Pula Airport anticipates Russian comeback


Pula Airport is expecting strong growth in the number of passengers travelling from Russia this summer season. Red Wings Airlines will commence two weekly seasonal flights between Moscow Domodedovo Airport and Pula this summer. Services will commence on June 3 and run twice per week, each Wednesday and Saturday, until mid-September. The carrier will use its 210-seat Tupolev Tu-204 on the route. Red Wings' arrival to Pula is the second high profile announcement from Russia for the seaside city, with Vim Airlines previously noting it would operate summer charters from Moscow to Pula with its wide-body Boeing 777-200ER aircraft. Prior to Croatia's entry into the European Union, Pula was considered the gateway for Russian travellers to the country. However, with the introduction of visas for Russian nationals, which was followed by the economic crisis in Russia, the number of holidaymakers, and with it the number of flights, decreased sharply. “We had some 360.000 passengers in 2013, but then came the EU entry on July 1. The effect on our tourism was immediate. Prior to joining, 40% of our arrivals were from Russia, and the new visa rules for Russia, Ukraine and Belarus meant that arrivals from these countries were down 50% in 2013 from the previous year", Pula Airport's General Manager, Svemir Radmilo, previously said. Further flight details for the new Moscow - Pula service can be found here.


  1. Anonymous12:04

    Does it mean that Pula will definitely reach 600k pax this year and put Zadar behind its back?

    1. Anonymous13:45

      No it will be a close call this year, I expect Zadar will get about 650k pax and Pula about 620k

      The new routes so far for this year:
      Frankfurt - Pula
      April 28 - Lufthansa

      London Stansted - Pula
      April 30 - Jet2

      Edinburgh - Pula
      May 02 - Thomson Airways

      Munich - Pula
      May 02 - Eurowings

      Warsaw - Pula
      May 14 - LOT Polish Airlines

      Bristol - Pula
      May 27 - easyJet

      Stavanger - Pula
      June 01 - Norwegian Air Shuttle

      Moscow - Pula
      June 03 - Red Wings Airlines

      Trondheim - Pula
      June 18 - Norwegian Air Shuttle

      Berlin - Pula
      June 27 - easyJet

      London Heathrow - Pula
      July 01 - British Airways

      Rotterdam - Pula
      July 08 - Transavia

      Munich - Zadar
      May 03 - Eurowings

      London Southend - Zadar
      May 27 - Flybe

      London Luton - Zadar
      May 27 - easyJet

      Milan - Zadar
      June 27 - easyJet

      Glasgow - Zadar
      July 03 - Ryanair

      Zadar - Copenhagen
      July 03 - Ryanair

    2. Anonymous17:12

      Management at Pula felt confident with 600k about more than a month ago
      Zadar on the other hand is expecting slower growth

    3. Anonymous19:55

      Bravo, Pula, the Russians are coming back to Croatia!

  2. Anonymous14:05

    Bravo Hrvatska!

    1. Anonymous20:59

      Bravo Istra!☺

  3. Anonymous15:18

    If I was anywhere near this airport, I would book a flight just to get on the TU-204. ;)

    1. Anonymous15:33

      Fot the route Pula_Moscow Domodedovo with Red Wings Airlines you can buy a connecting flight to Sochi, Chelyabinsk or Ufa too.


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