enough of an expansion. it will future proof the whole thing

    3. Anonymous18:21

      What does 'future proof the whole thing' mean?

    4. Anonymous20:47

      it means that slow growth at the airport (which is inevitable) will not overwhelm the airport at any given time, since by the time the "overwhelming" comes, they'll already have a bit larger area to deal with more people

    5. Anonymous22:55

      Not likely that 'slow growth' will overwhelm the airport though.


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