Tuzla Airport sees record Q1


Tuzla Airport has registered its strongest start to the year with 78.336 passengers handled during the first quarter. The airport saw its busiest January, February and March on record, with growth averaging 24.8% during the first three months of 2017, when compared to last year. Strong growth is expected to continue, with Wizz Air recently basing a second aircraft in the city and launching a handful of new routes. Tuzla Airport anticipates handling some 480.000 passengers by year's end, which would represent an increase of almost 55% on 2016.


  1. Anonymous14:20

    Tuzla airport is on fire!

    1. Anonymous00:11

      Banja luka is sleeping

  2. Anonymous17:08

    BNX look, listen and learn!

    1. Anonymous14:43

      U Banjaluci skoro da uopšte nema noćnih letova, vrlo rijetko ima parkiranih vazduhoplova preko noći na apronu, a oni su upravo instalirali nove stubove sa novom rasvjetom. Paliće ih tri puta godišnje.

      Imaju i dva tornja. Mali, i veliki.

      Kažu da će praviti i novo kargo skladište iako su već jedno napravili. Za novo kažu da bi trebalo biti takvo da ga nema u regionu.

      Kupili su i drugi, nov, utovarivač za kargo tako da sad imaju i dva utovarivača.

      Još se čeka da Ministarstvo podupla organe preduzeća, tako da se imaju dvije uprave i dva nadzorna odbora.

  3. Anonymous21:27

    Didn't INI have around 62.000? They are really not far behind.

    1. Anonymous21:30


    2. Anonymous22:12

      That's a great start for INI. shows the potential of the region. I wonder if the autobus companies have reported declining numbers. Anyone from NiŠ have any idea?

    3. Anonymous07:35

      No idea but I am sure companies that were handling passengers from Nish felt the impact, especially those that headed to Germany, Vienna and Switzerland.

    4. Anonymous14:15

      Must be.


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