PHOTOS: Sarajevo Airport begins apron overhaul


Sarajevo Airport is in the process of overhauling part of its apron ahead of planned work on its runway. The reconstruction of 3.500 square metres of the apron will ensure its durability over the next twenty years. The first phase of the overhaul was completed in 2014, when work was undertaken on an area of 1.600 square metres. The investment is valued at almost 409.200 euros and is scheduled for completion at the start of next month. The upcoming runway reconstruction has been described as an "extremely challenging project", valued at 10.2 million euros. "It will have to be done, since the runway was last upgraded in 1998. We are currently undertaking some studies which will show us in which way, what part and which zones work has to be carried out and whether total reconstruction is necessary. This decision will be influenced by how long the airport will have to be closed for commercial traffic", General Manager, Armin Kajmaković, said recently.


  1. Anonymous11:53

    Hopefully, when SJJ closes its runway for the overhaul, at least half of the flights should be diverted to OMO (Mostar), while the overhaul continues. FlyDubai already confirmed it will use Mostar airport as a substitude while works are in the way, and Turkish is also thinking the same (waiting for final decision). Austrian is also considering using Mostar airport while SJJ overhauls its runway, but didn't made a decision yet, and Eurowings (unoficially) plans to divert a couple of its rotatins from SJJ to OMO, as a test for its future Stuttgard-Mostar service.

    Please note that only FlyDubai and Turkish are certain to do this, while other listed carriers haven't made a decision yet.

  2. Anonymous17:02

    When do they plan to start the runway reconstruction and how long would it take?

    1. Anonymous17:33

      October, and it should take 2 weeks

  3. Anonymous12:10

    i heard it would take at least 4 weeks


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