PHOTOS: Transavia launches Ljubljana and Belgrade


Low cost carrier Transavia introduced services from Amsterdam to Ljubljana and Belgrade yesterday. In the Slovenian capital, the airline was greeted with a water-cannon salute, becoming the third no frills carrier to serve the city following easyJet and Wizz Air. Janez Krašnja, The head of Ljubljana Airport's Airline Management, said the route would handle some 25.000 passengers by the end of the year. Transavia will compete directly against Adria Airways between the two cities.

Ljubljana Airport

Trasavia spokeswoman, Anita Sunter, said the airline has confidence in its new Belgrade service which it plans to maintain and strengthen in the future. The carrier will compete directly against Air Serbia on the route and indirectly against Wizz Air which flies between Belgrade and Eindhoven.

Belgrade Airport


  1. Anonymous11:00

    Good luck Transavia!

  2. Anonymous11:05

    I like the Ljubljana lollypops :D They do those for each new airline

  3. Anonymous11:08

    Anyone know the loads?

    1. Anonymous11:10

      AMS-LJU 116 px (Sierra5)

    2. Anonymous11:11

      AMS-BEG 135/149
      BEG-AMS 120/149

  4. Anonymous12:34

    LJU AMS 139 pax

  5. Anonymous12:36

    So basically Transavia made a killing on both routes.

  6. They advertise the flight for 39 €

  7. Anonymous14:38

    I love such news! Let's hope that there will be more such flights to BEG and LJU.
    Greetings from Sofia!


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