Volotea plans new Croatia destinations


Spanish low cost carrier Volotea is currently negotiating new seasonal routes to Croatia for the 2018 summer season. The no frills airline is in talks with Zagreb, Rijeka and Pula airports, while Zadar has expressed interest in being included in the negotiations. Volotea currently maintains seasonal flights from Bordeaux, Marseille, Nantes and Venice to Split and Dubrovnik, while a new service from Strasbourg to Dubrovnik will commence at the end of next month. "Croatia is a hit in France. As a result, we are currently talking to French carriers over expanding their network to Croatia", the country's Tourism Minister, Gari Cappelli, said. Although headquartered in Barcelona, Volotea boasts bases across France, Italy and Spain. It has previously been reported that Transavia France is also in talks with Zagreb and Pula over potential services from next year.


  1. Croatian Coast is really booming

  2. Anonymous14:59

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  3. Anonymous16:28

    Zagreb is also booming, number of new routes and carriers are coming to Zagreb, things look really promising.

  4. Anonymous10:54

    This is bad news for OU - yet another airline crowding them out from the coast. Soon, OU will not have anything to take from this market. Best they focus on ZAG and build a proper hub and try to beat JU at their own game


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